look i’m sure sombra will tell us actually relevant and important secrets about the other characters but i kinda wish she’d just tell us stupid little embarrassing things instead like she just walks up and

“pharah still sleeps with her teddy bear his name is JUSTICE sometimes she stuffs him in her armor on long missions”

“i’m not sure what’s worse; the fact jack wears tighty-whities or the fact gabriel wears a thong”

“reinhardt has a deathly fear of spiders he’ll immediately jump on furniture to escape them that’s why all the furniture was always broken”

“one time ana fell off a sniper perch into a dumpster and she thought no one saw BUT I DID”

“mccree actually doesn’t listen to country or western music he likes really perky j-pop songs he just lies because it doesn’t fit his ‘image’”

“mercy both sleepwalks and sleeps nude it’s really an experience”

I’m sad to say yesterday morning I found Daisy had passed away :( there were no signs that she was sick or that anything was wrong so it came as quite a shock.
I adopted Daisy in 2012 when she was dumped in a pet store, her previous owners no longer wanted her because she “couldn’t fly” it was very obvious that Daisy had been kept in horrible conditions and was so afraid of humans she would fall off her perch if you walked by.
I spent many months gaining Daisy’s trust and teaching her that she was now safe. Daisy never learnt to fly again but she was a great little climber & never let her lack of ability to fly stop her from doing anything.
So glad she was able to live a happy 4 years with us 💗

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Set in Venice, from the city’s misty cobbled alleyways to an opulent baroque palace perched on the Grand Canal, the new Gucci Guilty campaign builds sensual intrigue through a series of flashbacks. Here, star Jared Leto reveals his thoughts on the story for the House’s signature scents.What is the story behind the campaign?

It’s a story of two women and one man—me, who embark on an experimental adventure through one of the most magical cities in the entire world, Venice Italy.

Who is the character you are playing?

We come up with a bit of a story about how much fun it would be if one day you woke up and you were told that you inherited this palace in Venice. This fortress on water and what it would be like and how you can come to a city like this and rediscover who you are. Redefine who you are. That’s a really fun way to think about it. What if? What are the possibilities here? And I think these three people are open to possibilities. They are open to ideas and they are not afraid of experimentation.

What role does the city play in the narrative?

I think it brings out in people a sense of magic. A sense of adventure. It certainly does in me. I have always had a real love for this city. I have spent quite a few nights wandering the streets of Venice and there is a history here too. A history of the Libertine. A history of people coming to a place to find themselves and explore parts of themselves that maybe they can’t in other places. Venice is a city that allows you to kind of explore yourself and discover and redefine who you are and I think it is a perfect place to set this story. These two women and this one man who go on this adventure. This experimental, magical journey together.

How do you think people will react to the campaign?

You never know how people are going to react but it is certainly something I am very proud to be a part of. I have an incredible amount of respect for the people involved. Alessandro’s a true maverick. He is a genius and someone who’s taking something and turning it on its head in such a powerful way that he is making us all ask questions of what is possible and I think that is really hard to do: to take an iconic brand like Gucci and to show us something unexpected.

How was the experience working with Alessandro Michele?

Working with Alessandro is wonderful. I am proud to call him a friend. I think everyone is very at ease because you know when you have decided to take some risks, just to follow your gut. You are not really adhering to the script per se. You’re listening to yourself, to your intuition and I think that everyone is really confident in that and it’s really fun. We have all been having a good time and I think that ends up on camera.


August 12, 2016 - Black-winged Kite (Elanus caeruleus)

These kites are found in much of sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia, southwest China, and southwestern Europe. Preying on a variety of animals, including rodents, birds, lizards, snakes, frogs, bats, and large insects, they swoop down on them from a perch or a hover, or catch them in flight. During courtship, pairs chase each other and soar together in the air, sometimes grasping each other’s talons and spiraling downward briefly. They build flat twig nests where females incubate the eggs while males bring them food.

“Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her, still she sings away all the same, knowing she has wings.” Victor Hugo



I didn’t know this until after I read some Tsubaki literature that was included with my ofuda, but it is best and most proper to set up a kamidana facing north or west. And it just so happens that I set mine up facing north without knowing it was auspicious! So off to a good start there. One the wall are print outs of ukiyo-e prints of (from left to right, click for artist details and larger, high res pics) Benzaiten, Amaterasu-sama, and Ame no Uzume.Above them is the Chaos Star, pretty much perched in the sky over my lady Kami trinity.

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lostia + religious boarding school tho?

ashlee oh my god

1. Costia is smaller than the other girls, bird-boned, always soft spoken. She likes to perch at the edge of her seat as if she’s ready to take flight. She calls Lexa honey and has a tiny golden cross strung around her neck.

2. Lexa studies and sits alone at lunch time, at study hall, and she never goes home on the weekends – until Costia came along. The other girl smiled like sunshine, a tiny gap between her front teeth, and Lexa felt warm all over.

3. Lexa finds Costia sobbing in the farthest bathroom stall, head in her hands, a purplish bruise on her cheekbone – an older girl had thrown a book at her. Called her unspeakable names.

The same girl ends up in the hospital with a broken nose and a missing tooth, but she never tells why, Lexa made sure of that.

4. Costia plants flowers and puts them in the windowsill of her room. Tiny blossoms that bloomed despite the odds. She had to hide them under the bed whenever anyone came around. It was their little secret.

5. They sneak into the chapel just before dawn and everything is buried beneath a layer of silence, dust motes floating through the air. They hide in the hollow space behind the altar, Costia’s hand resting on Lexa’s neck, Costia’s tongue flicking into the other girl’s mouth.

Lexa doesn’t understand how this could be anything but holy.


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He should have been more careful - Magnus slumped against a tree, closing his eyes tightly and taking a shaky breath. Of course there had been demons there; the client had been too cryptic, even for how much he paid. Now, he was entirely out of magic, save the barest amount of his own life energy that he had available to open a portal. He fell, instead of walked, through the portal, hitting the ground hard on the other side, barely conscious.

Maria had been calmly perched at Magnus’ vanity, wrapped in a silk robe as she took of her make up for the day just so she could put on more, anticipating when the apartments owner would come home. She hadn’t bought the lingerie she was wearing for another after all.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when the Warlock fell through the portal that had opened in the room rather than walking through. Though she was on her feet and in action in seconds.

“Magnus? Can you hear me?


#foodtripping road trip memories: Minus 5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada

Obviously when you go to Las Vegas in the middle of summer, you pack your fur coat and hat. Wait, what? Kidding, you can hire them when you hit up the Minus 5 Ice Bar at the Mandalay Bay. We enjoyed a cocktail (or two) in a glass made of ice, while perched atop an ice throne, admiring the ice sculptures. Definitely the best way to beat the August heat. Read the full report here.

Hot-tip: No phones allowed, sorry. It’s not a privacy thing, just that phones legit don’t work in the freezing cold. 

non pensare a cosa hai perso perche’ significa confrontarti col passato. pensa invece a cosa guadagnerai perche’ significa confrontarti col futuro

Seph was perched on the edge of the kitchen counter, clutching a mug of hot coffee. After everything that happened with Vinny the night prior, she hadn’t slept a wink. Sighing softly, she took a sip and prayed the caffeine would kick in quickly.


Appena conclusa l'ennesima discussione con mia madre… si e’ accorta che sono apatico e che non mi sto interessando piu’ di nulla. Mi chiede il perche’. Rispondo: “semplice, faccio solo quello che mi da soddisfazione”. Dopo che nella mia vita soddisfazioni non ne arrivano da nessuna parte, almeno cerco di procurarmele da me, e se il tempo che perdo non mi ripaga con altrettanto piacere, decido che non vale la pena.

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Perche ti sei lasciata col tuo moroso se lo amavi?

Abbiamo discusso parecchio per gli stessi motivi che ci hanno portato alla rottura e lui non ha mai cercato di riparare ai suoi errori e mancanze.
Una volta finita la relazione, ha confermato che persona di merda era.

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If its okay could I have another spirit reading? Sorry if this is a bother

Sure thing :)
I see a huge crow perched on the shoulder of a scare crown in a corn field. This could be a sign of courage. In order to get what we want, sometimes we have to face our fears or obstacles head on. It’ll be helpful to your development and even better if you dont go alone. I hope this helps and feel free to message me with any questions :)

Yakuza Spotting:

I used to travel to Japan once or twice a year back when I had more disposable income (no kid yet!) and hunt for original Yakuza Eiga posters from the 1970s. I have to photograph them to post someday for @thighlander and any other fans of stylish violent Jap action. I remember walking through some of the seedier parts of Tokyo and Osaka hoping to spot an honest to goodness Yakuza. Just spotting a black Benz isn’t quite enough: they’ve got to have the whole look. I saw a perfect example once. Quite nearly a walking stereotype of what a Yakuza should look like: stubble shaved head perched atop a thick neck. Bull-like body wrapped in a bright white suit with open-neck black shirt and gold chains, dark shades, cigarette, and traditional wooden getas (sandals). Practically an Anime of a Yakuza. This was before smart phones so no photo unfortunately.