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solangelo rain au prompt 5? i think this is how you do this? not quite sure, never done this before. anyway, i'm in love with your writing. ugh i'm just gonna stop typing and send this in. why am i so awkward? i'm cringing ;-;

Rain AU #5 Solangelo: “kISSING?? IN THE RAIN??? siGn Me tHe FUCK UP”

{Hey anon, I’m super glad you enjoy my writing! Don’t worry about being awkward, I’m the definition of awkward. Also ironically enough, it was raining when I wrote this. Well, storming would be a more accurate description, but regardless, there was water falling from the sky. Also, this one is kind of short because the prompt is kind of short, sorry about that. I hope you guys like it!}

The rain pounded down on the roof and Nico sighed for probably the millionth time that day. He could tell that he was starting to annoy everyone in the room, but he didn’t really care. Being trapped in a room with a bunch of teenagers was one thing, but add the fact that they all had some degree of ADHD and you will find yourself in literal hell. Well, Nico wasn’t really trapped in Cabin Three, seeing as he could walk out of the door, but he knew he’d never make it. Percy had insisted last month that on the next scheduled rain day all of his friends would come to his cabin and hang out. Unfortunately for Nico, the son of Poseidon had included the Italian as one of the people he wanted to be there. So, here Nico was, sitting on the floor of Cabin Three playing stupid games with Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Leo, Frank, and Hazel.

If the raven haired boy was strong enough, he would have shadow traveled to his own cabin hours ago, but as it stood, he was under strict orders not to use any Underworld related powers. Leo snapped his fingers in front of Nico’s face which caused him to jump a little bit. “What do you want, Leo?” the Italian sighed as he turned to look at the curly haired brunet. “It’s your turn to play.” The boy gave him an impish smile causing the Italian to turn his attention back to the card game they were playing. Please release me of this torture. Nico rolled his eyes and played a random card from his hand. He just wanted to go back to his cabin and snuggle up with a warm blanket. Or Will… The raven haired boy shook his head of those thoughts. Yes he liked Will, but Will was his friend and Nico didn’t want to ruin that friendship. So, the son of Hades would probably never tell the son of Apollo how he really felt, but that was okay as long as they stayed friends.

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While I’m editing the pics I’m going to post some of them from time to time for you guys! I think the whole photosession is going to be in sunsetish-sepia colors, I hope you like that >_< Have fun with this little ‘JUST KISS ALREADY’ Photo :D