For my percico marching band au

Omg y'all what instruments should they play? Tell me yalls ideas please. I’m in dire need of help because I’m stalled right now.

Here’s what I got right now:

Percy - Saxophone(maybe tenor?)
Nico - ??? (Thinking about oboe or bassoon but they aren’t in marching band)
Jason - Trumpet
Annabeth - Trumpet
Hazel - clarinet
Piper - Flute
Will - French Horn
Frank - ???
Everyone else - ????

Nico’s POV

“Will is coming over tomorrow to watch a movie.” Percy narrowed his eyes and grabbed an apple from the fruit basket. He handed it to me, “you’re eating apples every day from now on.”

why is Percy so shippable you can literally ship him with anyone and find a plausible excuse for it like “yeah I ship him with this tree… It’s because they have similar core personality traits” and it’s like yeah okay I’m here for it