percy and poseidon

“I figure the universe is basically like a machine. I don’t know who made it but it chugs along the way its suppose to most of the time. Sure little pieces break and stuff goes haywire once in a while, but, mostly things happen for a reason.”


Hades requested to judge Percy and Annabeth personally after they died Poseidon and Athena were worried at first, but between Aphrodite’s knowing smile and Persephone reassurances that she would not allow her husband to do anything terrible they agreed, as it turned out the reason why Hades wanted to judge them himself was because he felt that they did so much for the gods that they pretty much lived 3 heroes lives and allowed them into the isles of bless without live three times

‘Annabeth smiled. “I don’t know the ocean very well, but my boyfriend does. I think it’s time you met Percy.”’

If those aren’t some of the most exciting words in Uncle Rick’s books…

Some shit’s gonna go down, but Mango Cheese and Persassy get to meet.
Hella exciting.

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Can we just talk about when Percy was on Circe's island in sea of monsters she lead him into having a poor body image. Imagine how scaring it would be like the constant whisper in your ear that you will never be good enough. People look at him turning into a guinea pig as a joke, but see it as mentally traumatizing. You feel?

Look what you made me do! HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW!

Percy: *showing off with sword fighting skills*
Annabeth: nice try Percy, but can you do this?
Annabeth: *puts on cap and disappears*
Percy: nice try Ann, but can you do THIS?
Percy: *disappears for 8 months*

ok but imagine Sally Jackson shopping in the toddler section looking for clothes to buy for her little boy and then coming across shirts with prints of the sea and fishes and instantly getting reminded of one of the best summers of her life with a man who ended up leaving her defenceless and pregnant with a powerful demigod fated to either destroy or save the world