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Please come get me.” for percabeth please? :D

Annabeth slammed her childhood bedroom door and started packing her things in a furious haze.

She couldn’t believe she’d gone back again. It never worked.

Her hands shook as she pawed her suitcase trying to find her phone, when she felt her fingers wrap around the cool plastic case she whimpered and brought it up to her face. The battery counter read 10%. Enough to call and get out of the house, get away from her family.

She clicked speed dial 2 and chewed on her lip while she waited for him to answer.

“Wise girl, I hope you’re calling to -” the familiarity of his voice ruined her and she melted into a blubbering mess.

“P-percy,” Annabeth tried to speak but she couldn’t form the words.”

His tone turned serious and she could tell he was wearing his trademark glare, “Annabeth, what’s wrong?”

She tried getting words out but she kept stuttering. This is stupid, she told herself, you’re being pathetic. 

“Please come get me.”

She heard rustling and heavy steps, “I’m going to pick Annabeth up mom. No I’m good driving.”

Hours later she was was sitting outside her house when Percy rolled up in Paul’s Spider. He grabbed her bags and hauled them into the trunk,  she didn’t look back at the house when they drove away.