percy jackson and the olympians

“You’re a mermaid”, gasped Percy as he reached the shore and spotted – well, a mermaid.

The mermaid turned toward him with a scowl on his face. Oh. A boy mermaid. He had a dark-blue nearly black tail, flapping it in the shallow water at the beach. He was pretty, with eyes as dark as the deepest parts of the sea and fluffy dark curls on his head.

“I’m a merboy”, corrected the boy rather offended.

Percy blinked and approached, with his favorite pet in toe. “I like your tail. I’m Percy.”

“…Thank you?”, grunted the merboy wearily. “I’m Nico. I… uh… like your… dinosaur?”

Percy offered a proud, toothy grin as he gently patted his skeletal companion, the dinosaur trying to hide behind him. “Thanks! That’s Cera! She’s a Triceratops. I named her after my favorite character from my favorite movie! Don’t worry, she’s harmless. She’s just a little shy with strangers.”

Nico blinked curiously and tilted his head. “What are you?”

“I’m a son of Pluto. Most my friends are bones”, hummed Percy. “What about you?”

“I’m a son of Neptune. Most my friends are… sea-monsters”, replied Nico softly.

“That is so cool”, gasped Percy excitedly.

(Aka: How 10-year-old Percy and Nico are going to meet for the first time in my parent switch AU “Dead Dinosaurs and Living Legends”)

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Live in the Percy Jackson world or the Shadowhunter world?

Percy Jackson world, hands down.


The monsters don’t attack mortals. They only go after demigods. With a little luck, I have sight and can see things. Maybe I’m a demigod - though I’d prefer Roman because you actually get to live a normal life in New Rome.

Shadowhunters… You get targeted by the demons and the bad guys all the time, maybe Valentine uses you for his Mortal Cup experiments. Or worse. You’re actually a Shadowhunter.

A race raised from birth to be soldiers. I have an issue with that. And with 12 year olds being forced to throw themselves into danger.

Like, demigods? Those quests are kinda voluntary unless you get a major prophecy.

I’d rather see the wonders of the godly world and maaaybe get the chance to stare at Hecate and Eris in total awe and red-raced because heeello immortal crushes.

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Nico, Jason, Rachel

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Percy, Piper, Will

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: Leo, Frank, Hazel

Looks like they could kill you and could kill you: Annabeth, Reyna, Thalia

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How would you describe the Rodriguez's household family dynamic?? I'm just bad at picking up on those things and theirs is interesting to me

Chris is more the archetypical “mom” in that family. The one who makes everyone lunch, keeps the house clean and everyone on schedule.

Clarisse tends to get distracted by her work - running a dojo is not that easy, especially when you decided to partner up with Percy “puppy eyes to make you do the paperwork” di Angelo. And then she’s also regularly helping out at camp when summer rolls around. She’s the “overworked dad”.

Calandra never really had too much sense for family the way di Angelos do family. Sitting together for cuddly movie nights and such. She loves her family, sure. But for her duty always came first. That’s what made her Camp Half-Blood’s greatest hero, it’s what made her join the hunt - an opportunity for equality, because despite her and Bianca Maria being the bigger heroes, she could see that Sander and Sam got more recognition. Hard to shake off centuries of “The male hero kicks butt, the girl gets rescued”.

And even though she acts like Sander really-really annoys her, she is ready to burn the world down for her twin-brother. It’s just… she always leaned more toward the Ares-heritage, he is a full-on legacy of Hermes. So they didn’t even really have that in common.

But that’s also the main reason Sander became such a great hero. While he enjoys pranks and thievery far more, he didn’t like that his twin-sister did so much on her own, so he picked up training pretty early on too because he wanted to spend time with her. He’s kind of that loyal puppy trailing after his sister.

And Charisma? She always kind of felt left behind. She’s seven years younger than the twins and she sees how Sander and Cally do everything together and how both are literally two of camp’s strongest heroes.

But instead of doing what Sander did and trailing after them, she decided to form her own little club with Fred Chase, Milly Zhang and JP Grace. They were all legacies of war and they would rise to become the next big heroes, she just knew it.

She also has less of a temper than Cally, if we’re being honest. And deep down, she’s kind of clingy when it comes to her siblings, but she would never admit it.

For Clarisse, bonding with her kids was kind of always training. It’s what she knows how to do, what she does best. The emotional sides used to make her shy away because she didn’t really know how to handle it. And even though she will never admit it aloud, Percy has been a huge help with that. She learned a lot about parenting from Percy.

All the while, Chris always had an open ear for his kids and when he noticed that Sander might do a lot of training but it wasn’t what he enjoyed most, well, Chris organized a little prank-war with the Stolls to take Sander’s mind off of things.