tEAM FOrtness 2


you playing: hit ratio all over the place, nominally takes 5 minutes to kill someone

others playing: ONE HIT KILL and if not on the first hit seems to render you completely unable to fire so you die by the second hit anyway


you playing: rockets almost always miss and it takes at least 10 to kill

others playing: one hit kill, perfect accuracy, usually the best jumpers in the world


you playing: hold M1 for kill

others playing: hold M1 for kill


you playing: grenades always miss, stickies never miss

others playing: grenades never miss, are too cool to use stickies


you playing: does pretty alright but there’s never a medic around

others playing: ALWAYS has a medic behind them almost infinitely ubering, somehow always finds ways to appear right where you are


you playing: spies always sapping and backstabbing you with perfect percission ubered heavies coming around the corner fucking annihlating you soldiers and demos always hailing explosives on your shit scouts constantly finding new ways to wreck your sentries and snipers always being in the right place at the right time. almost always excessively stressful and cant keep one building up for more than a minute like you might as well be getting ass fucked

others playing: INVINCIBLE UNTOUCHABLE SENTRIES CANT GET ONE HIT ON THEM also always someone around to kill the spies and other intruding elements


you playing: literally everyone dies right as you start healing them and you die right as you build full uber (if you’re that lucky)

others playing: always behind a heavy always has uber always racking extreme assists


you playing: always misses, takes a bit to get a clear shot

others playing: never misses, makes people believe their aimbotting in the way they aim-fire-headshot in under a single second


you playing: pyros suddenly get really fucking smart and almost always find you, also will actually miss when backstabbing

others playing: MVP by at least 300 points and you’re just one of their 8 dominated players

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