Hello, me again, gingredirk. Here is a information about …… Percho. We know Percho, he hates Oreos. This time, Percho has gone too far. It is very clear he needs to be stopped. Look at this. Look what I have done to play my part in ending perches wrath. You see that atrocious creature? Percho. That’s is. I’ve kill. But ther are many more. I, gingredirk, as in your help to bring Percho down. With me, gingredirk, we can Punch, We can fight, we can kill…….. Kill Percho..
#stop Percho 2012

Hello, it’s me, once more, gingredirk. Remember Percho? Oreo-hater? Well, he has struck again. Do you see this? Percho but a VIRS on my computer. How dare he. As you can well see, gingredirk put an END to his reign. Next time, I may not be so lucky, next time, it may not be me. It may be fagome, toussei, even quirkybrittany. This is why we all need to band together… To end this homosexual of Christ. To put him to death. To wipe him of the face of the earth. To smash…. To pow… To kill…
#stop Percho 2012 to join the cause….