percy jackson and the sea of monsters stills

And then they saw me.

“Percy?” Clarisse said. “You’re supposed to be blown up!”

“Good to see you, too. Now hold still while I-”

“Perrrrrcy!” Grover bleated and tackled me with a goat-hug. “You heard me! You came!”

“Yeah, buddy,” I said. “Of course I came.


Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

take all your Jason replaced Grover aus and shove them up your ass

What if Percy Jackson had became a god in The Last Olympian?

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Percy Jackson is sixteen when he accepts Zeus’s proposal

He looks at Annabeth

Athena glares at him

He wants to cry out I’m sorry

But instead he just smiles and thanks the king of the gods

Percy Jackson is seventeen when he talks to Grover

“What’s it like?”

To see everyone age around you

“Weird” is the reply

Percy Jackson is eighteen when the giants attack

He isn’t affected by the split personality disorder that the other gods are facing

He helps the seven demigods defeat Gaia and her minions

But it just reminds him of what he isn’t anymore

Percy Jackson is nineteen when he goes into the woods looking for a monster to fight

They all cower in fear of the god standing before them

He doesn’t understand why at the time

He is unarmed

Percy Jackson is twenty-one when Annabeth tells him she can’t be with him like this

She says she loves him

But she still walks out of the cabin

He doesn’t run after her

He knows he chose this life

Percy Jackson is twenty-three when the sea creatures and horses stop calling him the son of Poseidon

But rather the god of the waves

They don’t worship him any longer

They just fear him

Percy Jackson is twenty-six when he stops coming to Camp Halfblood

This place that was once his home is now a stranger to him

The kids keep getting younger and younger

Percy Jackson is twenty-nine when Thalia comes to him

“This is only the beginning” she says

She would know

She’s been fifteen for over two decades

Percy Jackson is thirty-two when his mom gets cancer

It runs in the family

He uses his new powers to heal her

He finally thinks maybe he made the right decision

Paul never looks him in the eye again

Percy Jackson is thirty-five when Nico dies on a quest

He could have saved him

He promised to save him

He doesn’t even find out until Grover sends him a letter

Percy Jackson is thirty-eight when he goes to live on Mount Olympus

The gods there despise him

He doesn’t care

He has to be with his own kind

Percy Jackson is forty-one when his mom dies

It was a plane crash

She was going to a book signing

He was too late

Percy Jackson is forty-four when Annabeth marries a man named Felix

They are so in love

So happy

He burns the wedding invitation

Percy Jackson is forty-six when Clarisse calls for help

She is cornered by a monster

She knows she has no other option

She prays to him

He doesn’t hear

Percy Jackson is fifty when Medusa is reincarnated

She thirsts for his blood

When he goes to meet her

He doesn’t even have to try

He keeps her head as a souvenir

Percy Jackson is fifty-five when Annabeth dies

He hears her screams from Olympus

It was spiders

Her nine-year-old son is all alone

And his name is Perseus

Percy Jackson is fifty-six when he creates his first real hurricane

It ravages the entire east coast

He doesn’t care

Even his father is worried

Percy Jackson is fifty-seven when his brother won’t talk to him anymore

Tyson lost friends in the hurricane


Percy laughs at him harshly

“Why should I care?”

Percy Jackson is sixty-one when Grover dies while trying to put out a forest fire

He died saving the lives of hundreds of dryads

He becomes an iris

Percy’s storm destroys the tiny plant

Percy Jackson is sixty-eight when monsters break the magical barriers surrounding Camp Halfblood

Less than half the former population is left after the attack

He supposes he could have saved them

But why?

They’re only puny heroes

Percy Jackson is seventy-three when he raids Dionysus’s stores and gets drunk

He wonders along the streets of New York City

Everything is so different now

A pretty mortal girl sees him and offers to take him home

He has no home

But no one has smiled at him like that in so long

Percy Jackson is seventy-four when his daughter is born

He is long gone by then

The next time he sees either of them is when he claims her

The symbol that flashes over her head is a broken sword

Chiron gasps

Percy Jackson is eighty-six when he first meets his daughter for real

She has no interest in meeting the man that abandoned her and her mother

She yells at him

Blames him

He knows she’s right

Percy Jackson is eighty-seven when his daughter is killed

By a boar

Ares always did have a grudge against him

She goes to Elysium

Percy Jackson is ninety-five when he meets Chiron on Halfblood Hill

“How do you do it?” he asks

“Every day I try to honor their memories

So that they didn’t die in vain”

Percy Jackson is ninety-six when he walks to the middle of the woods

He writes down all the names

The people he has loved and lost

The people who have been lost on his watch

The people who he killed

Every single one of them

He sits there writing for over two days straight

Then he puts all the names into a jar

And buries it

Percy Jackson is one-hundred and two when Thalia Grace dies on the Hunt

She was the one person he thought would be with him when everyone else was gone

He is so alone

He goes to take his frustration out on Artemis

But when he finds her she is so distraught his anger evaporates

And he is left with only his grief

He and Artemis mourn together

But she moves on

He does not

Percy Jackson is one-hundred and three when he finally understands why Pan wanted to die

The prospect is so appealing now

Just fade away

Leave the suffering of the world

It would be so easy

Percy Jackson is one-hundred and eighteen when the minor gods rebel again

He considers joining them

He considers joining his father and the demigods that back the major gods

But why should he

He owes no one anything

Percy Jackson is one-hundred and thirty-seven when he goes to the underworld

It’s his first time as a god

And it’s so easy

This time he’s not trying to bring someone back

He just wants to feel death on him

To know what it’s like to be mortal and able to die

He doesn’t remember the feeling

Percy Jackson is one-hundred and seventy-one when Zeus and Poseidon start fighting again

There was a time when he would have been in the center of the fighting

Supporting his father

Maybe leading an army

But now he just watches

The war destroys the mortals

Most of the land is nothing but rubble

People scramble to survive

He doesn’t understand how they are so weak

Percy Jackson is two-hundred and thirteen when Camp Halfblood is destroyed for good

It’s all in flames

Like the vision he was shown by a titan many lifetimes ago

The grief he should feel isn’t there

It’s just another place

He doesn’t remember how it was once his home

That was so long ago

Percy Jackson is two-hundred and ninety-seven when Typhon beheads Zeus

He’s hardly surprised

Percy Jackson is four-hundred and fifty-two when he goes to sleep

He doesn’t plan to ever wake up

Percy Jackson looks sixteen when a girl with stormy gray eyes and blonde curls finds him

She looks like someone he used to know

He can’t put his finger on it

“You drool in your sleep” she tells him

Percy Jackson has been alive for five-hundred and seventy-eight years

And now he starts living again

Rating of PJO based on mentions of peanut butter
  • The Lightning Thief: 2 mentions. Nancy Bobofit throws peanut butter and ketchup sandwich pieces at Grover. Disgusting combination, used for a disgusting act. This book slanders the good name of peanut butter. 1/10
  • Sea of Monsters: 3 mentions. Percy buys Tyson an extra peanut butter sandwich at lunch one day. Percy also can't bring himself to look at Tyson's face bc he is distracted by peanut butter in his teeth. Finally, there are PB+J sandwiches aboard the CSS Birmingham. Good amount, sets up Tyson's continued love of peanut butter throughout the series. 8/10
  • The Titan's Curse: 2 mentions. Tyson thinks Annabeth is the coolest thing since peanut butter(and he really likes peanut butter). Peanut butter is not actually present in the scene, but it is acknowledged for being very cool. 6/10
  • Battle of the Labyrinth: 3 mentions. Tyson wants to relive the good old days when Annabeth, Percy, and he used to go on quests and eat peanut butter sandwiches. Later, Hera serves them all peanut butter sandwiches, which Tyson inhales. Although Tyson is incorrect in the amount of peanut butter sandwiches consumed in the Sea of Monsters, there are still a good amount of mentions. 9/10
  • The Last Olympian: 10 mentions. By far the most. May Castellan makes PB+J for a son that will never come home. This is very sad and makes me cry every time. On a lighter note, Tyson and the cyclopses use peanut butter as their battle cry, which Zeus finds odd. All in all, a robust amount of usages, all of which are very important to the plot. 27/10

Percy Jackson 30 day challenge (continued)

Day idk what day it is and frankly i don’t care anymore

ok despite the Sea of Monsters not being one of my top 3 favorites, it’s still pretty fantastic. it has a lot of really great moments and really awesome aspects of the story, my favorite of which is probably Clarisse. prior to SoM she’s kinda just there to be the Token Jackass Tough Kid that picks on the main character. in Sea of Monsters we get to know her a lot more and quite honestly she’s one of my favorite characters besides the main cast. she’s so great i can’t even

also Tyson is gr8

(one of these days i’ll draw Luke in something but I’m just not feelin it at all right now sigh)

I just need you all to take a minute and imagine something with me here

Imagine if the Percy Jackson movies were done right.

Imagine if they did all of the original five and then all five Heroes of Olympus.

Imagine if they were done right.

Imagine the thrill of getting characters like Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia cast, knowing we would get to watch them grow up before our eyes.

Imagine watching baby Percy, Annabeth, and Grover on their first quest.

Imagine the yearly anticipation for new stills, trailers, and a movie.

Imagine Reyna and Hylla being cast for Sea of Monsters, knowing we would see them again later on.

Imagine watching Zoe Nightshade become a constellation.

Imagine Uncle Rick supporting the cast and the series and being happy and satisfied with the way they are made.

Imagine seeing Luke with golden eyes.

Imagine everyone in the theater cheering at the Underwater Kiss.

Imagine the new castings for HoO, getting a Hispanic actor for Leo, a Native American actress for Piper, an African-American actress for Hazel, and a Chinese actor for Frank.

Imagine the thrill we would get at seeing Percy Actor and Annabeth Actress reunited for MoA after a couple years with no movies together, after watching them grow up together for five years.

Imagine seeing Festus fly.

Imagine Leo Actor playing Sammy in the flashbacks.

Imagine all these demigod actors becoming actual best friends, bonding off screen, getting goofy Instagram photos and back-and-forth tweets.

Imagine watching the Tartarus fall on a movie theater screen.

Imagine watching the gods battle the giants with their demigod children.

Imagine the heartbreak we’d feel at the end of the movies…if each one was made, there would be ten at least.

Imagine a Percy/Annabeth/Grover group hug on the last day of shooting, reminiscent of the Dan/Rupert/Emma one for Deathly Hallows.

Imagine falling in love with this cast and growing up with these movies, shaping a generation the way other great ones did before them.

Just imagine.

Hogwarts: PJO Characters (HoO Coming Soon)
  • Percy Jackson: Slytherin, he's not very ambitious, but he is cunning af. The sea of monsters? Anyone?
  • Annabeth Chase: Case could be made for Slytherin (cunning), but definitely a Ravenclaw. She's really into fringe science and that's too Ravenclaw to ignore.
  • Grover Underwood: I'm going with Hufflepuff because they are super hard working and loyal? Grover's literal job is to sacrifice himself for the good of others?
  • Clarisse La Rue: I legit don't understand (well I do: mean character has to be Slytherin!!!) why people are placing her in Slytherin? Sure she's ambitious but she makes rash decisions and never thinks anything through enough to actually save the people she's putting herself in danger for? That's Gryffindor behavior?
  • Tyson: Hufflepuff. Again, the hard working and loyalness to Percy even though he was kind of a dick sometimes? A case could be made for Gryffindor though.
  • Luke Castellan: Slytherin. He's cunning (he fooled everyone the entire first book?) and he is way too ambitious for his own good. His actions in "The Last Olympian" are pretty Gryffindor-Esque but very rational. I mean, as rational as sacrificing yourself to an evil Titan to save your friends can be.
  • Sally Jackson: Ravenclaw. She' so smart? A case could be made for Gryffindor but she's really in it for the long run, she hella thought keeping Percy "safe" by way of Gabe through.
  • Chiron: This one was a hard one. He's very smart, and he saves children from monsters very self-sacrificing like a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, but he's just too smart and dances around topics like a pro so I'm going to go with Ravenclaw.
  • Silena Beauregard: GRYFFINDOR AS HELL!!! She was brave, and she thought things through just enough to get her friends out of trouble
  • My Wife, Rachael Elizabeth Dare: I love her so I'm biased but Ravenclaw probably. She's really smart, and can think on her feet so well? I could never? I love her?
  • She Beauty She's Thalia Grace, She Will Punch You in the Face: I wish this Slytherin would punch me in the face I would say thank you. She's cunning and smart, I was teetering on Ravenclaw but I went with Slytherin because she want's to protect people smartly? Is that a word?
  • Nico Di Angelo: My death pumpkin. Hufflepuff. People put him in Slytherin because he's dark, but he puts his friends in front of him and is really loyal until someone completely breaks his trust.
  • Bianca Di Angelo: This is hard because she really isn't that big of a character but Ravenclaw. She's really witty, smart, but still a bit selfish.
  • Will Solace: He's a doctor who loves everyone? Why do I have to address this? Hufflepuff?

I didn’t know how far the hippocampi could take us. I didn’t know where we were going. I just propped up Annabeth so she wouldn’t fall off, covered her in the Golden Fleece that we’d been through so much to get, and said a silent prayer of thanks.

Which reminded me… I still owed the gods a debt.

‘You’re a genius,’ I told Annabeth quietly.

—  Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters 

what is project pjo? Is a project made by demigods w the goal of get pjo as a original netflix tv series.

why netflix? because when we started this project, netflix was the best (and still is) chance of get it.

fox wil never sell pjo! Thats why we want netflix to producer this series, fox dont will lose the rights bc netflix still needs fox for that. just like daredevil or jessica jones, netflix producer the series but marvel is still in power.

I don’t want pjo as a tv series. ok, we respect your opinion and we hope you respect ours.

we have chances with this? I mean we don’t have any help outside, not even rick. YES we have BIG AND GREAT chances netflix says that our poject was the biggest one involving them, and fox.. fox has no plans for pjo, the cast contract is over, not good  box office.

any more question?


Percy not knowing that you were another guardian to protect him from evil. 

“How are you suppose to protect me?”  He asked full of shock. 

“I have been trained Percy you must understand, we must leave!” You exclaimed. 

He glared and walked into his room. You of course followed. 

“This wasn’t how I was planing to do it.” He mumbled still believing he was alone.

“What do you mean?” You asked causing him to jump. 

“I was going to ask you out.” He raised his voice in frustration. A smirk immedietally came upon your lips. 

“What.” He growled. 


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Sooo dark! Percy???

I always thought that he’d be one of the easiest to become dark just because his fatal flaw is personal loyalty, so if something were to happen to him I just feel like he could have easily went against the gods. Personal loyalty also takes offense to personal betrayal. So, uhhh, here.

No one was awake, if they were perhaps they would have seen the figure rise from the river. If they were they might have noticed who he was. The ring he kept on a chain, they vengence in his swirled green eyes, but they were all asleep, so they never did see him.

Percy walked in the shadows of the camp, his gaze swept the field that had the basketball court that he played on so many times. He monitored the cabins and checked the Big House. No one. 

The moonlight glinted off his hair that should have been dripping wet after a swim in the sound, but many things are not as they seem with demigods. He snuck his way around the cabins until he was at the threshold of his old cabin. What was once the place he freely called home spending whole years with friends now became the reminderer of all of his loss. With slow, deliberate steps the almost sixteen child of Poseidon went to cabin three.

Looking around at the cabins he thought that these were the people who didn’t care about him, just like the gods caring about the lives of him or mortals. The mortal who couldn’t cross the line and suffered at the hands of the minotaur for it. The satyr that they didn’t make it in time to save because the gods refused to let Hermes help them. The girl.

The girl. The one that the gods let get crushed under the weight of the sky. Running towards her and holding it up, getting strength from the hope that she would survive and not being able to help. Standing over her broken, strained boyd and watching the only person in his life that he truly loved and trusted watching her die. He shuddered as he remembered the hot tears that ran down his face. The scream he let out as he felt his heart turning cold, finally becoming completely submerged in heartache. After Atlas took his rightful job of holding the sky, he dragged Annabeth’s body to Artemis, but couldn’t stand to watch her shake his head. Just a confirmation of what he already knew and so he ran away.

It should’ve been her birthday today, she could’ve been turning sixteen. He knew Kronos was doing a wrong thing, but he knew the Gods didn’t deserve her help. So after the incident three years before, he went rouge, not fighting for Kronos, but with him. One thing Percy refused to do, however, was give his body over to the Titan and so Luke remained the vessel for the strengthening Titan lord. 

Silently Percy mulled this all over and felt so many emotions that he held in during his time in the army roll free. Emotion there was weakness and the son of Poseidon spent too long letting them control his life, so he locked them up and became a force that no god could have thought possible. 

He stiffened as he heard the noise of gentle footsteps and the quiet unlatching of his cabin door. Before the door had swung open Percy was already hidden behind the fountain that was the only thing in his room that didn’t make his heart clench. It reminded him of his half brother and all the times when Poseidon fought against the gods to support his only demigod son. 

He shook his head then looked up to see who would intrude in a cabin of a child of the Big Three. While thinking about how he would punish this trespasser their face caught the light. His breath caught in his throat as he looked up at the person he should’ve grown old with, the only person he ever thought he had a future with.

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“I mean, the West represents a lot of the best things mankind ever did– that’s why the fire is still burning. That’s why Olympus is still around. But sometimes you just see the bad stuff, you know? And you start thinking the way Luke does: ‘If I could read this all down, I would do it better.’ Don’t you ever feel that way? Like you could do a better job if you ran the world?” 

“Um…no. Me running the world would kind of be a nightmare.” 

“Then you’re lucky. Hubris isn’t your fatal flaw.” 

To Percy: Do you still crave lettuce?
  • Percy: Possibly....
  • Annabeth: HAHAHA guinea pig!
  • Percy: whatever "MS. MAKEUP"
  • Annabeth: You fell for it!
  • Percy: So did you!!!
  • Reyna: Yep, thanks for that
  • Percy: she tried to murder me!
  • Reyna: come were fuzzy and cute
  • Annabeth: Maybe we should've kept him like that....
  • Reyna: yep
  • Jason: I have no idea what you're talking about, but...
  • *waves lettuce in percy's face*
  • Percy: *kicks Jason in that face and lunges for lettuce*
  • Reyna and anabeth: I think he still likes lettuce