History Maker for Percussion Ensemble

From YURI!!! on Ice

Arrangment for Vibraphone, Xylophone, Marimba, Piano, Drumset, Triangle, Tambourine and Cymbal.


Sheet music below the cut.

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Fractalia by Owen Clayton Condon

Preformed by Third Coast Percussion. 

This ensemble is one of my favorite pieces!

Check these guys out! They’re absolutely fantastic percussionist!

okay I am totally nerding out right now but I think percussion is so fucking cool because it’s still such a young family of instruments compared to others. Most of the first percussion ensembles written aren’t even a hundred years old yet. There are major “standard” solos/ensembles that have been written during my lifetime. Is that not the coolest shit. Like, this art form is still evolving, and I am alive to see it happen, not just read about it hundreds of years later in a history textbook. I could potentially SHAPE how music is written for my instrument. Like. It’s blowing my mind.


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So when I had percussion ensemble my freshman year, the entire class was full of dudes who just couldn’t care less about why they were there other than for the credits. Things got progressively worse as the year went on, and the boys got so out of control and cared so little that at one point they just started playing baseball in the band room using a bass drum mallet and bottle caps.

Don’t ever give up on your dream of marching Drum Corps and don’t let anyone tell you you’re incapable of making it. I started as a saxophone player and continued to be a voice major, neither are really found in DCI. As of today I have marched 2 seasons of World Class corps and marched in DCI finals with my dream corps, Phantom Regiment. I told myself I wouldn’t give up until I achieved my dream….you shouldn’t either.

Watching the Rose Parade
  • Dad: look at that marching band! Why aren't you there???
  • Me: it doesn't work like that
  • Dad: but they did it! Why can't you?
  • Me: I... I don't know *sobs*
The Sections as Quotes from my Director

Drum Major: “I bought a new baton and I feel so powerful”

Piccolo/Flute: “But there are more than 3 flats in the key, I can’t play this”

Oboe/Bassoon: “SHUT UP”

Clarinet: “Why are there so many broken reeds on my band hall floor?”

Saxophone: “Once in college I stayed up for like a week straight”

Low Reeds: “If you need to take a break from all these long tones, just drop out. No one will notice.”

Mellophones/French Horns: “I swear I’ve played more up beats than minutes you’ve been alive”

Trumpets: “This is the trio. It’s supposed to be quiet not peeling the paint off the walls! Calm down!”

Baritone: *stops conducting to answer phone* “Hello? No we don’t want any”

Trombone: “If I hear one more B flat thats not in the music the whole section is running a lap”

Sousaphone/Tuba: “There are 5 of you playing and I still can’t hear you over the bass clarinets. Man up.”

Pit/Front Ensemble: “I’m not waving my arms for nothing. Get your eyes up”

Drumline: “now if only you could play the show as well as you can play stand tunes”

Color Guard: “You’re the focal point. You’re waving around a flag for crying out loud. Do it good”

I wrote a thing inspired by the blind!Adrien AU “Blind Spots,” which belongs to @qookyquiche @laundromatic and @girlwithribbon I think? Sorry it’s not too well-developed and kind of drabbly. I’ve just been adding to it for the last few days ;)

A Beautiful Sight

It’d been immature—he knew that. But sometimes it was just too much to take and he knew that if he went home miserable and upset, Nathalie would say something to his father. Going to public school was tough, but that didn’t mean he wanted to quit. Still, some days were worse than others.

Which made being Chat Noir that much more tempting. He was abusing his power, using Plagg as a way to escape, and he knew he shouldn’t be doing it, but he hadn’t been able to sleep. Not after such a horrible day.

It’d started with the whispering. The voices hadn’t been familiar, so he hadn’t known who they were, but that hadn’t meant their words were any less hurtful. Really, he should have known better than to listen upon realizing what the topic of conversation had been. Past experience had taught him that—over and over and over again.

“If you look close enough, you can see where they photoshopped his eyes.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, that bit of blurriness right there.”

“Oh! Wow! I kind of feel like that’s cheating or something though.”

“All models get photoshopped.”

“Yeah, but he can’t even look at the camera. Too bad too—his eyes are so pretty…”

“I know! But I can’t stand to look at him in real life. It’s just… weird.”

“Cuz he never really looks at you, right?”

“Yeah. It’s unnerving. Creeps me out.”

Just thinking about it made Chat purse his lips, heels banging on the side of his brick perch. He knew he should ignore it, but that was easier said then done. He made efforts too “look” at people when they were talking, but apparently he wasn’t successful. And it was that thought process, after listening to such comments, that had ruined his afternoon shoot. He’d been so self-conscious in his attempts to follow the clicking of the camera that he’d, apparently, lost all his modeling appeal.

Something about craning his neck strangely every time he tried to “look” at the camera.

A failed endeavor, in any case. And one of the worst photoshoots he’d ever had. It was so bad that the photographer had called his father and advised they do another—to make up for his lackluster performance. No, his father hadn’t been pleased and Adrien had only felt all the worse for it.

If there was anything he hated, it was when his disability interfered with the lives of others. He tried so hard not to get in the way—to pull his own weight. But sometimes it was like life worked against him. Bad luck, maybe.

Being Chat Noir seemed fitting, in that respect.

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Section Leader Problem #248

When you’re pit section leader your sophomore year while your school is under major construction so you have to move all your instruments super far to get to the field and you get in trouble for being late

Band Kid Problem #4

So much spit. It’s everywhere. Even non-wind players. It’s everywhere. It’s in your instrument. It’s on the band hall floor. It’s on you. You begin to wonder where the spit ends and where the rest of the world begins.