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tiny angel cake for a tiny angelcake

Posting now because Nico’s birthday is in a few days and mine was yesterday so yeah 
p.s. thank you for all the nice birthday wishes!! They were super sweet and I love you all so much

I have this Solangelo headcanon that they got together in the fall/early winter just before the Hidden Oracle. It’s entirely possible that I stole this from someone, and if I did without realizing, hit me up, p l e a s e.

Nico got really sick with whatever flu was going around (when there’s hundreds of teenagers breathing down each other’s necks, people are bound to get sick). Nico, being Nico, would have tried to fight through whatever it was and still attend all the meals and classes, but at some point would stumble off to puke somewhere.

Will, of course, would see and follow, and he’d super gently put a hand on Nico’s back (prettu much their first non-medical contact) and for once Nico wouldn’t shy away from the touch. When Will finally got him to the infirmary,  Nico would let him take his temperature by putting a hand on his forehead and cheeks, instead of demanding a thermometer be used instead. 

Everyone assumes that he’s only letting Will touch him like that because he’s delirious from the fever - and that’s undeniably part of it, but they’d been getting closer and Will was really making him feel better. That night, delirious from a fever they’re fighting to bring down, and exhausted from puking up everything he had consumed, and a great deal of stomach acid, Nico whispers to Will in a hoarse voice that he likes him. 

Will.exe has stopped working.

Cupcake Wars


“No fair, you cheated!” Nico shouted at Will, who was leaning on the counter. He gasped.

“I did nothing of the sort!”

“Now you’re going to tell me that Apollo is the god of baking and just a natural talent. You cheated! 110% those are store bought.” Nico said pointed to the tray of cupcakes in front of Will. Nico’s had come out looking like burnt muffins.

“It was talent, Nico. My mother and I used to bake back in the days.” Will explained.

“This is unfair.” You might have been wondering why Nico cared so much about cupcakes. Well the answer was simple. Nico and Will’s niece, Francesca Zhang was turning eight today, and Will and Nico decided to see who the best uncle was. They would both make cupcakes, separately. Nico baked at their house, and Will went over to Lou Ellen’s place (she out of town). Nico was going to lose this contest, and the love of his niece. Will’s were vanilla cupcakes dyed pink, and purple marble. The frosting was pink flavoured strawberry, and they were dipped in edible glitter. Nico’s were burnt chocolate, with very toothachey sweet frosting.

“I hate you.” Nico groaned, as Will wrapped his arms around his waist.

 “Come on, Mr. Solace.” Will cooed. “She’ll love yours.” Nico pouted.

“We’ll see, about that Mr. Solace.” Nico said wiggling out of Will’s hugg. “We’ll see.”


“Happy birthday, Frenchie!” Will said hugging the little girl, who was dressed in a skirt and t-shirt with a Panda on it. She had a necklace with a piece of quartz that he and Will had gotten her for Christmas last year. It was Nico’s turn.

“Happy birthday, Bella!” she hugged him tightly, and Nico could see Will in his peripheral vision dying of cuteness. Will and Nico always wanted kids, and they’d finally found a little girl to adopt. They were still working everything out, but at this time next year they would have a little girl to play with Frenchie. They said hi to Hazel and Frank, and the rest of the seven, and all their little children. The eldest kids at the party was twelve year old Christina (Tina) Jackson, and her twin brother Christian (Chris) Jackson.

“It’s time to pick the best cupcakes!” Will shouted after the party was over and everyone had left, except the Solace’s. Frenchie was sitting with a sugar high.

“I pick…” the little girl sat in deliberation, while Hazel sat snickering on the sofa next to her. “Zio Nico.”

“What!?” was shouted by everyone in the room, except Will. He just laughed, and kissed the side of Nico’s head.

“See. I told you she would like your’s more.” Nico squinted at Will.

“What did you do?” 

“Whatever do you mean?”

“Frenchie?” the little girl looked up from the new book Annabeth gave her. “Si, Zio” of course Nico was teaching her Italian.

“Did Zio Will promise you something if you chose me?” he asked the little girl, without looking away from Will.


“See!” Will shouted, smiling.

“He gave me $20 to.” She said. “Mommy, I’m going to go play with the toy Uncle Leo gave me.” with that the intelligent little girl left for upstairs. Hazel had a hand over her mouth, to hide her laughter. Frank just sat with his lips pressed together to stop laughing. Will looked guilty, and Nico looked smug.

“You bribed her?”

“I didn’t want you to feel bad. I know you tried your best, and you love her to the moon and back.” Will rambled. 

“Ugh, you’re lucky you’re cute, or I would toss you to the curb.”

“Nah you love me.”

“That I do. That I sadly do.”



blue funfetti cupcakes with blue food-coloring whirlpools, blue frosting, blue sprinkles and little toothpick Riptides and white icing tridents (which were an utter catastrophe to draw on).

the rejects were enjoyed with a blue glass of blue milk.

this is what happens when i get a whim at like quarter to midnight.

“A cupcake?”
“Not just a ‘cupcake’. It a BLUE cupcake! Percy’s favorite!”
“So this is what we will give him for his birthday? A cupcake?”
“It will remind him of his mom, and his sixties birthday, the day we got together.”
“Seems cool to me! Let’s go!”

Percy’s birthday is today (August 18th) and the demigods wanted to surprise him.

The moment before that give him the cupcake.

(Happy birthday baby!!💙)

Photo: Annabeth

kk so when annabeth & tyson bake percy that cupcake for his 16th bday percy’s inner monologue says that he makes a wish before he blows out the candle but he doesn’t say what the wish is………………could he have wished for annababe to kiss him?????? but he didn’t say bc wHEN YoU sPEAK YOUR WISH ALOUD IT DOESN’t coME TRUE???? and then it DOES!!¡¡!¡
food for thought

Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly.

For the beautiful @lrosely, whose birthday was two days ago. Life went crazy and I couldn’t finish it on time but now it’s complete and I hope you liked. This story was inspired by the magical cupcake store you introduced me to in Chicago. Happy Birthday Lily! Welcome to the twenties ❤ 

“This is where the magic happens!” Percy said opening the glass door and Annabeth couldn’t help but snort.

“You do need magic to bake!”.

“No, that’s you.” Percy laughed and Annabeth stuck her tongue out at him. Percy left the keys on a table and started walking around while turning machines and lights on, Annabeth looked around the little shop. He had taken her to the cupcake shop.

Bleu Lavande’ was a small, french inspired, cupcake shop owned by Percy’s mom and grandmother. The little shop was a mix of 50’s style and pastel colors. It was a small place, with a few, pastel colored, tables and booths in front of the huge counters that showed the delicious pastries. With the light blue walls and the large windows, the place felt warm and happy, but most of everything, it felt magical. Annabeth had no trouble picturing Percy growing up in this place, the shop gave her the same warm, happy, feeling she got every time she leaned into Percy, while drinking a butterbeer, and enjoying the snowy view of Hogwarts. With only a single mother and his grandmother as family, he had spent most of his free time in this little shop, learning how to create beautiful and delicious pastries, from the perfect cupcake to the most beautiful macaron. He had told her this was the place where he had opened his Hogwarts letter, how it just had been perfect to learn magic was real in the one place he could feel it the most.

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Ok but Annabeth and Tyson bakes Percy a cupcake (it always looks like a big chocolate brick with extra blue cement) every year for his birthday. Annabeth brings it the the Poseidon table and Percabeth shares it

They usually sit there for a long time before some camper notices them (it’s usually Clarisse or the Stolls) and get more campers to help them throw them in the lake

skateboards and snapbacks part three

Percabeth AU with Skater!Percy because they’ve taken over my life

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She had her cupcake poised at her lips when he made her laugh so hard that she blew a cloud of icing sugar off the top. Her other hand immediately flew to cover her mouth, hiding her grin.

“Sorry,” she said with some difficulty, forcing the word out around a bite of cupcake and a looming fit of giggles.

Percy dusted the icing sugar off his nose and leant back, grinning that lopsided grin that Annabeth was fast growing to love. “I buy you a cupcake and that’s how you repay me? By spitting icing sugar on me?”

“Ew, I didn’t spit it on you,” she argued, finishing her mouthful and lowering her hand. “You made me laugh, and that’s what you get for sitting so close anyway.”

He shrugged one shoulder and his grin slipped into a smirk. She couldn’t decide which expression she liked best, but she did know that she kind of missed the way he’d been leaning over the table, face hovering right in front of hers. He was slouched back in his seat opposite her now, one arm resting on the back of the chair beside him. His foot knocked hers under the table.

“I wanted to have a good view for when you tried the best cupcakes on campus,” he said.

Annabeth glanced down at the blue cupcake and then back up to his eyes. She nodded. “It’s pretty good, I’ll admit -”

“It’s the blue,” Percy said adamantly. “Everything tastes better blue.”

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May Book Photo Challenge

Day 4 ● Favorite Series

My favorite series from elementary school (Harry Potter), middle school (Percy Jackson and The Sisters Grimm), and high school/college (The Lunar Chronicles and The Mortal Instruments)!