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Wild Creatures Don't Belong In Cages

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Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Line: “What? You said you wanted an owl and now you have one.”

“Lucifer? What is this?” you asked, looking at the beautiful owl perched on top of the mirror in your bedroom.

“It’s your birthday present.”

“An owl?”

What? You said you wanted an owl and now you have one,” he said, spreading his arms.

You smiled.  You had recently forced Lucifer to sit down and watch Harry Potter with you.  Of course he would take you serious when you mentioned wishing you had an owl.

You went over and sat down in his lap, putting your arms around his neck. “I love you so much for doing something so special, but we can’t keep an owl.”

His came around your waist to hold you to him. “Why not?”

“Owls are wild birds.  They are too messy and large to have the run of the house and they aren’t meant to be kept in cages. It wouldn’t be fair to him at all.”

Lucifer tightened his grip around you. “This is why I love you so much.  You would never cage something.”

“No, I wouldn’t.  I like my wild creatures out of cages.”

Lucifer winked at you before leaning in for a kiss. “Why don’t we set the owl free and then spend the rest of the day in bed?”

“That sounds perfect.”

Why Don’t You Join Us?

A first year Hogwarts AU for the Carry On Countdown

“Penny, wake up.”


           “It’s Christmas!”

           Simon was already at the window, barefoot on the cold wooden floor, marvelling at the lazily falling snow.  Of course, it had been snowing for days, but there was nothing quite like a quiet blanket of snow on Christmas morning, absolutely nothing.

           Simon raced out of the dormitory and down to the Common Room, Penny trailing sleepily behind.  The warm yellow tones of the room seemed to smile at them, as if even the Hufflepuff Common Room knew that it was Christmas.  Then again, maybe it did.  One never knew quite what to expect at Hogwarts.  “Look Penny,” Simon cried, kneeling beside the Christmas tree.  “You’ve got presents!  How did they get here?”

           “Lucy’s a good owl, that’s how,” Penny replied, softly stroking the barn owl perched on the armchair by the tree.  “How many have you got?”

           “The two from your family, tell them cheers.” He frowned at a long, narrow package. “There’s this one, too, it doesn’t say who it’s from.”

           “Well, go on, open it!”

           Simon stomach let out a loud growl.

           Penny raised an eyebrow at him.

           “Breakfast first?” he grinned sheepishly.

           The Great Hall was nearly empty but for a few stragglers, students who hadn’t gone home for the holidays.  Simon and Penny were enjoying their Christmas morning scones when Simon noticed the boy sitting alone at the Ravenclaw table, wearing a dark red jumper.  It was so red that it was nearly brown, or purple, or black, Simon couldn’t quite decide.

           “Why is Pitch still here?” Penny murmured following his gaze.  “Doesn’t he come from a wealthy family?”

           Simon shrugged.  Everyone else in the Great Hall was either in pairs or groups, few though they were, but the Pitch boy was all by himself.

           Without another thought, Simon stood up and walked over to him, tapping his shoulder when he reached him.  The boy turned and looked up at him.

           “You’re Baz Pitch, right?” Simon asked.

           He looked confused.  “Yes.”

           “Hello, Baz, I’m Simon.”  He stuck out a hand to shake.

           Baz took it tentatively.  “I know,” he murmured.

           “Do you want to sit with us?”

           Baz blinked in surprise.  “Um…”

           “Penny won’t mind,” Simon assured him, “and anyway, no one should have to be alone on Christmas.”

           After a moment’s consideration, Baz stood, picked up his plate and half-eaten scone, and followed Simon over to the Hufflepuff table.

           “Penny, this is Baz,” Simon introduced, sitting down, “and Baz, this is Penny.”

           “Nice to meet you,” Baz said shyly.

           “Not home for the holidays?” Penny asked him.

           “No,” he replied, shifting and seeming uncomfortable.

           “That’s alright,” Simon saved him, “that means you get to hang out with us.”

           “Oh yeah,” Penny mumbled, “we’re one hell of a party.”

           “You know you love me,” Simon teased her.  “Enough to stay here over Christmas with me.”

           “Not to mention sleeping in your room, do you boys ever wash your sheets?”

           “Sorry,” Baz cocked his head at her, “but aren’t you a Gryffindor?”

           She nodded.  “But I’ve known the Hufflepuff password for months.”

           “Do you sneak into all the Common Rooms?”

           “No,” she smirked, “but honestly, getting into Ravenclaw would be child’s play.  I mean, who decided that having a riddle instead of a password was a good idea?”

           “It’s more secure than a password,” Baz defended, “you have to be of a certain intelligence to get in.”

           “Well, unfortunately for you unsuspecting erudites, I am of a certain intelligence,” Penny grinned at him.  “A password is much safer.  Only select people know it, and it’s not something that just anyone with half a brain could guess.”

           “Speak for yourself,” Simon piped up, “I bet I couldn’t get into Ravenclaw’s Common Room.”

           “Why not?” Baz turned to him.

           He shrugged lightly.  “Thinking isn’t really my thing.”  Baz smiled at that, and they all went back to eating.  After their scones they had a round of steaming hot cocoa, sipping slowly and trying not to burn their tongues.  After all, it was Christmas, and sweets were just around the corner.

           “Anything exciting under the tree this morning, Baz?” Simon asked, a moustache of chocolate on his upper lip.  Baz bit back his laughter at the sight, but he couldn’t hold it in.  “What?” Simon looked bewildered.

           “It’s just,” Baz managed, “you look like the Mage.” Penny burst out laughing and soon the two of them were doubled over the table in stitches as Simon hurried to wipe it off.

           “Yeah, yeah, all right,” he muttered, fighting an embarrassed smile, “but you didn’t answer my question.  Any good presents?”

           Baz sobered up.  “Not really.”

           “Any crap presents?”


           The other two were silent.  Finally, Penny dared to ask.  “Any presents at all?”

           Baz didn’t say anything.  He just stared at the rich glossy wood of the tabletop.

           After a moment, Simon lay a hand on Baz’s shoulder. “Why don’t you spend Christmas with us?” he asked.

           “Yeah, we’re having Christmas in the Hufflepuff Common Room,” Penny nodded vigorously, “we’d love you to join us.”

           Simon gave Baz’s shoulder a squeeze.  “There will be more than enough sweets to go around.”

           Baz looked at them with a strange expression, one of complete unreadiness.  Clearly he had no idea what to do with this invitation.  It hurt Simon to see.  Didn’t the poor kid have any real friends?

           But finally, Baz nodded.  “I’d love that,” he agreed, smiling.

           “This one’s from my parents, Simon,” Penny said, passing Simon a parcel wrapped in heavily patterned paper.  There was so much holly leaf and berry cluster on that paper that it was like a whirlwind of winter.  Simon pulled it open to find a pair of chunky knitted socks in the Hufflepuff colours.  

           “I love them!” he grinned, “I’ll ring them and thank them later.”

           “Your feet will look like bumble bees,” Baz chuckled from where he was slowly being absorbed by the overly squishy sofa, nibbling at a chocolate frog.

           “Then I love them even more,” Simon laughed.

           “What about that mysterious gift, Simon?” Penny asked, toying with the hem of the new maroon jumper that had been under the tree for her.  It had a big yellow letter “P” on it.  When she’d opened it she’d gasped and said how much of an eyesore it was, but immediately had pulled it on.  It was obvious that she completely loved it.

           “Mysterious gift?” Baz leaned forward.  “What’s that all about?”

           “No idea,” Simon shrugged, retrieving a final package from under the tree and reading the gift tag again.  “There’s no name, but it definitely says ‘To Simon Snow’.”

           “Well, go on then,” Baz encouraged, his interest piqued.

           Simon ripped off the wrapping paper, which this time was a simple pine-green, to find a long thin box inside.  Sliding it open, a wink of silver caught his eye.

           “Crowley,” Simon gasped, “it’s a sword.”

           “What?” Baz and Penny jumped up at the same time to get a closer look as Simon pulled the blade out of the box.  It had a hilt of woven gold and silver, and the whole thing was surprisingly elegant.

           “That’s not any sword, Simon,” Penny murmured, her eyes wide.  “That’s the Sword of Mages.”

           “It’s beautiful,” Simon breathed in awe, testing its weight.  It looked too big for a boy his size, but it felt strangely comfortable in his hand.

           Once all the presents were opened, there was wrapping paper strewn across the entire Common Room and the three of them were in a haze of sweets and spiced cider, Simon turned to Baz.  “I hope you don’t mind me asking,” he ventured, “but why didn’t you go home for Christmas?”

           Baz’s brow furrowed, not like he was angry but like he was remembering something that he didn’t want to remember.  

           “I’m sorry,” Simon relented, “you don’t have to answer.”

           “It’s alright,” Baz sighed.  “My family said I couldn’t come home this Christmas.”

           “Is there something wrong at home?” Penny asked, her eyes full of concern.

           “No,” Baz shook his head, “but they’re disappointed. I’ve disappointed them.”

           “How?” Simon urged.

           “Well,” Baz took a breath, “they wanted me to be sorted into Slytherin.”

           “Oh, no,” Penny breathed.

           “Both of my parents were Slytherin,” Baz went on, “so they wanted me to carry on that tradition.  But it didn’t work out that way, and now they’re disappointed.”

           “So they’re just not letting you come home?” Simon asked.

           “No, it’s not entirely that,” Baz told them.  “They said that if I was going to be a Ravenclaw, then I would have to live up to what that means, and to them it means getting the best grades, which I have not been doing.  They informed me that until my grades improved, I could stay here and study.”

           “Even during Christmas?”

           Baz shrugged.  “What better time to punish a kid?”

           Simon shook his head in disbelief.  “That’s so unfair.”

           “It’s not a big deal,” Baz tried to smile.  “I like it here, more than at home, so I don’t mind being here.”

           “But they didn’t even send you any presents?”


           “Oh, Baz,” Penny sighed sympathetically, “that’s awful.”

           Baz shrugged again.  “It’s alright,” he said.  “I mean, I wasn’t expecting to have anyone to spend Christmas with, so this is a nice surprise.”

           Simon smiled at him.  “What better day to make new friends than Christmas?”

           Baz smiled back, his gray eyes shining.

           “Baz,” Simon said suddenly, leaning forward in his chair, “are there any other Ravenclaw students here right now?”

           “A few other girls, but they don’t really talk to me.”

           Simon and Penny shared a quick look, and then Simon looked back at Baz.  “Why don’t you camp out with us for the rest of the holidays?”

           Baz’s jaw dropped a little.  “You mean sleep in the Hufflepuff dormitory?”

           Simon looked frightened.  “It’s okay if you don’t want to,” he stammered.

           “I’d love it,” Baz stopped him, grinning.  “Thank you.”

           Simon grinned back at him, looking rather relieved. “Happy Christmas Baz.”

Harry Potter Headcanon

**This is not an original**

Harry and Ginny let Luna plan their wedding. During the ceremony, Harry looked out and saw a whole section of seats in the front row, apparently reserved for no one, along with a single owl perch. After the service Harry asked her whom was meant to sit there.

“Oh, they did sit there, in a spiritual way I suppose.” She pointed at the seats one by one and said, “Those two are for your mum and dad. That one is for Sirius. Those two are for professor Lupin and Tonks. That one is for Mad-Eye Moody. That one is for Fred. That one is for professor Dumbledore. That one is for professor Snape, and the one on the end is for Dobby. And the perch is for Hedwig, because I know how much you cared for her. I do hope they loved the wedding.”

Luna waved into seemingly empty space before prancing off into the crowd. As Harry stood there he felt a tear roll down his cheek. He had never felt so touched before.

Harry And Ginnys Wedding

Harry and Ginny let Luna plan their wedding. During the ceremony, Harry looked out and saw a whole section of seats in the front row, apparently reserved for no one, along with a single owl perch. After the service, Harry asked her who was meant to sit there. “Oh they did sit there. In a spiritual way i suppose.” She pointed out the seats one by one and said. “Those two are for your mum and dad. That one is for sirius. Those two are for professor Lupin and Tonks, That one is for Mad-eye Moody. That one is for Fred. That one is for Professor Dumbledore. That one is for Professor Snape and the one on the end is for Dobby. And the perch is for Hedwig, because i know how much you love her. Oh i hope they liked they wedding!” Luna waved into a seemingly empty space before prancing off into the crowd. As Harry stood their, he felt a tear roll down his cheek. Harry had never felt so touched before.

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1? Sounds like pokemon pff



basically Sci and Fell work at an animal shelter together and long story short Sci ends up taking this angry street cat covered in scars (since no one wanted him) while Fell discovers he has a soft for a clumsy barn owl that keeps flying into walls

Their animals hated each other at first but formed a weirdly strong bond and Edge (the cat) would often walk around with Nerd (thats what Fell called the owl idk) perched on top of his back and its what brought Fell and Sci closer

won’t say any more cause im thinking of maybe making it into my next story after a few steps away ends


They’re old so they’re kinda bad but shh and sci is also a complete mess ey

A Dream or Reality..?

Dronai was at his home. It was small. Draughty. But cosy. Situated on he west border of the Freljord, a frozen tundra with mountains and forests scattered in patches, On the far west side of Runeterra. Anywhere else but the Freljord was of no importance to the Freljordians, as they were already at war with themselves, a sort of civil/tribal war. There were three tribes. Avarosian, Winters Claw, and the Frost guard. Dronai, part of the Avarosians, fought for his queen, Ashe. Sitting quietly at His desk, he wrote up countless reports of the last attack against the Winters Claw, being a big battle, the recon unit’s leader had a lot of work to do. Korr, his white barn owl, sat perched quietly on her stand next to him, sleeping. The scout had no idea that something would happen that could cause quite a stirr in his story…

Her Smile

    When people asked, what was the first thing you noticed about her? He wouldn’t even have to think.

It went way back to first year, before anyone had even boarded the train yet. Euphemia Potter was known for her punctuality, meaning that the three of them were an hour early.

“Look Mont, it’s much better we are early than late! We just missed floo traffic, that’s all. Besides, now James gets to pick his compartment, . . when the train gets here.”

James rolled his eyes and stopped listening to his parents little squabble. The train platform was very, very, empty. There was a janitor, lazily directing brooms across the floor and vanishing the trash from trash cans. A couple owls were perched on the overhead beams. It was boring.

Very slowly, a couple other early birds began to make their way to the platform, and about 15 minutes later the train rumbled it’s way into the station. The platform was still relatively empty and families were quietly whispering things like “listen to your professors” and “Don’t forget to owl us, once a week y'hear?”.

So when a certain young witch arrived through the wall, her amazement echoed throughout the platform.

“NO WAY! THIS IS UNREAL!” she squealed as she panned around the station, staring at the wall she had just passed through. She seemed to notice she was loud, as she flushed but she couldn’t help herself from giggling a bit, amazed at her portal to the new world. She slowly spun in a circle, staring at the enchanted ceiling and when she faced him, he knew that was the prettiest thing he had ever seen.

It was amazing, her smile practically lit up the whole platform. It was wide and slightly crooked and her eyes were bright and crinkled and she looked like a complete dork but it was beautiful.

It was that damn smile, the smile that eventually would make his heart stutter a bit, the same smile that would make him want to actually study in the library with her, and the smile he desperately wanted to see which made him pull all kinds of ridiculous things in class, just to see her lips quirk up and her teeth shine through.

It was the very first thing he noticed about her it was the very first thing he fell in love with.