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tiny angel cake for a tiny angelcake

Posting now because Nico’s birthday is in a few days and mine was yesterday so yeah 
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kk so when annabeth & tyson bake percy that cupcake for his 16th bday percy’s inner monologue says that he makes a wish before he blows out the candle but he doesn’t say what the wish is………………could he have wished for annababe to kiss him?????? but he didn’t say bc wHEN YoU sPEAK YOUR WISH ALOUD IT DOESN’t coME TRUE???? and then it DOES!!¡¡!¡
food for thought

Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly.

For the beautiful @lrosely, whose birthday was two days ago. Life went crazy and I couldn’t finish it on time but now it’s complete and I hope you liked. This story was inspired by the magical cupcake store you introduced me to in Chicago. Happy Birthday Lily! Welcome to the twenties ❤ 

“This is where the magic happens!” Percy said opening the glass door and Annabeth couldn’t help but snort.

“You do need magic to bake!”.

“No, that’s you.” Percy laughed and Annabeth stuck her tongue out at him. Percy left the keys on a table and started walking around while turning machines and lights on, Annabeth looked around the little shop. He had taken her to the cupcake shop.

Bleu Lavande’ was a small, french inspired, cupcake shop owned by Percy’s mom and grandmother. The little shop was a mix of 50’s style and pastel colors. It was a small place, with a few, pastel colored, tables and booths in front of the huge counters that showed the delicious pastries. With the light blue walls and the large windows, the place felt warm and happy, but most of everything, it felt magical. Annabeth had no trouble picturing Percy growing up in this place, the shop gave her the same warm, happy, feeling she got every time she leaned into Percy, while drinking a butterbeer, and enjoying the snowy view of Hogwarts. With only a single mother and his grandmother as family, he had spent most of his free time in this little shop, learning how to create beautiful and delicious pastries, from the perfect cupcake to the most beautiful macaron. He had told her this was the place where he had opened his Hogwarts letter, how it just had been perfect to learn magic was real in the one place he could feel it the most.

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skateboards and snapbacks part three

Percabeth AU with Skater!Percy because they’ve taken over my life

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She had her cupcake poised at her lips when he made her laugh so hard that she blew a cloud of icing sugar off the top. Her other hand immediately flew to cover her mouth, hiding her grin.

“Sorry,” she said with some difficulty, forcing the word out around a bite of cupcake and a looming fit of giggles.

Percy dusted the icing sugar off his nose and leant back, grinning that lopsided grin that Annabeth was fast growing to love. “I buy you a cupcake and that’s how you repay me? By spitting icing sugar on me?”

“Ew, I didn’t spit it on you,” she argued, finishing her mouthful and lowering her hand. “You made me laugh, and that’s what you get for sitting so close anyway.”

He shrugged one shoulder and his grin slipped into a smirk. She couldn’t decide which expression she liked best, but she did know that she kind of missed the way he’d been leaning over the table, face hovering right in front of hers. He was slouched back in his seat opposite her now, one arm resting on the back of the chair beside him. His foot knocked hers under the table.

“I wanted to have a good view for when you tried the best cupcakes on campus,” he said.

Annabeth glanced down at the blue cupcake and then back up to his eyes. She nodded. “It’s pretty good, I’ll admit -”

“It’s the blue,” Percy said adamantly. “Everything tastes better blue.”

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September book photo challenge - 6 Favorite series

Are you kidding?! I can’t pick just one…!

(Missing Cinder, Throne of Glass, and City of Bones because they have been lent to friends. I only own one of the Percy Jackson books..)

anonymous asked:

can preeeetty please do a chef! Percy??

  • His mom is an excellent cook, and her job at Sweet on America instills Percy with an extreme sweet tooth from a young age
  • Her blue cookies are the only thing guaranteed to cheer him up on bad days
  • Sally teaches Percy how to bake: he sits on the counter and pours in the flour while she cracks the eggs and shows him how to measure ingredients
  • As he gets older and his responsibilities at home increase he starts to cook dinner
  • At first its the staples: pasta, chicken, steamed vegetables, nothing too exciting
  • But then he starts taking Home Economics at school and he quickly branches out
  • Cooking is great for clearing his head. It makes Percy feel useful and helpful and maybe even a little bit talented?
  • He continues with it throughout high school and gets good enough to get into culinary school
  • He works at Sweet on America to help his mom out, even though he’s on a scholarship
  • A girl with blonde curls stops by most days to buy a vanilla cupcake and bag of candy
  • It takes two weeks of flirty smiles before Percy asks her out
  • Her name’s Annabeth and when he cooks her dinner she calls him delicious 
  • She meant the food, of course, it was a Freudian slip… but she stands by her words later that night, as her lips brush against his
  • She swears she only stays with him for the cupcakes, but Percy knows better
  • He graduates with top grades
  • Good enough to train under some of the best chefs in the world
  • Good enough to open his own restaurant, in a building Annabeth renovated especially for him
  • The food is amazing and everyone raves about the menu
  • But it’s the blue desserts that really make Percy famous
  • Sally still helps him bake them sometimes, though he can crack his own eggs now

May Book Photo Challenge

Day 4 ● Favorite Series

My favorite series from elementary school (Harry Potter), middle school (Percy Jackson and The Sisters Grimm), and high school/college (The Lunar Chronicles and The Mortal Instruments)!

“remember when we were in high school and we swore that if we were still single at 30 we’d marry each other, well hey guess whose birthday it is”

Annabeth all but dumps the plate with the blue cup cake on Percy’s desk and smiles brightly at him. “Happy Birthday.”

“Hey,” Percy says, grinning and pushing his chair back. 

He walks around the desk and hugs Annabeth so tight he lifts her off the floor a little and Annabeth is smiling big at him when he finally lets go.

“As per tradition,” she says, “One blue cupcake. Am I interrupting?”

“Nah,” Percy says, “I have a couple of home visits to pay later in the afternoon but right now I am free as a bird. You didn’t have to come by, you know, I figured I’d see you later at the surprise party I’m not supposed to know about.”

Annabeth sighs. “This is the last time I let Jason plan anything.”

Percy laughs and sits down on his desk, patting the surface in encouragement for Annabeth to join him and reaches behind him for the cupcake. He notices for the first time, the 3 and 0 candles she stuck inside it. 

“The big 3-0,” she jokes, “Welcome, Percy, you’ve finally made it.”

He laughs. “I’m finally a real adult now, huh?”

“You? Never,” she says, her voice nothing but fond.

“Do you remember the first time you made me a blue cupcake for my birthday?”

She nods. “You were turning sixteen and I was trying to get an A in Home Ec. I figured, you know, two birds and one stone.”

“Which is exactly what any best friend wants to hear,” Percy says, taking a bite out of his cupcake. 

“Oh, shut up,” she says, smirking, “I kept making them every year, didn’t I?”

“You did,” Percy allows. “Would you also happen to remember what else was special about my 16th?”

“You got your license and almost immediately crashed Paul’s Prius?"  

Percy makes a noise like a buzzer. "Wrong answer, please try again.”

“You had just gotten dumped by Rachel Elizabeth Dare?”

“Okay, you've officially lost,” Percy says, “We made a pact, remember?”

“A pact?”

“Yeah. I was miserable because, as you remind me, Rachel had just dumped me. And Luke had broken your heart for like the tenth time in a row. So we both agreed that love was meaningless and stupid and that if we were both still single when we were thirty-”

“-we’d marry each other,” Annabeth finishes for him, “Yeah, I remember.”

“Well,” Percy says, “Here we are: Thirty, flirty and thriving. And single.”

She stares at him long enough for Percy to finish his cupcake in two bites and then throw the wrapper in the trash. When he comes back to the desk, she still looks shell shocked.

“Was that…did you just propose to me?”

“Well,” Percy says easily enough, “I figured we could go on a date first and see how that works out.”

“Percy,” Annabeth says and she looks really taken aback which must be a record because Annabeth never looks taken aback.

Annabeth looks like Percy has just rocked her entire world which he probably has but she also doesn’t look like she’s entirely against the idea so it gives him hope.

“I’m pretty sure I was in love with you when I made that pact,” Percy says as matter of fact as he’s ever been, “I just didn’t realize it yet.”

Annabeth huffs out a laugh and slips off the desk so that they’re toe-to-toe. “And it’s taken you 14 years to tell me?”

“Well, we had a pact,” Percy says, “I didn’t want to disrupt the plan.”

“You are such a-” she stops like she can’t figure out what exactly he is and then she surprises him by suddenly throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him.

It’s not the first time they’ve kissed. The first time was during a truth or dare game at the summer camp they met at back when they were 12. The second time was a drunken make out session that never lead to anything aside from a week of avoidance and a longer period of denial. 

It’s the first time they’ve ever kissed with a purpose though. The first time Percy thinks it’s actually going to mean something. The first time Annabeth pulls away and looks at him like he’s the rest of her life. 

“I love you too,” she says softly. 

Percy smiles. “So, what kind of wedding do we want?"