this makes me want to cry

im going on a hoo rant ok. so first of all: will solace. nobody cared about him until him and nico became canon. he hardly ever appears in the series. dont get me wrong hes a great guy, but he hardly ever appears in the series. why do we see him more than grover? grover is percy’s best friend and ill never forgive rick for not giving him more mention in hoo. hes one of three main characters in an ENTIRE SERIES then what do we hear from him?? he has a gf? apollo is a mortal now and – oh hes busy saving the world with some nature spirits? cool! let’s not mention that AT ALL until its relevant to apollos story! ok moving on…

piper. piper “cares about her dad so much she lies to everyone in her life, even her dream bf, just to save him even though she knows its a trap” mclean. piper “suddenly finds out her whole relationship with jason is a lie and is totally a good sport” mclean. piper “defeats khione, brings jason back to life with charmspeak, is very clever in using her voice” mclean. piper “hates being a daughter of aphrodite and tried to hide how pretty she was but failed” mclean. yet what does the fandom call her? beauty queen!! like she didnt make it clear enough she resents her parentage!! also how underrates can a girl get?? oh wait….

rachel. elizabeth. dare. this girl kisses percy once (and who wouldn’t??) and is suddenly shunned by the fandom despite the great character she is. annabeth makes it clear percy is hers and does she try to steal him? no! she respects thier relationship and backs away. and you know what? she and percy remain friends! also HOW DARE YOU SAY PERACHEL HAS NO CHEMISTRY. they are a great team, great friends, and definitely have chemistry!! you know what? if annabeth was never introduced, you know who i would ship percy with? rachel.

freaking calypso!!! shes stuck on an island for hundreds of years with absolutely no one to talk to except for the occasional hero who she falls in love with and boom, every last one of them leaves. even percy. percy, the sweetheart, the darling, the treasure of the fandom leaves calypso on that lonely island. sure, he makes a promise to come back. does he?? no!! sure, he makes the gods promise to let her off the island. does he make sure they follow through on that promise?? does he even think about her?? does he realize she is in genuine love with him?? does he even consider visiting her??? does he send her one iris message???? no!!! then leo comes. thank the gods for leo. poor calypso, she finally has someone to love who loves her back and comes back for her, which did i mention he risked his life to do so?? oh wait, he DID die!! even if their relationship isnt so great, isnt as healthy as it should be, do they give up on each other?? no!!!

last but not least, reyna. my girl reyna avila ramirez arellano. rara here gets rejected by jason. then percy comes along and turns her down too. not saying these boys did anything wrong, just trying to prove what she went through. she is told no demigod will heal her heart. the fandom tries to find a way around it. thalia?? cuz shes a hunter?? apollo?? hes a god?? maybe in toa – but no. you wanna know what i think? too bad, im saying it anyway. REYNA AVILA RAMIREZ ARELLANO DOES NOT END UP WITH A BF/GF. not everyone in this series needs a significant other!! we should respect what she decides (or rick, whatever) because REYNA DONT NEED NO MAN. or woman. REYNA DOESNT NEED A SO TO COMPLETE HER. she is a queen and history says queens are not only just as good, but BETTER without a husband. you go reyna, im cheering for you!!

thank you for coming to my ted talk. i would add more but my fingers are getting tired of typing. feel free to continue.