percy is the cute seal get it


  • piper has the prettiest sylveon ever
  • it is very friendly with annabeth’s espeon and this may or may not be where the eevee egg that piper gave jason came from
  • (someday that eevee will be a jolteon but for now is it just a cute eevee)
  • jason also has a joltik that does no fighting whatsoever. it just rides around on his head and clings to his other electric types sometimes.
  • nico has an absol he befriended that had been widely avoided back home because everyone was superstitious and it supposedly brings disaster and shit so it doesn’t really like anyone but nico
  • (and jason because of course this turns at least mildly jasico when fim and i are discussing it)
  • (absol took a strange liking to jason and nico will insist that that’s the only reason he hangs out with the guy)
  • people tend to avoid nico himself too because gosh he looks so creepy and he doesn’t talk to anyone and he picked up that absol and he’s literally always surrounded by ghost pokemon???
  • they don’t realize that he’s just a huge softie who cuddles the shit out of his pokemon and he doesn’t like putting them in pokeballs so he’s always got misdreavus and ghastly and duskull floating around him.
  • nico also has a cubone he inherited from bianca. literally the only reason he’s trying to take down team terra is because they once tried to steal his cubone in their quest to capture/free/whatever all the ground types and he was like “aw hell no”
  • (jason helps nico out that time and follows him around forever after like “BUT WHAT IF THEY COME BACK” even though his team is like the least helpful against all those ground types)
  • jupiter, hades and poseidon are all gym leaders. but hades never really expected anything from nico and poseidon was always just like “lol sure whatever percy you can do whatever you want” so jason’s the only one who was raised with the intention of taking over the gym in the future.
  • (and then jason ran away to follow around a cute boy for justice)
  • percy has a seel he coddles forever and it helps him in giving annabeth the “hurt baby seal in need of help” look (and yet it still never works on her)
  • percy and jason have the dumbest rivalry because percy keeps trying to battle jason’s mainly-electric team with all these water types and getting destroyed and yet he still keeps trying
  • eventually annabeth is just like “for the love of god just get a ground dual type” and throws a mudkip at him
  • frank has a ditto and a kecleon and a zoroark and he has type advantages down pat, he’s like the most strategic trainer ever and he’s so hard to beat
  • and then his main is a snubbull
  • (snubbull is totally the reason he met hazel tho, everyone knows dogs are chick magnets)
  • hazel has her sableye and a rapidash and like the rest of her team are all giant intimidating rock types like she has a giant onix and a rhydon and shit
  • (frank swoons so hard)
  • reyna has a vespiquen and a nidoqueen and they are absolutely brutal
  • clarisse has a mamoswine and tauros and emboar and all kinds of fighting types but she has this gallade she’s particularly attached to
  • because it evolved from a ralts she got from silena (who of course had a gardevoir)
  • okay that’s enough for now because i destroyed myself with clarisse/silena sadness

“Look, I don’t mean to insult your intelligence or anything, but seriously—

“See? When you say ‘I don’t mean to’ you’ve actually thought of meaning to, so your logic is flawed.”

Annabeth sashayed in front of Percy, her golden ponytail swinging wildly as she tried to walk away from her boyfriend. Bloody hell, sometimes boys—damn, Gryffindor boys—were just so annoying. Perhaps they were more dashing than Ravenclaws, more charming than the Slytherins and a tad bit more attractive than the Hufflepuffs she knew, but she was beginning to think that would be better than having Percy for a boyfriend.

Bloody golden-hearted, green-eyed, black haired, cute, loyal, horribly good-looking and kind, dunce.

He was just too cocky.

“Wait! Annabeth—“ he called out from behind her, huffing because he was carrying her books. Feeling a bit guilty, she slowed her pace and sighed, pouting as Percy caught up with her. Everyone wondered how she could ever get mad at her boyfriend, and contrary to popular belief, she did so at times as well. He was always so patient with her, and many times she couldn’t return the favour.

She felt horrible.

“Stupid seal eyes,” she grumbled, still extremely cosy in his Gryffindor sweater. This got people confused at first, but after three years of going steady, people were already accustomed to Annabeth being the honorary Gryffindor. She wore red and gold as much as she did grey and blue.

Turning her head, she looked at Percy panting beside her and almost—almost melted. “I’m sorry,” she sighed, attempting to grab her four books from the stack of seven. He grinned at her with his lopsided smile and shook his head, raising the books out of her reach. “Why are you sorry?” he raised an eyebrow. “I reckon I told you I’d walk you to Potions, so that’s what I’m gonna do.”

“But…” she began, still pouting. It was so difficult to be mad at him.

“No buts,” he kissed the tip of her nose, still balancing the book stack on his two hands. “And I’m sorry, alright?”

The couple paused at one of the windows on the hallway and faced each other. Percy laid the books by the sill and stuffed his hands into his pockets. “I didn’t—you know I don’t mean to offend you, right?” He smiled at her shyly, his cheeks pink from their chase.

She nodded, surrendering. “I know.” With a sad smile, she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her cheek on his chest.

“Good, cause, er,” he runs a hand though his hair. “You know I’m dense, right? I mean—blimey, Annabeth, you’re the smartest and most beautiful Ravenclaw, and sometimes I wonder how I even got you—”

Annabeth looked up, her eyes glittering behind her lashes. She breathed him in with her chin still resting on his chest. “You’re most definitely dense, Percy.”

He turned a darker shade of pink. “Er, right, so I—“

“Hmm?” she mumbled, planting a soft kiss on his chin.

“I-I—” he froze, hands now on her waist.

Just before Annabeth could kiss his lips, Percy flipped them around so they were hiding behind a pillar. Startled out of her trance, Annabeth steps away from him with a soft growl. “What was that for? I was clearly about to—“

His lips find hers and they kiss for a minute or so, right before the hallways started emptying and everyone rushed to their next classes. “There was a Prefect,” he grinned, wiping an arm across his sleeve. “Anyways, I was gonna tell you I changed my mind.”

Her eyes widen in surprise. “Really? You’ll let me do it?”

“Yeah,” he nodded, twisting to get the books. “I think that if anyone could make it to the end of the Triwizard Tournament, it’d be you. You’re brilliant—smart, fast, clever—“

Annabeth couldn’t help but kiss her boyfriend one last time.

“You’re the absolute best,” she breathed, holding his face in her hands: Quite difficult with a set of books in between them, but manageable. She looked at him gleefully and grabbed his arm, leading them off to the dungeons. Percy was grinning widely behind her, extremely happy to have settled this dispute. 

“Now I’ll show that Cedric Diggory…”