percy 3d

Wolf glare

No one at Camp Half Blood teases Nico and Will about their very obvious crush on each other. Not because they don’t want to, cause they do (the Stolls want to do it so bad it physically hurts), but because Hazel went camper by camper explaining the many accidents that could happen to them if they did.

If her big brother wants to take baby steps with her future brother in law then he can take as many baby steps as he needs, and she’s going to make sure no graecus is going to get in their way.

Blood should be thicker

The Stoll brothers aren’t actually brothers, but cousins. Their mothers were sisters who both caught Hermes’ eye at one point, and one of them, out of jealousy and anger towards the other, killed her for having stolen her lover. Hermes picked the boys up and left them at camp half blood before they were separated and lost to social services. 

Their father told them they were brothers and sent them on their way. And as they climbed that hill hand in hand they decided they would not just be brothers, they would act like them as well. Through thick and thin and times to come they would have each other’s backs. 

(They were not their mothers)


Piper decides to act the moment she sees Nico with a turtleneck sweater on in the middle of June. The son of Hades is easy to kidnap when all he seems to concentrate on is keeping his neck hidden. She still doesn’t know how she manhandled him out of the sweater (although him weighing a hundred pounds soaking wet might have something to do with it) but even with Nico’s unmanly squawk and his attempt to cover the hickeys on his neck she sees enough. Piper rolls her eyes before reaching for a tube from her nightstand.

“Well, Will sure did a number on you. What was he trying to do, suck you dry like a vamp?” She teases while applying the concealer over the bruises. She knows she’s being a bit rough with the kid, but better that than him dying of heatstroke. “Now now, stop that blushing. Remember that the make-up doesn’t go tomato red like you do!”


Frank doesn’t know if he should be grateful that Hazel likes to ocasionally kidnap Reyna for some sisterly bonding time on the town together, because that means he can relax a bit and take it easy, or if he should be worried because he just unleashed Hazel and Reyna on the town and what if something happens to them and they get attacked OH GODS THERE’S NOT GOING TO BE A BUILDING LEFT STANDING WHO IS GOING TO SAVE THE TOWN?!?!!?


Jason tried to use contact lenses for a few days, but he gave up after a week. When asked he would say that they irritated his eyes, but the truth was that he had such a bad time putting them in and most importantly taking them out OH GODS PIPER I CAN’T TAKE THEM OUT THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN THERE FOREVER  AND MY EYES ARE GOING TO FALL OUT WHAT DO I DO?!?!

Piper ends up taking pity on him when his eyes are red and swollen from all the pinching that she does it for him with and exaggerated sigh.


No one in New Rome takes Frank seriously as a praetor during the first few weeks; he’s still shy and awkward after his growth spurt, and even though he knows he’s a good fighter after training so much with Jason on the Argo, you are more likely find him in the archery fields than the arena (where Reyna is the undefeated champ). In summary, they don’t consider him a worthy champion of Rome. After how threatening Reyna can be when she wants to, Frank is just a teddy bear with cape.

That all changes after a “friendly” match of ice-hockey (who knew New Rome had an ice rink?). Not only does Frank’s team wipe the floor with Michael Kahale’s, but said captain (who is still a head taller than the praetor and twice as muscular) ends up with a broken nose, three bruised ribs and a gap where his front teeth used to be. When asked about it afterwards Frank just shrugs and says “well, what was he expecting? He pushed our goalie, Bobby almost fell on the ground!”

After that everyone in New Rome consider him (almost) as scary as Reyna and bow whenever in his presence. He finds it ridiculous, but both Hazel and Reyna tell him not to get worked up about it.

(He and Michael end up initiating a fluttering bromance after his ribs heal that only beating your face in over sports can create.)

Valentine's Day

Nico somehow manages to convince everyone to post-pone all their romantic valentine’s day plans in order to throw a party in New Rome. He says that it’s to improve the relationships between camps, but everyone knows it’s in Reyna’s honor, because even though she’s perfectly content on her own Nico knows that deep inside these holiday leave a bitter and lonely feeling behind. (Not that anyone will say that out loud, cause Reyna can still beat them senseless with one arm and finish writing paperwork with the other).

The party is a huge success and no one feels lonely that valentine’s day. Half way through Reyna pulls Nico aside. He’s expecting a thank you but what he gets is a headlock and noogie that leaves his hair like a stymphalian bird’s nest. Her only response is “Next time you want to pull a stunt like this don’t get Frank involved in it, he’s been stressing about me finding out about this all week and you know he’s a horrible liar.”

He takes the scolding with good grace cause she’s smiling, and that’s all that matters.


Piper trusts the oven about  as far as she can throw it, cause for some reason all it knows how to do is burn her vegetables. But she still tries, cause when she manages to save it her veggie lasagna is to die for.

Nevertheless the day that Jason came home to find her sitting on the floor in front of the oven and trying to charmspeak it was the day he decided to take over cooking for good.


When Leo and Calypso finally make it out of Ogygia the first thing he asks Festus to do is to take him to Jason Grace. The dragon lands in front of a house on a hill from which he can see a beautiful view of New Rome, but he barely gives it a second glance. He just wants to see his best friend again after so many weeks.

Jason opens the door, but he doesn’t look the same. His scar is gone, and so are his nerdy glasses. His eyes are a mixture of vibrant colors and his hair is a dark brown, almost black. There’s a toy truck in his hand and something that looks suspicious like a fork up his sleeve, and that’s when it finally registers in Leo’s mind that he’s looking down, not up.

Jason Grace opens the door, but Jason Grace is six years old.

He was named after his great-grandfather, a demigod and a war hero. He got to meet him, a few years ago, before he passed away. Jason talks to the stranger as he waits for his mother, Blanca Grace-Stoll. He talks about his new toy truck that his godmother, Sally Zhang, gave him for his birthday. About his little sister Annie who is always crying, about his uncle William Jackson who can talk to fish and about his dad, Reynold. He unknowingly unravels a interweaving family tree that’s complicated enough without bringing the godly side of things into the mix. Leo wants to laugh, cause apparently his friends all suck at coming up with new names, until the little boy tells him that he’s going to draw a picture cause it’s his grandpa Leonardo’s birthday next week. Then he just wants to cry.

Blanca arrives with baby Annie on her hip. Her eyes are blue but her hair is black and her smile would have stolen the breath from his lungs if he hadn’t already lost it. She is kind and offers to organize a party, to invite everyone her son has been babbling on about for the last half hour and many many more. But Leo just shakes his head. There is just one thing he needs at the moment and that is to know.

Is there anyone left?

Blanca shakes her head, because there is little more that she can do. She tells him that no, there isn’t. He missed Hazel Levesque by a week. Her funeral had been two days ago. 

He leaves after that. Climbs up on Festus with Calypso and is never seen again. And even though he feels empty inside for many years, remembering Jason drawing on that kitchen table as he talks to his mother is enough to know that he made the right call.

Ending the world in fire was the only right choice


During the entire first month after his blessing induced growth-spurt Frank banged his head on the frame of every single door he went through and quite a few lowish hanging branches. The good thing was that the nymphs were too busy laughing to be mad about the broken branches, so that’s a relief.