Frank Perconte headcanons
  • The guys may tease him about his dental hygiene, but then he gets to be really smug when they’re begging him for a piece of floss because something is stuck in their teeth
  • The guys may tease him about his height, but he always wins at limbo contests
  • Loves anything to eat anything mint-flavored
  • Luz likes to joke that Perconte goes through so much toothpaste that surely he’s just eating it straight out of the tube and not even actually brushing with it
  • Can make a mean lasagna thanks to Grandma Perconte
  • Prefers hot chocolate to coffee
  • Doesn’t like to thumb wrestle because he’s at a disadvantage
  • Likes to insist that he’s “scrappy” and could hold his own in a fist fight
  • Likes music with lots of trumpets in it, jazzy stuff

BoB15th : The Breaking Point

Kind of an Easy Company tradition, getting shot in the ass

Malarkey and Skip running a popular vine account that includes:

  • 6 second jokes with perconte & guarnere
  • 6 seconds of drunk nix
  • 6 seconds of babe trying to get doc to smile
  • 6 seconds of winters just sleeping like an angel
  • 6 seconds of them slapping speirs on the back and run for the hills
  • 6 seconds of the Johnny Martin bitch face
the signs as band of brothers
  • aries: stsgt william guarnere
  • taurus: pfc david webster
  • gemini: t-5 joseph liebgott
  • cancer: 1st lt buck compton
  • leo: cpt lewis nixon
  • virgo: technical sgt donald malarkey
  • libra: t-4 eugene 'doc' roe
  • scorpio: cpt ronald speirs
  • sagittarius: t-4 george luz
  • capricorn: t-4 frank perconte
  • aquarius: major richard winters
  • pisces: 2nd lt carwood lipton