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[Apollo is babysitting Sally’s new baby while Percy goes to work. Percy, who has some serious concerns about this but literally no one else to turn to, is briefing Apollo before heading out]

Percy(Hovering in the doorway): Okay, don’t forget, diaper bag’s over there, snacks are over there, emergency numbers are on the fridge-

[His face darkens as he grabs the front of Apollo’s shirt. Apollo, holding the baby, gives a small squeak of alarm]

Percy(Eyes narrowed): …And if anything bad happens to my sister, you’d better pray whatever godly magic you have left can bring prople back from the dead, because I willdestroy you.

[He releases him and stalks out. Apollo gives a sigh of relief, then follows to the door, waving the baby’s hand in farewell]

Apollo(Voice an octave higher than usual): Have fun at work!

u ever think about what it would’ve been like if piper had been a side character in the first pjo series and then the story just continued on with her as a main character, bc i think about this a lot. like, she gets introduced in the second book and has this adorable sibling-y relationship with percy and we got to see her interact w/ silena (?and drew? maybe then we’d get to see the change in their relationship after silena dies?) and also nico. she’s not a year-round camper and when she’s there she talks about this mysterious friend leo who everyone gets to meet in the HoO series. like. 

imagine the implications that would have on the next series, too. 

percy goes missing and she’s just as frantic but supporting annabeth as best as she can. annabeth knowing instantly that something is up because piper has never mentioned a boyfriend to her, much less one like jason. everyone meeting leo and realizing “yep of course these two troublemakers are friends, it’s nice to meet you FINALLY”. piper being very outspoken about nico’s disappearance too? because she’s known him for ages too and cmon, she understands what losing an older sibling does and she’s worried for him (then meeting hazel and instantly taking her under her wing. also hearing about percy/hazel/frank’s adventures and being so exCITED to meet these new guys because friendship has always been her thing). piper/reyna not ??? having any weird jealousy issues over jason whatsoever but maybe a little friendly rivalry when it comes to annabeth (lbr here). i could go on and on but pls. consider

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Do you know any other 1d blogs that are Shadowhunters fans? I want to try to get more mutuals that won't unfollow when I post Shadowhunters :(

tbh i can’t think of any off the top of my head besides my parabrotais @polyamorousbros and @tummyhaz. LIKE THIS IF YOU POST 1D AND SHADOWHUNTERS!!!

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Hi! Please help me with the PJO/HOO timeline, I've been an avid fan for five years and I still don't understand. I've tried looking it up but everything is different on different websites and I get so confused. So the Titan War ends between Percy's 9th and 10th grade year, right? And then Percy goes missing the following December (10th grade), 3 days before Jason wakes up on a school bus. So in ToA, how is Percy a senior? Where did his 11th grade go? And what was Jason doing between when he...

(sorry continuing)…What was Jason doing between when he disappeared in October and when he woke up without his memories in December? And then in the Demigod Diaries, Leo says he was working on the Argo II for two months, but how is that possible if TLH revolved around the winter solstice and the Demigod Diaries took place on Christmas? Maybe I just need to read the books again but I’ve read them a million times and I’m still lost. If you have answers thank you! If not thanks for a great blog<3 

My friend, the answer to this is simple, Rick sucks with continuity. There are tons of times when Rick clearly messes something up and just glosses over it because he hadn’t worked out the details/didn’t bother to double check them. You really, really can’t look into the story too deeply because it just ends up like this, confusing and nonsensical and fucked up. 

I wish I could explain it all and have it make sense but you can’t. The pieces don’t fit together because the writing is shoddy at times and that’s something we just have to live with.

I’m sorry friend, but this is one of the curse of the fandom
In These Cold Times - pagerunner - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
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The night after their return from Draconia, Percy goes seeking a place to sort out his thoughts – and finds a friend instead. Spoilers through episode 64. (I mean it.)

(Otherwise known as today’s entry in Fics I Didn’t Expect to Write. But these things happen. ;)

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gwen hi hello!!!! congrats on the milestone and thanks for offering blog rates!! um let's see.. a percabeth hc... annabeth goes to all of percy's swim meets and percy goes to all of annabeth's debates, and they're just so supportive of each other generally and it's beautiful

omg thank you!!! such a big complement coming from you!!

I’ve never thought about annabeth being on the debate team but she’d d e s t r o y her opponent! domestic percabeth is my absolute weakness and i love this! 

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