percival the librarian


In which Percy kindly requests Mallow remain in his study until he’s finished tidying up the library for the evening. 

In which Mallow grows far too worried over the ruckus and rather enthusiastic “mess”-as it were - which persists in its mission to remain a mess.

In which Percy believes it all over and done but it certainly is not, as someone has been sweeping things under the rugs.

In which Mallow discovers she cannot lift a sword.

In which beasts have no shadows.


“Yes I am sure.”


“Heavy?..Dearest Marshmallow, you are not heavy, no need to fret over such a thing given…any circumstance, really. If your weight upon me were to stand a grand force of threat to the walls of my well being, then I daresay sleeping beneath a duvet would render me incapacitated.”


“A duvet is a large, rather plush blanket. In any case, and shambling aboard the point at this…point, Mallow. No you are not heavy, and yes, I would prefer you slept close by. Things have yet to settle outside of the study. I should not like to have anyone, myself included, spend a moment after hours among the potential danger that which lurksabout.”


“Well, that does depend…Are you comfortable?”


“Then I see no reason why you may not sleep where you find yourself most comfortable.”


“I am most comfortable, thank you for asking.”




“You are most welcome, dearest Marshmallow. Now, I bid you, sweet dreams.”


“I will do my best to have some of my own, yes. Goodnight.”

Mallow loves to sleep on warm things, such as sunny windowsills, in front of fireplaces, and on people she loves.