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Well since no one asked I’m just going to outline the Jercy Superhero AU I’ve been cooking up

  • Percy has aquakinesis and saves his local town from your run of the mill crazy bad guy and occasional giant sea monster
  • Jason can fly and saves his local town from your run of the mill crazy bad guy and occasional pterodactyl (don’t ask)
  • After a recent super powered fight with the master of time and almost getting his secret identity exposed Percy’s mom decides they need to move to a new town and wouldn’t you know it trouble seems to be following him
  • After a recent fight with literal mother earth and almost getting his secret identity exposed Jason’s stepmother sends him off to live in a new town and wouldn’t you know it trouble seems to be following him
  • (don’t worry guys there are other super heroes in the towns they left so the people are still safe)
  • After a week of moving into the town and getting settled a giant flying serpent creature starts attacking the shoreline of the town
  • Percy sneaks away from his new school to suit up and fight the flying serpent creature
  • Jason finds a nice quiet spot in his new boarding school to change and take off to fight the flying serpent creature
  • As they ready themselves to attack they spot each other from the other side of the creature
  • “Wait, what are you doing here?”
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “Uh, saving the day?”
  • “Ditto.”
  • “I thought you were based in New York?”
  • “I can be a superhero anywhere. I thought you were based in San Francisco?”
  • “I can be a superhero anywhere too.”
  • They just awkwardly stare at each other not sure about what to do.
  • “Let’s settle this later.”
  • “Good idea. So, uh, you take left. I take right?”
  • “Works for me, I guess.”
  • “Okay.”
  • “Hey wait your left or my left?!”
  • Basically, they try to navigate the complications of being a superhero in a formerly superhero-less town
  • There are a lot of villains mistaking the other as the other’s sidekick and of course a lot of indignant denial
  • Not to mention the first distrust of each other
  • the wondering of who their true identity actually is
  • the super-identity meets civilian-identity scenes
  • the civilian-identity meets the super-identity with the both of them being oblivious
  • the civilian-identity meets the civilian-identity with the both of them being oblivious
  • the trying to piece each other’s civilian lives by random pieces of information that manage to slip out sometimes
  • gazing off into a crowd of strangers thinking that hey could that be him?
  • basically your usual misunderstandings when it comes to superheroes

anyway that’s like about it for the preview so hmu or whatever

Pleased to meet you. I’m Nico di Angelo.

It’s a Percy Jackson Halloween!

  • It’s after the war with Gaia and Camp Half-Blood holds a Halloween party (costumes are mandatory)
  • Annabeth, as she does every year for Halloween, dresses up as Hermione Granger 
  • Although she did consider changing things up and going as a classic Sherlock Holmes, but decided to stick with tradition
  • Percy, being an awesome boyfriend, lets Annabeth talk him into going as Harry Potter (after all they both have dark hair and green eyes)
  • The characters might not be love interests, but they are best friends just like Percy and Annabeth
  • Piper goes as an almost grotesquely real looking zombie
  • The Aphrodite cabin is known for being extremely good make up artists, so Halloween was just another project for them
  • And by the looks Piper gets, her and her siblings did not fail
  • Jason, opposite to Piper, has a horrible Dracula costume
  • He wears fake plastic vampire teeth and a cheap black cape that looks hand sewn by a kindergartner 
  • Piper can’t stop laughing at him when he tries to look intimidating and says in an awful accent “I want to suck your blood”
  • Hazel, being a super fan of the show, goes as Opal from Steven Universe
  • Everyone tells her how she looks like a real gem tonight
  • Hazel can’t help but be proud of herself as her costume was all homemade, but looks almost perfect to Opal in the cartoon
  • When Frank was trying to figure out what he’d go as he suggested he’d just turn into an animal or something
  • The rest told him that was cheating and he needed an actual costume
  • So Frank shows up to the party as a cowboy
  • Hazel can’t help but blush because he looks so darn cute in his blue cowboy hat
  • Rachel and Grover team up together to wear one of those horse costumes
  • It ends up not working at all and they trip at least every five minutes
  • It makes a great story though
  • Reyna went, surprisingly, as a princess
  • But not a pink, poofy dress kind of princess
  • I’m talking like an actual Renaissance princess dress
  • Last, but not least is Nico
  • Nico goes to the party without a costume
  • Will, who’s dressed as a punk rock star, lectures Nico on how it’s a costume party
  • Needless to say, at the end of the party Nico’s begrudgingly wearing a set of blue and pink, sparkly fairy wings 

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  • Ghosts (Steve Rogers Pairing/Warning- Character Death!)



anonymous asked:

You should write about what costumes you think the demigods would wear on Halloween

Gonna do the seven plus Will, Nico, Reyna. :D

Jason: Woody from Toy Story

Percy: Pirate

Piper: Jesse from Toy Story

Annabeth: Historically accurate Victorian Era princess

Hazel: Witch

Frank: Pumpkin/Jack-o-lantern

Leo: Red Power Ranger

Nico: Zombie

Will: Mummy

Reyna: Black Widow