Rather Be

Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – Dean takes care of a sick reader.

Word Count – 1,517

Warnings – Sick Reader

A/N – A request from a sweet Nonnie: “I can feel the start of the flu hitting me…as terrible as I feel, the one thing that’s making it okay, is imagining Dean taking care of me and being all sweet and cuddly and loving and yeah. :) Any chance you’d be willing to write a story about that? Where Dean takes care of the reader when they’re sick?”

I hope you felt better very soon after you sent your request in.  :)

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You’d lied to them; you still felt a little bad about it, but you knew you’d do the same thing if you had it to do over again.

When Dean told you about the hunt Sam had found, you were already starting to feel under the weather. Your head was starting to hurt, and as much as you were hoping it was just allergies or something simple – something that you just needed a couple of aspirin and a nice long nap to get over – you knew that this was something more.  You were cold – freezing actually – and hadn’t been able to warm up.  You felt feverish, but pushed it away.  After all, if you didn’t admit you were getting sick, it would go away, right?

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anonymous asked:

I've got some news for you - I have just read (on Uncle Rick's twitter) that the Blood of Olympus is going to have chapters narrated from Nicos point of view!!! I'm so excited! Do you like this news? P.S. Your art is...gorgeous!

I’m both very excited to hear that and a bit scared, I really hope Riordan won’t use his pov to kill him or Reyna… (but killing Nico after his latest character development would be very very lame…)

It’s about time we get a Nico pov, really ! He has been a major character in the series for longer than most of the seven, and we’ve mostly seen him through Percy’s eyes, and we know now that Percy really didn’t get what was happening in Nico’s head, so I’m very happy that we’ll get his thoughts !