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Idk if you did this before, I'm new to your blog, but Friends with Benefits Jercy?

No, I haven’t done this before ;) 

I like the idea, actually I love it, Jercy is kinda one of my OTPs thought I haven’t written anything about them here before (whyy?? This needs to change!) and Friends with Benefits is deffinitely in my top 5 fave AUs :D 

The only thing is, I don’t really write smut, I mean, I’ve never tried writing any no matter M/F, M/M or F/F although I’ve thought about it. So this is more about feelings and emotions than anything else. Sorry about that… It’s also a little angsty…

“Pass me the popcorns, please?” asked Percy from where he was sitting on the couch, legs casually slung over Jason’s lap. 

The blonde nodded, bringing his attention away from the TV  as he leaned forward and took the big bowl with popcorns and passed it to his friend. 

There was a quiet ‘thanks’ in response before the raven-haired boy returned his attention to the screen where a football match was playing. There was nothing special in their little exchange, really. Jason wasn’t sure if he was glad for it or not anymore. 

The blonde sighed quietly to himself as he also returned his atention to the TV although he wasn’t all that big fan of the football. If someone had ever told him that he and his roommate and best friend would be… well, more than just friends, he would have never believed. But here they were now, watching football and just hanging out as nothing had happened between the two the night before. Or the previous night, or that before it…

It has all started almost as a joke when once Percy had decided to hide all the towers while Jason was taking a shower. However, in the end the joke was on him. Well, both of them, really. 

After that, things had became a little awkward between the two friends until eventually Jason had decided they should talk about it. And they talked. However, in the end it has  turned quite unexpected for Jason. He had intentioned to understand what Percy felt toward him, toward what had happened, but instead he had recieved an offer from Percy. And what an offer it was. Obviously the other boy didn’t want a relationship, not after breaking up with his long-term girlfriend, Annabeth. But he deffinitely had liked what happened between him and the blonde and wouldn’t mind it happening again. At first Jason was cautious about all of it. He hadn’t expected to hear this, of anything, from his best friend. He, himself, had had a hard time getting over his ex, Piper. Also, it haven’t crossed his mind before to have something with a guy, let alone, his best friend. However, Percy had proven himself to be quite good at convincing and Jason had soon found himself in the situation he was trying so hard to escape somehow now. 

The thing was, he might have fallen hard for Percy, not that he would like to admit it to anyone, let alone the other boy. He just wouldn’t like to risk losing him. Not only as a lover but also as a friend. The two of them had been through too much and he wouldn’t give it up all just because he might be having feelings for Percy. But every time those sea-green eyes looked at him, Jason felt like screaming. It wasn’t the typical feeling that people would write whole novels about, it was something entirery different. A mixture of unexplainable warmth in his stomach, but also confusion and even rage. He couldn’t say if he was angry with Percy or himself. Maybe both of them. More and more the blonde found himself wanting not only to kiss but also punch his best friend. He couldn’t blame Percy for not having feelings for him, of course. However, he did blamed him for the situation they were in. He also blamed himself for agreeing to this even thought he knew it would probably end bad for him. Or both of them. 

“Bro?” Percy pulled Jason out of his thoughts as he slowly nudged Jason with one of his legs. “You kinda zoomed out. The match finished like ten or so minutes ago.” he stated when the blonde finally looked at him.

“Sorry about that.” said Jason. “It was just a too long day. Maybe it’s time for me to go to bed.” He gently removed Percy’s legs as he stood up, not even bothering to ask how exactly the match ended. 

“Do you want me to join you?” asked Percy, a mischievous smile on his face as he looked up at the now standing Jason. 

“Maybe some other time.” said the blonde. He later thought that it might have came out a little rougher than intended as the other’s smile had quickly dissapeared, being replaced by a worried expression as Percy understood he had said something wrong. 

“Is everything okay, Jason?” asked Percy, in a rarely serious voice. 

“I’ll be fine.” the blonde forced himself to lie before giving his friend a small smile and then dissapearing in his bedroom, leaving the other boy all alone.

No, he deffinitely wouldn’t be okay. Thought Jason as he cosed his eyes, trying not to think about Percy or how those sea-green eyes had lost their gleam when their owner was cut off. 

What if Percy had fallen into Tartarus on his own?

This is the headcanon I thought of yesterday, and it’s been plaguing me non-stop, so I decided to share the beauty that this could be.

I don’t really care how it comes to be, you can assume Percy was able to push Annabeth out of the way, sacrificing himself (which would make the ‘Sacrifices, beautiful sacrifices’ line like a thousand times creepier omg) or honestly, a bunch of different scenarios, as long as he falls in, and she doesn’t.

Imagine Percy Jackson, dead set on getting to the Doors of Death, not to save the quest, but to see his girlfriend again, and to at least hug his mom one last time. Imagine Percy Jackson, facing all of those monsters he’s already killed, but without having to worry about anyone’s safety besides his own. [I still stand firm in my belief that Percy has to tone down his powers so they don’t hurt his friends, especially in the case of causing an earthquake/storm (for example: Michael Yew dying on the bridge)].

Imagine Percy Jackson ripping anything that asks him ‘Where’s your little blonde princess, hero?’ to absolute shreds, because they know that Annabeth is usually at his side. Imagine him threatening monsters for information (“If you do not tell me which way to go, I swear on the gods that if you ever regenerate I will hunt you down and make damn sure that you never see the light of day again, got it?”).

Imagine everyone on the Argo II watching Annabeth fall apart as she asks Nico if Percy’s still alive about once every five minutes. And the Iris message call to Sally that she has to make. And them watching Piper’s dagger every chance they can get to see how he’s doing. (Also, how much more progress they’d make with Annabeth still there.) 

Think about how she’d pin any intelligent monster that attacks them, put her dagger to it’s throat, and scream at them for information about what was happening in Tartarus. Think about the POV’s saying how Piper had to practically force Annabeth to eat, and how Annabeth smacked Coach Hedge across the face when he scolds her for sleeping in Percy’s bed.

Most of all, think of the dark Percy. Because I wholeheartedly believe that by the time he escapes: He’s a bloodbender. I mean, look at this:

Annabeth sounded terrified. It took Percy a moment to realize she was terrified of him.

“Percy, please don’t ever…” Her voice broke in a sob. “Some things aren’t meant to be controlled. Please.”

His whole body tingled with power, but the anger was subsiding. The broken glass inside him was beginning to smooth at the edges.

“Yeah,” he said. “Yeah, okay.”

Without Annabeth there, there’s nothing holding him back from doing this to everything he comes across. He can go wild, and I honestly think he would. He’d pretty much have the best training grounds in the world, and can practice practically exploding monsters with his brain. Imagine him making deals with some of the darkest creatures there, promising them freedom if they help him, and then murdering them the second he doesn’t need them.

Imagine him stumbling out of the elevator, and he’s bloody and bruised, muttering about Bob, and everyone is just kind of shocked to see him alive and in somewhat of one piece. Imagine how we’d get a Percabeth reunion that doesn’t involve a judo flip, but instead they’re sobbing on their knees holding onto each other for dear life, with her trying not to squeeze him too hard in case it hurts but he’s about to suffocate her.

Think about how Percy using ‘bloodbending’ in their everyday lives for the first time and scares the hell out of absolutely everyone when he lazily waves his hand and a manticore starts writhing on the deck in pain. Everyone staring at him as he mutters something about having ‘new powers’ and goes back to eating his breakfast.

Think about Annabeth trying to relate to him, but she really can’t, so after a heart to heart she realizes that she just needs to be there for him. Percy and Annabeth sitting up at night as he tries to make himself tell her about his nightmares no matter how hard it is, and Annabeth kissing him over and over and promising him that she loves him, even when he insists he’s broken or evil.

Gaea mocking Percy with stories about all of the sick things he did to monsters, making the rest of the seven confused. Nico and he having long talks, not about Nico’s crush, but about how to deal with Tartarus, and the two of them getting really close.

Annabeth acting as Percy Defense Squad No. 1, and glaring at anyone who tried to avoid being near Percy, and insisting that he’s still their Percy, and being the only one who gets to see him after nightmares and rubbing the small of his back and whispering about it being okay and taking the time to explain to anyone who asks what happened to him. 

Monsters taunting Percy, trying to get him on edge, growling, “Remember when you made Misery miserable, Percy Jackson? Do you remember the feeling of her choking on her own poison?”  and Annabeth stepping in front of her agitated boyfriend, and even though she doesn’t know what the monster is talking about, she’s snapping at it to back off and grabbing Percy’s hand to calm him down.

Jason admitting he’s legitimately scared of Percy, and everyone seems to agree. Everyone watching as Percy kills things in this new and inhuman way, and Nico whispering “Well, we should just be glad he’s on our side then.” The gods treating Percy differently, with more respect and fear, none of them wanting to bring it up to him that they don’t like his style, and are worried if he turned.

Percy Jackson alone in Tartarus is the dark Percy we can only dream about.

Percy, Jason, Nico, Will, Frank, and Leo as Dads
  • Percy:The relax dad. Just goes with the flow with everything and usually says yes to what his kids want, unless Annabeth says no. Also the dad with all the cool snacks.
  • Jason:Sports dad. Learns all the sports his kids are interested in. He cheers them all on during their games and helps them practice, even coaches them. If the kids want anything, he tells them: "Go ask your mom."
  • Nico:The "strict" dad. Usually lays down the rules of the house and has no problem with grounding or putting the kids in time out. But he's the one that the kids go to when they want something.
  • Will:The "fun" dad. Doesn't deal with punishments unless they did something terrible. Wants to know what makes his kids happy and does it for them.
  • Frank:The lovable dad. He loves his kids and would do anything for them. He teaches them useful skills they need in life. A little uncertain about most things but always has support from Hazel about his decisions.
  • Leo:The funny dad. Always making dad jokes and goofing around with them. Always embarrassing his kids. Teaches his kids basic repairs for the house and car.

So I had this idea for 20’s style grown up Heroes of Olympus…

These are actually kind of old, but I’m going to start posting some of the art that I did before I got a Tumblr

AU: Percabeth’s son

a lot talked about how percabeth’s daughter would be.. but not son.. so me as a percabeth trash i wanted to make it

  • Percy and Annabeth’s first child was a boy
  • a little cute baby with black hair and sea green eyes just like his father
  • after long discussions they finally chose a name to their little baby
  • they named him “Luke” after their old friend and hero of olympus
  • Luke grew up in a warm and lovely family
  • he has Percy’s personality
  • but no one knew that he also has Annabeth’s brain
  • his first sword was a gift from Leo, or as he like to call him “uncle Leo”
  • it wasn’t a real sword, but this sword who made him a as great with swords as his father
  • Luke grew up training with his father
  • Blackjack calls him “little boss”
  • and he’s “mini fish” to Leo
  • and “little seaweed brain” to Annabeth
  • he loved sitting with his mother and he even learnt a lot from her
  • “Percy… your son is reading a map”
  • “what’s wrong with that ?”
  • “he’s just 5!!”
  • “i guess that’s Annabeth’s thing”
  • he found out about all the Greek Mythology things when he was 7 years old
  • “so that mean i’m the grandson of Poseidon and Athena”
  • he was Poseidon’s favorite grandson
  • he could breathe underwater and even control water
  • his first pet was a golden fish, a gift from Poseidon
  • he called the fish “bob”
  • when he got a sister he was like her bodyguard
  • Luke was very proud of being the son of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase
  • Luke loved when Jason comes to their house so he can hear all the stories about the seven’s adventures
  • he was great at war’s plans and maps and even greater with sword
  • “I’m the son of Percy Jackson losers”
  • “thank gods he has your brain wisegirl”
  • “but he’s greater because he’s just like you seaweed brain”

so here’s it…. not good i know but i just wanted to make it

No but Percy Jackson AU where Enjolras is a son of Aphrodite. Think about it – unnaturally good looks, the power to convince people bordering on charmspeak. Only Mom’s not too happy with her son’s lack of interest in, well, anyone. So she starts throwing anyone she can his way. A hot and smart son of Athena named Combeferre – too bad that one starts dating a son of Poseidon, Courfeyrac. A hard-working and dedicated son of Hephaestus named Feuilly – but Feuilly’s not really into guys (though Enjolras does develop the sweetest crush, and Aphrodite keeps coming around to coo at him). A brawling son of Ares named Bahorel – doesn’t quite catch Enjolras’s eye for romance, but he instantly wants him on his capture the flag team. Joly, a son of Apollo and camp medic, or Bossuet, a son of Demeter and upholder of the sacred law, or Prouvaire, a son of Dionysus who seems a little too fascinated with the maenads and their blood offerings. None of them turn Enjolras’s head, and he claims he’s too busy for love, because he’s got a revolution to plan (he wants to get rid of the Mist, to inform the mortals of what’s happening in their world, and to stop the meddling of the gods in mortal affairs. Needless to say, he’s not the most popular on Olympus).

Finally she gives up, and when Aphrodite gives up on love, it’s not pretty. Every monster within a hundred miles comes for Enjolras, and he’s forced to fight and kill them. And one time when he does, he happens to save a certain mortal who’s able to see through the Mist. A mortal with dark curls and wide green eyes and who claims glibly to worship Dionysus and who goes by the name of Grantaire.

And just like that, her boy falls in love. And maybe it’s not what Aphrodite expected, maybe it’s not two star-crossed demigods, but it’s got the promise of great tragedy as well as great romance, so Aphrodite just settles in to watch it all unfold (and unfold it does, and she would never have believed her son’s potential for love if she wasn’t the goddess of love herself, and she weeps when they find themselves facing down against the gods directly, her son holding hands with that same mortal).

RotBTD - Percy Jackson AU

Yeah, this is it. The Big 4 in Camp Half-Blood :

Rapunzel is the daughter of Apollo. Yes, she’s beautiful, but her beauty is not determined her personality like for others child of Aphrodite, the most important thing in Rapunzel is her creativity, she is a healer, a good singer, and her symbol - the sun. In my mind this is enough arguments for the cabin of Apollo.

Hiccup - the son of Hephaestus. He is a blacksmith, an inventor and good in making things with his own hands. And he has a dragon (not like Leo, but still). Beyond that, he is the group leader and directs the Quest.

With Merida it`s more complicated. She is an archer (like Frank), but also good with other types of weapons, so I would make her daughter of Ares. Why not Zeus, for example, or Athens? For Athens she is not astute enough, and I do not think Merida may be a good leader because she is too independent and do all by itself. To be honest, I’m sure she might be a perfect Huntress of Artemis, but then she could not live in Camp Half-Blood.

And Jack - one of the spirits of winter winds, Boreas junior, supernatural creatures like satyrs and nymphs . He is allways wandering around, having fun and often bored the trio who went to the Quest

Percy Jackson Teacher AU

Percy Jackson is the swim teacher of Half-Blood High. Many teen girls swoon over him and enjoy swimming class due to this fact. He also leads the swim team and is a huge water enthusiast. 

Annabeth Chase, the principle and the Maths and history teacher is most of the a reasonable one and she’s not very strict unless of course, there’s something on her mind, which is often. 

Piper Mclean is the french teacher and frankly is often called ‘hot’ by the younger boy students, of course she always calls them out on it. Piper loves to talk in french and teach other students french, it makes her cringe when they mispronounce words though.

Jason Grace the physics teacher, although quite bored with physics as a child, loves teaching it to students. He finds different ways to collaborate with Leo in teaching. 

Leo Valdez believes he’s the best Shop teacher ever, though some students beg to differ, not that he’s bad, but he’s got to keep an eye out for the students who cause trouble.

Hazel Levesque is the guidance counselor of the school, unluckily not many people come to her for help, but when they do she’s thrilled. She does a good job of helping people. But when’s she’s not helping out there, she usually helps out around the school and with Will

Frank Zhang loves being the biology teacher and teaching about animals as he thinks they are amazing. He is kind and lenient with his teaching and is usually a personal favorite among students. 

Nico Di Angelo tends to make not much of a deal that he’s part of the school, since he only works there part time to help out, he’s filling in teachers forms but doesn’t quite have a solid job yet. The staff love to have him around though.

Will Solace is the school’s “nurse”, though he hates being called that. He does his job well and frankly, it’s not that good but many kids come to him during the day because they get hurt. 

based off of this

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Can i have solangelo hogwarts au? Maybe two of them hating each other in 1st year then they fell in love in 3rd-5th year?

Okay, so if you’re wondering, Will is in Hufflepuff and Nico is in Slytherin. Why? Because Hufflepuff-Slytherin relationships are the best relationships.

  • Nico hated the boy next to him. As a first year, he shouldn’t be this good at Potions, but he was. Nico tried his best to impress Professor Snape but the boy next to got the toughest professor at school to tell him a good job. 
  • Nico couldn’t take it anymore. He turned to the boy next to him. “How are you so good at this? Why not fail once in a while?” 
  • The boy looked at him, confused. “I’m just a natural, I guess.” 
  • “Well cut it out! You’re making the rest of us look bad.”
  • “Listen, if you want some help-”
  • “I don’t need your help!” Nico shouted.
  • The entire class was looking at them. Nico faced forward and pretended nothing happened. 
  • As the class ended, the boy came up to Nico. “I can help you if you really need it in Potions.”
  • Nico turned to the boy. “Listen Solace, if I wanted your help, it had to be over my dead body.”
  • Will looked at Nico, shocked and then anger took over. “Fine! I was only trying to be helpful Di Angelo!” Will took off.
  • As the years went on, Nico was barely passing Potions. If he wanted to pass his OWLs at the ended the year, he needed a tutor, and fast. The only option he had was to find the best student in the class and that would be
  • “Solace!” Nico called from down the hall. “Solace!”
  • Will said goodbye to his friends and looked back at Nico. “What do you want Di Angelo?”
  • Nico caught up with him and looked at the blond boy. “I need help in Potions.”
  • Will looked down at Nico, being a half a foot taller. “I remember your exact words our first year were, ‘If I wanted your help it had to be over my dead body’.”
  • “Yeah, well I’m dead if I don’t pass my Potions OWLs this year. So yes, I need your help.” 
  • Will looked at him, thinking about it. “What’s in it for me?” 
  • “I’m pretty good at Defense Against the Dark Arts.” Nico told him.
  • “No, I don’t need tutoring.” Will told him. “One huge favor. That’s what you owe me.” 
  • Nico sighed. “Deal. So when do we start?”
  • “After dinner, meet me in the library.” Will said before walking off.
  • Nico met up with Will in the library after dinner. And Nico was confused as hell. Will was trying his best to simplify everything for him, but the dark hair boy was just giving up.
  • “I can’t do this! There’s so much to remember. How many turns, how much of this, how much of that, which way to stir the potion, and who cares?!” 
  • Will looked at the boy and felt sorry for him. “Look, lets take a break.” He pushed his book aside.
  • “Good. I can’t stand looking at another word.” Nico put his head down.
  • “What do you want to do when you graduate?” Will asked him.
  • “I don’t know. Maybe be an auror.” Nico said into the book. “That’s why I need to pass Potions with at least an E to continue taking it.” 
  • “Okay, so we’ll work on this tomorrow. I’m beat, you’re beat, let’s just call it.”
  • Nico agreed. He grabbed his books. “Same time tomorrow?” 
  • “Yeah.” Will agreed. “Bye Nico.”
  • “Bye.” 
  • A few months went by and Nico was hanging out with Will more, both while studying and not studying. 
  • Nico was enjoying Will’s company everyday. His blond hair, blue eyes, his tan skin, and the way he laughs, music to Nico’s ears.
  • “Nico, earth to Nico!” Will waved his hand in front of his face to get his attention. 
  • “What? Huh?”
  • “I asked, what are the ingredients of the Draught of Peace?”
  • “Oh, uh, moonstone, hellebore, porcupine quills and unicorn horn.”
  • “Very good.” Will smiled. “I think that’s all for today.” 
  • “Really? That was fast.”
  • “Well you’re a good student. And it’s been a rough few months but I think by June you’ll be able to get the E you wanted.”
  • Nico smiled at the good news. 
  • “So, uh, I think I know what I want that huge favor you owe me to be.”
  • “Really?” Nico asked, with an eyebrow raised.
  • Will turned red. “Well, over the pass few months, I’ve been starting to develop feelings for you. And uh, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Three Broomsticks with me for some Butterbeer.”
  • Nico started at Will. He couldn’t believe Will had the same feelings as he did. A tint of pink started to show in his cheeks. “I don’t think that counts towards your huge favor. But yeah, I’ll get some Butterbeer with you.”
  • “Really?” Will was shocked that he said yes. “Great! We’ll go this weekend.”
  • Nico nodded and picked up his stuff. “I’ll see you then.” He ran off.
  • After their first date at the Three Broomsticks Nico and Will became inseparable. They were studying together at night and during the day they would chill by the lake. 
  • Nico would lean against Will and listen to his steady heart beat. Will would kiss the top of his head every once in a while. 
  • When the OWLs came around, Nico felt confident that he did good on his Potions exam. 
  • Will came over to him when he was done with his test. “How did you think you did?”
  • “Great, amazing. It’s all thanks to you!” Nico leaned up and kissed him. “Thank you for not giving up on me Solace.”
  • “No problem, Di Angelo.”

PJOAu: Palaimonius “Hiccup” Haddock 

Hijack Au based on the Anon that suggested Hiccup as a son of Hephaestus and Jack as the son of Khione. Hiccup would totally be the Hephaestus kid that’s always overlooked, whose weapons would somehow go wrong, and the one person no one wanted to take on a quest. So they’re all surprised to find out that Hiccup is the next leader of a super important quest based on a prophecy to regain Harpe, the sword used by Perseus to cut off Medusa’s head and wielded by Chronos to castrate his father. Accompanied by one small, blonde haired, hazel eyed and sleepy individual nicknamed Sandy - the son of Morpheus- and a daughter of Ares, Hiccup has to deal with a more than a little miffed at not being designated leader, Astrid, as they go on their quest. The two misfits and one slowly but surely reconciling warrior travel many places, bumping into Jack, who holds the Ring of Gyges, which allows the wearer to become invisible at will. Together they continue the search for Harpe


Guess who just got Heroes of Olympus: House of Hades? :’D

Anyways, I have been meaning to draw out a RotBTD “Percy Jackson / PJatO” AU, so here are some basic five minute sketches of what I have so far~ ^^

Jack - Son of Hermes
Hiccup - Son of Hephaestus
Merida - Daughter of Apollo
Rapunzel - Daughter of Athena

I haven’t thought out this AU more than just a few scenarios, but Hijack will definitely be included. xD

Here you go anons! Also thank you to shadowqueendaughterofhades and asgayaslouisxiii for telling me what pastel is. :D

  • Nico sighed as he walked around his new high school. He hates how people give him weird looks. It’s not his fault none of them seen a pastel goth before. 
  • He didn’t this the outfit he put on was that bad. His black shirt shirt and light pink skinny jeans. Maybe it was the very light blue on his side bangs that everyone was staring at. 
  • Either way, he didn’t care. 
  • He was the new kid multiple times, so the stares didn’t bother him anymore. 
  • He sat down in history class, getting stares at some people. 
  • The bell rang and a boy walked in. Nico couldn’t keep his eyes off of him. 
  • He was wearing a black shirt, black skinny jeans with a chain going from his front right pocket to his back right pocket, and he was wearing black boots. It also looked like he needed to redye his hair. His blond hair was starting to show again.
  • The guy sat down right next to Nico.
  • “Nice of you to join us, Mr. Solace.” The teacher said, looking at the punk kid. 
  • Solace smirked and looked at the teacher. 
  • During the lesson, Nico kept glancing at the kid next to him. He couldn’t help it. There was something about that punk kid that Nico wanted.
  • “I’m going to pair you up for the project.” The teacher said, snapping Nico out of his thoughts. He went to two rows and paired them up.
  • Nico was paired up with Solace. 
  • Solace looked at him and raised an eyebrow, more in curiosity than shock.
  • They moved their desks together and Solace looked at him.
  • “You’re the new kid.” Solace said,
  • Nico nodded. “Yeah, I guess.”
  • “Pastel goth, huh? I think that’s cool.” 
  • “And you’re a punk kid.”
  • Solace grinned. “You bet. Still haven’t gotten your name pastel kid.”
  • “It’s Nico.”
  • “I’m Will or as most teachers call me, Solace.” He smirked. “Listen, we can do this project after school. I don’t want to deal with it right now.”
  • “Uh, okay.” Nico replied. “Library?”
  • “No.”
  • Nico looked at him. “My house?”
  • “Yeah, that would be great.” He grinned.


  • After school, Nico was waiting for Will with his sister, Bianca, and his half sister, Hazel. 
  • “So that punk kid is coming to our house?” Bianca asked. 
  • “It’s for a project, Bee, I really want to impress him.” Nico replied. 
  • “Impress? Nico, you just met him.” Hazel reminded him. 
  • “I want to make a friend here.” He told them. 
  • Will walked over to them and looked at Hazel and Bianca. “Who are these lovely ladies?”
  • The sisters glared at him.
  • “Those are my sisters.” Nico told him.
  • He nodded. “Let’s get this project done.” He walked away from them.
  • Bianca looked at her brother. “I’m keeping a very close eye on him.”
  • “Me too.” Hazel added.
  • Nico sighed, hating that his sisters were over protective. 


  • At home, Nico and Will were in the living room, working on the project; Hazel and Bianca were in the adjoining room, watching them.
  • But what Nico didn’t expect was that Will was super smart and nice. His punk act was gone and Nico felt like he could really connect to with him.
  • “I think we should take a break.” Nico said. “Want something to drink?”
  • “Water.” Will replied, stretching.
  • Nico got up and went to the kitchen.
  • He was smiling a bit, thinking he was making a good friend in the process.
  • He came back with water and Will smiled at him. “Thanks.”
  • “You’re welcome.” Nico smiled back. 
  • “You know, I saw you getting looks at me during class.”
  • Nico turned pink. “You did?”
  • “Yeah. I actually like your hair. It’s pretty cool.” Will told him. 
  • Nico turned red. “Thanks. I really like your outfit.”
  • Will smiled. “Thanks. So I have to go. But let’s get together tomorrow.”
  • “To do the project?”
  • “Nah. To hang out.” Will smiled. “See ya Nico.” He left the house.