percy jackson headcanon

imagine if the 7 survived the war and all lived at camp together:
  • piper *introducing a new demigod to camp*:so, that's my cabin and over there is the big house and...
  • demigod:who are they?
  • piper:oh thats just percy and jason. they're sorta like the big-shots around here-
  • piper:what...
  • jason:HE'S COMING!
  • piper:who?
  • percy:*looks into the forest* oh shit
  • jason:c'mon, man, hide
  • piper:
  • leo:ILL KILL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS YOU LITTLE SHIT HEADS FUCK YOU *throw fireball at jason and percy*
  • piper:what did you do?
  • percy:um...
  • jason:we may have
  • percy:sorta
  • jason:possibly
  • percy:flooded bunker nine
  • leo:*starts forest fire*
  • demigod:
  • demigod:
  • demigod:
  • demigod:
  • demigod:
  • demigod:is this normal?
  • piper:you should've seen the time when frank and nico set fire to cabin six
  • piper:annabeth almost killed them
  • demigod:
  • piper:and over there is amphitheater
Not-White Percy


I can’t remember if Rick explicitly stated Percy as having light skin

But most of the art I see has Percy looking as white as a carton of whole milk

But I like picturing Percy as darker because….well…it’s not really stated WHAT he is, and he know the gods can appear in any form really (I have another post on that coming up) 

So I picture Percy as Freddie McClair (and you can go ahead and disagree with this, this is just my headcanon) who I affectionately call Not-White-Percy

Piper describes Percy as having a ‘skater’ look

(see the skateboards?)


(I know his hair color should be a bit darker and obviously eye color doesn’t match, but whatever it’s my headcanon….plus that’s what hair dye and contacts are for)

Same shaggy hair and attractiveness that makes Calypso, Annabeth, Rachel, Nico, etc cum in their pants adore him

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i actually have a headcanon that annabeth was with sally when she heard the voicemail and once they hear the first part “mom. im alive.” they both just lock eyes and listen to the rest with their hands over their mouths crying because they can’t believe it and ow ow ow

anonymous asked:

omg percy being an embarrassing dad?

  • Ok he wears a fanny pack sometimes and his kids find that the worst thing
  • Calls them the Jackson 5 and gods
  • He always tells “dad jokes” on purpose
  • Always glosses over his good days
  • Kissing their mom in front of them was one of the worst things
  • Does the typical “you forgot your lunch” 
  • When his kids grew older he’s show embarassing baby photos and memoirs
  • But in all seriousness, he’s a great dad and when it comes down to it, loves his kids and protects them with his life. 

I was thinking, people want Nico and Jason to be best bros, and also want Nico and Reyna to be best friends. So I was imagining Jason and Reyna kinda of: “No, today Nico promised me that he would come to the park with me”
“I don’t care. He is supposed to be practicing surviving skills with me”
“But he is my best bud”
“No, he is mine”
“No. Mine.”
They stay like this for hours, and Nico just sits there thinking: “Someone. Please. Kill. Me.”


Surfing Lessons

More Percy Jackson headcanon….So Percy’s tired of people asking him if he can surf well because of his father so he hears from Jason that Piper knows how to, asks her to show him, but ends up being able to surf impeccably. She and Annabeth bond over Percy’s annoyingness. :D Look at Annabeth's tan… 

Headcanon #4:

In the last Heroes of Olympus book there’s a giant party, and Poseidon pulls Percy aside and says how proud he is of him. Then he pulls out a wedding ring, it was the one he was going to give Sally but he gives it to Percy. Then in front of everyone Percy proposes to Annabeth. They finally have their happily ever after moment…

Paul Blofis headcanons: 

  • Chiron visits him every couple of months and they go over what students Paul’s keeping an eye on 
  • Grover makes him an honorary satyr (after an extensive 8 hour training session) 
  • him and Sally pick a book to read together every month 
  • him and Annabeth can have hours long conversations on literature and Paul loves learning new things about architecture from her
  • Aphrodite always tells Percy to say hi to that “silver fox” for her 
  • when Percy comes back from the war Paul buys him a new baseball glove and they go play catch in the park every Sunday, which is when they have some of their best talks 
  • he cries when Sally tells him she’s pregnant 
  • during a weekend in Montauk, Paul takes a walk by himself and is joined by Poseidon who tells him that as much as he wishes he could be with Sally and Percy himself, he’s glad they have someone like Paul and he swears on the River Styx if Paul ever hurts them he’ll turn him into a yet to be decided sea creature and punish him for all eternity… then he shakes his hand and leaves. Paul thinks it went very well.