percy jackson and sea monsters

A list of times Rick Riordan got away with saying the word damn:

“Let us find the dam snack bar. - Zoe Nightshade

“The dam snack bar?” - Grover Underwood

“I could use some dam french fries” - Grover underwood

“And I need to use the dam restroom” - Thalia Grace

“I want to use the dam water fountain” - Grover Underwood

“I want to buy a dam t-shirt” - Percy Jackson

“A dam cow?” - Thalia Grace


That Perseus always won. That’s why my mom had named me after him, even though he was a son of Zeus and I was a son of Poseidon. The original Perseus was one of the only heroes in the Greek myths who got a happy ending. The others died—betrayed, mauled, mutilated, poisoned, or cursed by the gods. My mom hoped I would inherit Perseus’s luck. Judging by how my life was going so far, I wasn’t real optimistic.

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Can we just talk about when Percy was on Circe's island in sea of monsters she lead him into having a poor body image. Imagine how scaring it would be like the constant whisper in your ear that you will never be good enough. People look at him turning into a guinea pig as a joke, but see it as mentally traumatizing. You feel?

Look what you made me do! HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW!


for inktober on instagram i wanted to do homages to each PJO book bc i realized that it’s about time i do something cooler than just doodles for it… it probably posted them all in the wrong order but enjoy!! happy magnus day everyone :—D (and I GUESS… heroes of olympus is next)

EDIT: HoO set is HERE!

Rick Riordan’s Fandom

Ok, we are Happy, very Happy.

Solangelo is canon

Percabeth is canon

Fierrochase is canon

Percy met Magnus

Jack is in love with Riptide

All of our favourite characters are still alive (Magnus and Alex, you are included)

But this fandom needs one more thing.

One more most important thing.

We need a meeting between Alex and Nico.

We need this.

Just, imagine.

Alex helps Nico with his sexuality and Nico explains to Alex how to flirt with a sunshine boy

Please Uncle Rick, write again for us