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Female trombone/ percussionist who likes an alto sax male

The trombone player was standing in the back with some of the drumline guys that she joined at times, but she kept glancing up at the alto sax player in the front of the band. He was adorable in her eyes, yet he never seemed to notice her. She sighed and walked back up to the trombone section as the drum majors moved to call the band to attention.

The trombone girl failed to notice the sneaky glances that she was getting from the same alto sax boy from farther up in the band. He thought he was the unnoticed one. It was a sad game the two had gotten into, both unaware the other knew they existed, until one day someone said something.

For some reason the two suddenly became the golden couple of the band.

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Could you do two percussionists?

“Drummers for the win!” a random drumline guy shouted in the band room. The few drumline girls just rolled their eyes, but Elaine didn’t do anything. The quirky little drummer like the louder percussionist, named James. The two fit together nicely. Or they would if he would give her the time of day. Elaine laughed to herself as she got ready for rehearsal. She was running slightly behind, or so she though.

“James! What time is it?” She asked when she walked into him, leaving the percussion room.

“3:45, you have plenty of time to get to rehearsal Elaine don’t stress,” he said with a wink and headed into the room to grab the toms. That’s and improvement, Elaine thought as she headed down to the auditorium with her mallets.