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A few characters who are transguys

Why? Because I want them to be…

  • Michael Mell
  • Peter Parker
  • Percy Jackson
  • Danny Fenton
  • Jesse Tuck
  • Jared Kleinman

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Hey correct me if I'm wrong bc it's been literal years since reading the PJO books, but didn't Grover fall asleep for like a year before the titan war? And if so, then WHY did no-one write a fic about him and Percy bonding over losing an entire year of their lives? AND their mental bond? And what is Grover even doing these days as Lord of the Wild? I just need more Grover in my life tbh.

he did! everyone was wondering where he was and he was asleep in a tree 

………..what a good question

  • as soon as the titan war is over and percy and annabeth have sorted their feelings out, grover and percy sit out in the strawberry fields and grover makes percy tell him everything
    • “grover you really don’t need to know how many hours of video games i played” 
      “yes i do” 
  • they find that grover is still garbage at panflute, without the monsters percy’s life is relatively boring, and that they really don’t just sit and talk enough 
  • grover also does a serious interrogation about sally and paul 
  • it ends with percy bringing grover back to see sally and she hugs him hard and then proceeds to try to feed him like two dozen batches of cookies
  • grover offers to sever the mental bond a few more times but every time he does, percy pretends not to hear
  • they get a lot better at controlling it because percy still stays away from as much technology as possible
    • sometimes percy will send weird and random thoughts to grover in the middle of class and grover is just like “dude wtf pay attention” 
    • percy once tried to use it to cheat on a test and was like “hey grover ask annabeth something” and annabeth showed up at the apartment to yell at percy and then offer studying tips/advice and a study buddy if he ever needed one
    • things get like super weird when it’s two am and neither of them can sleep and they just send back strange and sometimes deeply philosophical thoughts
      • they wake up the next morning like “all i remember is peanut butter and napoleon what happened” 
    • after tartarus, grover checks in on percy all the time. to make sure he’s eating and sleeping and taking care of himself. and to ask if he’s ok, because percy doesn’t lie as well over the mental bond
  • grover has a lot of duties as lord of the wild that percy doesn’t always understand but he always listens to grover rant about
    • he’ll latch onto the little things he knows and make commentary on that and grover is like “thank you for understanding” 
  • percy once asks grover if being lord of the wild makes him a god or what and grover just lays down on the ground for a little while because thinking about being considered a god stresses him out 
    • percy lays down with him and starts talking about the new book his mom is working on 
  • most of grover’s duties have to do with protecting animals and the environment, so percy helps him set up time with rachel so he can reach out to the mortal world as well
    • percy sits with them and tries to pay attention but sometimes he falls asleep and sometimes he doodles with whatever rachel hands him 
  • it takes a while, but eventually percy knows a lot about what grover does!!! and he’s really proud of his best friend!!!
  • one time, grover is going on and on about this problem he’s having and struggling with, and percy offers up a really informed and good suggestion and grover just stares at him for a moment and was like “how did you remember that?” 
    • percy shrugs and says “i pay attention?” 
    • grover hugs him and almost starts crying and percy is so confused

Ok honestly though I can see Percy always been photographed by girls in public and he gets really embarrassed and awkward like…

-Ever since he came back from Camp Jupiter stronger and with a new tattoo, girls have given him even more attention, especially reg. humans.

-Like he’ll be in the airport or in a coffee shop, and girls will start taking his picture since they find him cute.

-The first time it happens, Piper is the one to inform him since before Percy was completely oblivious. 

-Whenever he figures out that girls are taking pictures of him he kinda gives an awkward smile and nod that the girls find cute.

-One time a girl went up to him and flirted and was just like “uhhh I have a girlfriend.” and when she went “why am I not surprised?” Percy was beet red the rest of the day.

-Although Annabeth wants to stab all of these girls, she also knows that Percy would never cheat on her, and so she instead usually teases him about it, saying stuff as “Looks like I have some competition Seaweed Brain.”

Did someone ask for Will Solace Headcanons?!

No? Too bad!

☀️He definitely says pupper instead of puppy
☀️He learned everyone’s at camps ticklish spots just by giving checkups
☀️He had to stop wearing a stethoscope because Hermes kids would sneak up to him and scream in it while it was in his ears
☀️Okay?? But Will I knee-high socks??
☀️This dork definitely says Will puns all the time
☀️I.e) *Will* you pass me that gauze? I would love you with all my Soul-ace
☀️He is so cute, he walks to each cabin every morning to kindly remind all the campers to take their medication
☀️He'a such an organization dork, for his birthday he asked for storage bins.
☀️He casually uses the word Groovy
☀️He makes up his own curse words, this dork

imagine percy calling his new baby sister a bunch of cutesy, ocean-themed nicknames like “starfish” and “angelfish” etc but they just keep getting progressively more and more Bizarre until eventually hes calling her shit like “killer whale” “barnacle” & “spiny lumpsucker”

will solace? just will solace?

sorry, i’ve only heard of will “disarmed a legion of dog-headed monsters with a single whistle” solace

will “can outrun a group of six romans” solace

will “as brave on the battlefield as jason, said by nico” solace

will “nico smiles when he’s near him” solace

will “can touch nico di angelo without consequences” solace

will “gets a son of hades flustered” solace

will “became a leader at the age of thirteen” solace

will “doesn’t give a shit about others’ heritage” solace

will “sassy and classy” solace

will “glare so fierce it broke nico’s glare” solace

will “owns a sun chariot” solace

will “owns percy’s, nico’s and clarisse’s respect” 

will “survived two wars” solace

will “basically saved the world by saving annabeth” solace

will “one of the most important demigods at camp as said by chiron” solace

will “deemed cool by leo valdez” solace

no, it’s not just will solace

Ok but just saying if Percabeth had kids their children would get away with nothing. I mean they have like 7 other adults looking over them. Trying to sneak out at night? Not gonna happen, when Uncle Nico literally pops out of nowhere and yells at you. Trying to make out with your girl/boyfriend? Aunt Piper somehow always knows and will never let it go. Trying to pick a lock? Don’t even try it, Uncle Leo made locks that blow up in your face if you even try. My point is, Percabeths children will have like 9 super powerful demigods hovering over them, fussing over everything and being extremely overprotective.

Nico di Angelo Headcanons [2/?]

-During the winter Nico sleeps with Will in the Apollo Cabin because it’s nearly always warm in there.
-He sometimes pisses off Alex Fierro by making her transform at random times.
-He told Jason about his first date with Will and ended up getting fashion tips from Piper, He tried to get annoyed but he was grinning his ass off.
-Chiron let Jason use a phone to take a photo of Nico smiling, Will saw it and nearly fainted.
-Nico is the Halloween king, Hazel convinced him to throw a Halloween party and now it’s an annual tradition.
-He teaches Will the other languages he speaks so they can bitch about people in front of them.
-Percy showed him a horror movie and Nico retaliated by scaring him with random ghosts and zombies.

Okay. But I need more Paul please


Give me Paul holding the new baby

Give me Percy’s kids running up to Paul screaming “grandpa! grandpa!”

Give me Paul and Annabeth talking while they’re waiting for Percy to get home

Give me Paul at Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, teary eyes and taking photos

Give me Paul referring to Percy as Son

And in turn Percy calling Paul Dad


Give me more Paul