Gilove2dance’s Over 300 Followers Giveaway That Coincides With Her Return From Normandy

So I brought a bunch of extra 8x10 photographs to Normandy in the hopes of getting them signed so I could give them to people who couldn’t go.  I was so fortunate to have been able to go and I wanted other people to get the chance to have a little piece of that. So this is up for grabs:

  • George Luz picture - signed by Rick Gomez
  • Bill Guarnere picture - signed by Frank John Hughes
  • Frank Perconte picture - signed by James Madio
  • Shifty Powers picture - signed by Peter Youngblood Hills
  • Babe Heffron picture - signed by Robin Laing
  • Eugene Roe picture - Shane Taylor was unable to attend
  • David Webster picture - Eion Bailey cancelled
  • 2 Don Malarkey pictures - Scott Grimes cancelled
  • Dick Winters and other officers picture - printed in the hopes Damian Lewis would be a surprise guest…which he wasn’t :P


  • You DO NOT have to be following me…but it would be nice :P
  • Reblogs AND likes count
  • NO giveaway blogs can win
  • I will ship anywhere in the world (no tracking or express unless you are willing to pay as there will be a lot to send out)
  • Randomly selected (with a random number generator) winners will be contacted on June 23rd


  • First Prize: First pick of the autographed pictures and first pick of TWO of the unsigned pictures
  • Second Prize: Second pick of the autographed pictures and second pick of one of the unsigned pictures
  • Third Prize: Third pick of the autographed pictures and third pick of one of the unsigned pictures
  • Fourth Prize: Fourth pick of the autographed pictures and the last unsigned picture
  • Fifth Prize: The last autographed picture

Good luck everyone! I wish I could send everyone something…but we were only allowed so many autographs per person.

Malarkey and Skip running a popular vine account that includes:

  • 6 second jokes with perconte & guarnere
  • 6 seconds of drunk nix
  • 6 seconds of babe trying to get doc to smile
  • 6 seconds of winters just sleeping like an angel
  • 6 seconds of them slapping speirs on the back and run for the hills
  • 6 seconds of the Johnny Martin bitch face

BoB15th : The Breaking Point

Kind of an Easy Company tradition, getting shot in the ass

Band of Brothers as coffee
  • Winters:Freshly brewed coffee with milk and 2 sugars
  • Nixon:1/4 coffee, 3/4 whiskey
  • Speirs:Black filter coffee no sugar
  • Lipton:Earl Grey Tea
  • Webster:double macchiato in a medium cup -hot- low fat milk, no foam
  • Liebgott:Standard Cappuccino and a dirty look towards Web's order
  • Luz:Strawberry and cream frappucino with loads of whipped cream
  • Perconte:Espresso (lol cos hes smol and cute)
  • Roe:Hot Chocolate
  • Babe:Iced caramel coffee (cos he's cool and sweet)
  • Skinny:Skinny latte (sorry)
  • Dike:Decaff
  • me:so done with how obsessed i am with this show. like seriously? coffee orders? haha im so lame.