percy is not amused

So something about the Percy Jackson AU

Coran is a minor god (probably works for Mr D) and it’s like the worst kept secret at camp.  most of the campers are aware and they just accept it as a part of camp life

Naturally Lance does not figure this out

At some point Hades, Lance’s real father, and Poseidon, whose practically adopted Lance, are fighting over who gets to walk Lance down the isle on his wedding day.  This is pretty much the first fight they’d had since Lance started leaving Poseidon offerings and all the gods are finding it too amusing to step in (Lance is modified)

And then Coran’s like ‘i can fix this, I’LL walk lance down the isle!’

And Hades turns and glares at him and annouces that no minor god is going to walk his son down the isle

Cue Lance freaking out because CORAN IS A MINOR GOD and everyone else is like ‘duh man’

  • Annabeth: Piper
  • Piper: Jason
  • Jason: Frank
  • Frank: Hazel
  • Hazel: Percy
  • Percy: Annabeth
  • Leo: Leo
  • Annabeth: Okay, you just said your own name.
  • Leo: It was the only one left!

Despite all the talk about how powerful Scanlan is and how he could probably curb stomp any other member of VM, it never really clicked how badly that could go until last night.

This isn’t, to be fair, the first time Scanlan has used his ridiculously high charisma for questionable purposes. I remember being furious when he pulled the modify memory on Percy (and so excited when Kima saved against it later on). But up until now he’s used his power for good, or at least for (mostly) harmless amusement. Casting Friends on Percy to destroy the Pepperbox probably saved his soul (I don’t want to assume but I think “the cold nugget in your chest disappears” is probably a good sign); the talk with Craven Edge (and subsequent lying) was intended to discover what was up with Grog, even if the situation escalated before anything was done. 

Modifying Jarett’s memory, on the other hand, was neither amusing nor harmless.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on why exactly it bothers me so much. It’s not that I don’t think it makes for a good story. On the contrary, I trust Sam more than is probably healthy, because he plays the long game like nobody else (except Matt). Diving into the serious side of Scanlan’s character is everything I wanted and more. I can’t wait to see where this goes, and what Kaylie has to say, and what Pike has to say, and what the rest of Vox Machina has to say. But also, given Scanlan’s ridiculously high charisma stat, it’s essentially going to require him to come clean of his own volition to get there. That’s my hangup, I think.

Listen. Drugs are dangerous. We know that. (Part of my anxiety 100% comes from this character having a prominent position in this genre of media and going headfirst down a self-destructive path without even stopping to consider the consequences, but that’s a standard problem of media that requires one to trust the audience, which I do. But, still. The team mom in me worries. Don’t do drugs, kids.) 

We also know Scanlan has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s putting Jarett in harm’s way. That doesn’t sit well with me either, but it’s a great marker of how affected Scanlan is by… whatever’s affecting him (death, I would imagine, but I don’t want to put words in his mouth). I’d go so far as to say this could herald an alignment shift, but it’s only been one episode so calling that now seems a little excessive (though I don’t think I’d categorize this as chaotic good behavior).

But by far, the most unsettling thing was watching everyone else realize oh, shit, this is a Real Thing, because until Scanlan wants to deal with it, it won’t be––it’ll take some lucky rolls for anyone to beat his deception (that chance-based narrative, y’all, I love it). This story about a found family has rested, for as long as we’ve been watching, on a foundation of trust––bad things happen to the characters but they talk to each other about it; even Grog with Craven Edge sought out council. Scanlan trying to deal with this on his own has me immensely worried, because it’s dangerous, and isolating, and plays against the standard MO of Vox Machina.

Which, of course, makes for great storytelling and I’m happily along for the ride. But I’m also more unsettled by this than anything else happening in-game right now because of this alteration to the standard (i.e. open and even confrontational) inter-party dynamics. I guess that’s what really bothers me: that VM doesn’t know what’s happening. I’m afraid it’s going to take something going very wrong for anyone to be able to get past Scanlan’s defenses, and I hate seeing them hurt. I trust Sam and Matt to tell this story, and I’m wholly invested (if this wall of text didn’t make that clear), but man. I’m worried about Scanlan Shorthalt.


today’s warm ups got really elaborate and i accidentally camp swap!au’d?? anyway, here we have: greek!jason and annabeth before the titan war, and roman!piper/percy before they got made praetors. 

ok but one thing i really appreciated about vex and percy’s first night together is that it brought back the fun and flirty side of their relationship that’s unfortunately had to take a lil bit of a back seat since percy’s death

(although i totally 100% understand why the more Serious Romantic side of their relationship has had the spotlight recently and i LOVE that side of their relationship like i love everything about them. i mean, we got a little bit of it in the fire plane when vex slapped his ass in the jewelry shop and joked about how percy was drooling over the workshop but even then it was only a brief 20 second exchange, if that)

like it reminded me of a lot of classic perc’ahlia moments from before the confirmation?? with vex teasing percy and percy being a little bit flabbergasted but also amused and flattered and into it.

like idk you guys i love their serious side so much but the fact that they basically said “this could be our last night alive and we want to spend it with the person we’re in love with so let’s leave all of our problems outside of this room and forget about the dragons and just have some fun together” is wonderful to me?

Impulse Decision

I can easily imagine Percy walking past a tattoo parlour and thinking “I’d look good with some ink”.

Then he gets back home and tells Annabeth all excited and she’s like


Then he takes off his shirt and covering his right shoulder and pectoral is a Greek tribal tattoo in blue ink.

Percy is all worried and asks “does it really look that bad?”

And Annabeth is all dried mouth and just says “take off the rest of your clothes”.

some time later…
Diffusing a Tense Situation

“You are never going to believe what just happened out in the courtyard.”

“I heard shouting, and then there was quite. I’m not even going to start guessing.”

“Well, Elijah from Ravenclaw pissed of Antonio in Gryffindor earlier today. Well they spotted each other again just now and it got tense. They came running up at each other calling the other out. ‘Antonio!’ 'Elijah!’ They almost got into a fight.”

“Well I think I would have heard that. What happened to stop them?”

“Well… one of our fellow Hufflepuffs thought an attempt at shock humor would diffuse the whole thing.”

“Oh no…”

“Yeah… he just jumped in between them when they almost reached each other and yelled, 'and Percy!’ Everyone was either shocked or amused. Either it worked like he thought, they felt too awkward after that to continue, or they really took pity on him, cause they left on decent terms for now.”

“Whelp… when all else fails, Hufflepuffs aren’t afraid to humiliate ourselves or put ourselves into awkward situations to diffuse situations.”

“Speak for yourself.”


At one point or another, Leo Valdez totally calls the other 6 of prophecy by their names in spanish, something like: 

Perseo Jackson, tú eres hijo de Jack
Anna Beatriz, we must perseguir that monsters”
“Here comes Jason, our Gracia Salvadora
Hazel, your eyes remind me the Avellanas
‘Frank Zhang, I have to be totally Franco with you’’
Piper, you are a Gaitera, you could play something with your Gaita for us?

[Nico and Will are sitting together in the Dining Pavilion. The other campers are making a point of keeping their distance, furtively eyeing Nico. Will is glaring at them and Nico is ignoring them in favor of his food]

Lou Ellen(Walking over and sitting down next to Will): Hey Will, how’s your Ancient Greek?

Nico(Deadpan):….What are you doing?

Lou Ellen(Biting into an apple): It’s called sitting.

Nico: No one sits here but me.

Lou Ellen(Unimpressed): Mm hmm. Will, can you take a look at this? I know Chiron says our brains are hard-wired for Greek, but reading’s still hard for me and Lacy keeps passing me notes.

Leo(Appearing from nowhere to sit beside Nico): Hey! Eating at Nico’s table? I feel extremely dangerous.

Nico(Alarmed at his sudden popularity): Whoa. Whoa.

[Percy walks by, then stops to look at the group]

Percy(Amused): Is Nico bothering you guys?

Nico(Indignant): Try the other way around!

What the seven + Reyna and Nico are doing at an amusement park
  • Percy: on the water rides and spraying Leo and Jason when they're at the drinking fountain
  • Annabeth: planning a route for the park and keeping track of waiting times
  • Piper: Charmspeaking the attendant into letting them to the front of all the rides
  • Jason: on all the free fall drop rides. And eating lots o pizza with Percy. Also cotton candy, popcorn, churros, and frozen lemonade
  • Hazel: wears heeled combat boots so she can pass the height limit, and sits in the front of everything
  • Frank: has been holding in his vomit for three rides even though everyone insists " the teacup rides don't do anything to them"
  • Leo: makes a bet that he won't puke after riding the teacups, "the rinse cycle" and the "twist-o-tron". He loses. He is also the one person who ends up having to ride by himself
  • Nico: in the year-round haunted house, screams on drops to everyone's surprise.
  • Reyna: providing puke bags and winning all the carnival games

“How dare you draw me like that”

“I am Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano, daughter of Bellona, the great goddess of war, Praetor of the Twelfth Legion of New Rome and Horse Friend. And you drew me. In a freaking short pajama.”

“A. Freaking. Pajama.”

HAHAHA Reyna in my pajamas for a meme thing XD

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