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Solangelo Youtuber AU  part 2

go read this and read the first part

• After that, they appeared on each other’s channel more and more
• Nico would come on for Video Game Friday
• Will would appear in a lot of Nico’s skits
• They made videos all the time together
• It wasn’t long before the fans noticed and began shipping them together
• Soon every time they posted a video together it would show up on the You Tube trending page
• Their fans even gave them a ship name
• Solangleo
• And every time they did something even remotely coupley, the hashtag ‘solangeloisreal’ would go trending on twitter
• Nico would ignore this all and act like nothing was happening, they were just two regular guys hanging out and making videos
• But they both knew it was more than that
• They both knew that they felt the same thing towards each other
• It was at least four months of videos together, acting clueless and denying their feelings until Nico got enough courage to ask him out on a date
• They got some dinner and went to the movies and then after went to the park to have a midnight stroll
• Was it cheesey and typical? Yeah, you could say that. Was it perfect? Yeah, you could also say that
• And so, they slowly fell in love together
• They tried to keep it a secret from everyone, even their friends and family
• But everyone saw straight threw him
• “Will, I swear to lord above if you hurt Nico, I will hunt you down myself and tear you apart, bit by bit and roast your remains in a barbecue pit and serve them to Percy’s dog. You got it?” Jason would threaten
• “Hey! My dog doesn’t want to eat Will’s dead body parts!” Percy would yell in the background, all while Jason would continue to glare at Will and Nico tried to assure Will there will be no ripping of the body parts
• They continued to date for a couple months before they decided to tell the world they were actually dating
• Nico uploaded the video to his channel naming it “Meet My Boyfriend”
• The first thing he said in the five-minute-long video was “Hi my name is Nico Di Angelo and I’m gay. Also, I’m dating him”
• The rest of the video consisted of Nico and Will playing Overwatch
• This wasn’t unusual for Nico’s types of videos because he was known for his brutal honesty
• Lets just say the fans went wild and the tag “Solangeloisreal” went trending for days
• And then they lived happily ever after
• The end

I hope you guys enjoy this au :)

Unpopular Opinion: Please leave Luke alone!

(SPOILERS) Okay so this goes out to the Percy Jackson fandom, not all of it, just a small portion of it. More specifically to the people who hate Luke, and again not all of the people, just the people who are rude and disrespectful about it. Here’s a few things you should consider. First thing: look at Luke’s original purpose. He wanted parents to stop ignoring their kids. The gods were horrible to their kids. They ignored them and tried to stay out of their kids’ lives. Yes, there were some good ones, but look at all of the unclaimed kids? They were stuck in the Hermes cabin, which wasn’t fair to the unclaimed kids or the kids in the Hermes cabin. I’m not saying what Luke did was right, because it wasn’t. He went the wrong way with everything. I’m just saying that he had a point, and Percy acknowledged that point.

Second: Luke had a bad childhood. His mom was crazy, and his dad left him with her. Yes, Hermes was watching them all of the time, but Luke didn’t know that. He was just a kid, all he knew was that his dad wasn’t there and his mom really wasn’t there either. So he ran away, only to find that Camp Half-Blood, had it’s problems too. Unclaimed kids and the minor gods’ children didn’t get their own cabin. He was frustrated. Again, it doesn’t justify what he did it’s just something to think about. What would you do? I know your probably thinking you wouldn’t do what he did, but you really don’t know until you’re in his situation.

Third, and last: In the end Luke did the right thing. This is really the most important point. In the end he looked at all he did. He sacrificed himself. He could have taken the easy way and just let it all play out. He could have accepted that he couldn’t control things anymore, but he didn’t. He showed incredible strength on Olympus. He fought Kronos, not physically, but mentally. He didn’t think about what was going to happen to him, he looked around and said, “This isn’t what I wanted.” They never could have won without Luke doing what he did. I know dozens of demigods, and mortals, died in the fight, but in the end Olympus was changed for the better. They set up rules about when they have to be claimed and about having cabins for minor gods. Lots of people died, but not for a lost cause.

Before I end this I just want to say, I don’t care if you don’t like Luke. Some of the things he did were unforgivable. It’s not you guys who annoy me. This is to the people who are loud and disrespectful. Before your going to hate on him please remember these things. Make a valid argument without being rude. I’m sorry if I came off as rude to you, I’m just tired of people being disrespectful when it came to Luke.


Most of us ignore the warning at the beginning of ‘The Lightning Thief’. Everybody think 'I’m just a mortal who wants to read a good book’ or 'It’s a fiction. I love it, but it’s a fiction. Nothing is going to happen to me.' Imagine that you’re a demigod who read PJO/HOO books. You’ve got a really big problems with monsters. When you’re on the deathbed, because a monster substantially hurt you, you think 'The book of my life killed me. I’m dying beacuse I read it. Life is so ruthless’.