perceu jackson

Ok but Percy Jackson isn’t just cute or even just hot he’s ACTUALLY ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE OF HIS PERSONALITY like he’s relatable to the readers and he’s not disturbing with millions of sex jokes and he respects Annabeth and gives her credit for how badass she is and admits his faults and ACTUALLY TRIES TO IMPROVE THEM and he loves his mom and he’s just so respectful??? Like???

Percabeth Coffee Shop AU


-when the rest of their coworkers + manager ship it
-When regular customer (Person C) comes in and makes chit chat and assumes A and B are dating and one (or both) get flustered 

(proposed by: minigirllovesyou)

Percy rolled his eyes as soon as he turned around and saw Annabeth reading. He was preparing his third cup of coffee and there were two more customers in line while she couldn’t be bothered to close the stupid book and make one expresso. And it wasn’t even for some exam because by the looks of it, the book made part of one of her ‘light reads’ as she called them. And you might wonder how he knew that? Well, it was roughly only 400 pages long from the looks of it and it had a readable title. Readable, not understandable. You see, her classes books were neither.
“Don’t you rush with your reading, I’ll manage on my own,” he said sarcastically as soon as he passed by her.
“I have complete trust in you, Seaweed Brain.”
“I should start calling you Lazy Girl instead of Wise Girl,” Percy grumbled as he went to his next customer.
“But you’re doing such a good job by yourself, I wouldn’t want to ruin your system.” Annabeth’s eyes remained glued on the pages though a small smile started playing on her lips.
“Annabeth, you’re the only person alive who has a system for pouring coffee.”
Percy smiled at his customer, a older woman, somewhere probably in her early fifties, he started recognising her as being one of their new usuals. “That’ll be 2.99, mam.”
“Oh thank you, sweetheart,” she said grabbing her latte. “And I must say, it has been a while since I saw such a cute younge couple as you two. Your teasing reminds me of me and my George.”
Percy was flushed, he didn’t dare look at his friend to see her reaction but tried to form an appropriate word to respond. Unfortunately, though his lips kept moving, there was no sound coming out of them.
“We’re not dating.” Annabeth spoke but Percy could tell from her tone alone she was as embarrassed by the comment as he was.
“Of course you are.” The woman laughed.
“No we’re not,” they both said.
“But you’re always working together. I’ve been coming here for 3 weeks now and all your shifts are together, you’re always laughing or teasing each other-”
“We don’t work all our shifts together…” Annabeth contradicted her.
“Yes you do. You’re the only ones who never change partners. And I know that because you’re the only ones who make a decent cup of coffee. Goat boy always manages to screw it up somehow and the other two are just weird. They always mix.”
Goat boy must have been Groover, Percy thought. He was going through a goatee phase. And Tyson and Thalia could be quite…intimidating in their own unique ways. Yet it had never occurred to him before how for the past months, Annabeth had been his only coworker on shift.
“That’s just because me and Thalia don’t get along. She gets really bossy. And Annabeth and Tyson don’t see eye to eye on much.” Percy jumped to explain himself, though why he had felt such a big need to do so, he could never understand. Or maybe he was just afraid Annabeth would get the wrong idea. Like somehow, he had manipulated the shifts so they’d always fall together which he certainly did not. Did he mind it? Not at all! Would he ever do it? Depend-no. He meant no. She was annoying sometimes too. He would never try to spend more time with her on purpose…right?
“Then why don’t you and goat boy and her and that punk girl work together?”
“Becase…because! Annabeth, explain to this nice lady why we don’t do that!”
“I will kill Thalia!!!” Annabeth cried out and ran off in the back.
“I believe that is explanation enough, though I do not know why…just excuse me for a moment.” Percy followed Annabeth, confused by her outburst.
Just as he walked in the break room he heard her shouting into her phone: “I hate you!! This is why I don’t tell you stuff!!! I can’t believe you would DO THIS TO ME!!”
“Annabeth! Is everything okay?” Percy asked genuinely worried but at the sound of his voice he saw her freeze.
“I’ll call you back.” She turned around, an easy going smile on her face.
“Peeeeeeeeeeeercyyyyyyy!!!! What are you doing here?”
“Came to see if you were alright.”
“Yes, I’m fine. You can go now.”
Percy took a step towards her and she took another one back. Now he was completely puzzled. “Was that Thalia on the phone? Are you guys fighting? Do you want to talk about it?”
“No, it’s okay, just girl stuff. We’ll get over it,” Annabeth let out, waving a hand nonchalantly.
“Is it because of what that lady said? That we have all our shifts together?”
“Well-” Annabeth looked like a deer caught in the red light.
“If it bothers you that much, I’ll change my shift with Groover’s or someone-”
“You don’t like him either? Do you like anybody?” Percy was getting frustrated.
“Yes, I do like somebody you idiot seaweed!”
“Okay, so who is it? Who’d you rather have as co-worker?”
Annabeth let out a frustrated growl, rolled her  eyes - all into one somehow - and went back into the shop.
“Now what did I say wrong?” Percy went after her.
Annabeth took an order and busied herself with the drink.
“What? You’re ignoring me now? You’re unbelievable!”
Percy took the next order and when he passed by her he saw something that caught him completely off guard. Her eyes looked puffy. It was now his turn to be angry. Her eyes only got puffy or red when-
“You miss Luke! You miss working with Luke!” Percy cried off outraged. “Well I’m sorry he got fired, actually - no, I’m not. He was a complete jerk.”
“What?” Annabeth asked caught off guard.
“We can’t all be Lukes, so you’ll have to manage with what you’ve got!” He slammed the cappuccino on the counter, causing half of it to spill. Before the customer could comment, Annabeth replied:
“Seriously? You’re going back to that? Petty much?”
“You’re calling me petty? Remember when you gave Rachel a latte with 5 shots of espresso when you knew she only drinks decaf just because she came in two days in a row?”
“Well she wasn’t paying for that coffee either way. I guessed since you paid, I could have at least made it for you!”
“I don’t pay for Rachel’s coffee!! It’s on the house!”
“On the house means out of your paycheck you dumbass!”
“Hey, do you think you can have your lovers spat a bit later, I’m late for a meeting,” a man in a blue suit interrupted him.
“SHUT UP!” They both turned towards him.
“And we don’t have a lovers spat, we’re not lovers!” Annabeth replied affronted.
“Obviously,” said a third person ironically.
“Hey! Keep that attitude out of your tone when you’re addressing Annabeth!”
“I don’t need you to defend me. I can manage on my own. You!” She pointed towards the last customer to speak, “Go buy your coffee elsewhere!”
“Yes, between you giving away free coffee to pretty girls and ditching me on our shift to go with Calypso, I certainly would rather work with anyone else.” Annabeth’s eyes were fully red now and Percy hated himself. He didn’t know how to stop it, how to make it better.
“It was one time with Calypso and because she needed my help with a flat tire but I came back as soon as I could!”
“Well it was too late!”
“C'mon! That was a month ago, surely it doesn’t bother you anymore.”
“You’re a real idiot, aren’t you?!”
Percy rolled his eyes but when they fell on the small crowd gathered for the show he could see some of them nodding in agreement to Annabeth.
She let out a frustrated breath and went at him. Percy was sure she was going to punch him but what she did next surprised him even more. Annabeth Chase kissed him, Perceus Jackson. He was being kissed by Annabeth Chase. THE Annabeth Chase. He let his arms go around her and brought her closer, deepening the kiss.
There were hoots and cheers from the people in the shop but Percy couldn’t care less.
Annabeth Chase freaking liked him.
“Hey, now that you’re all good, can I have my cup of coffee?”
Percy threw at him an empty paper cup while his lips were still attached to Annabeth’s, a development of which he would certainly take advantage of more in the future.

Percy And Annabeth Are Actually Perfect. I Looked Into It.

I firmly believe that Percy’s mixed house is Gryffinpuff. Same as I think Annabeth’s is Slytherclaw. Percy Jackson has NOT A SHREAD OF SLYTHERIN IN HIM. SLYTHERIN’S CARE ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL AND THE ONLY TIME HE’S EVER WANTED CONTROL IS SO THAT HIS LOVED ONES COULD BE SAFE. THOSE ARE HUFFLEPUFF INTENTIONS, EXECUTED WITH A GRYFFINDOR ATTITUDE. I believe that a Slytherin Percy’s story would have turned out much differently. Annabeth however, her fatal flaw is pride. That’s a key trait that indicates she has quite a bit of Slytherin in her. The Ravenclaw parts are very blatant, but if you’re looking for it, the Slytherin parts are too. For instance, the planning. She doesn’t just plan because it’s fun for her, or it’s just an “Athena thing”, she uses it as a coping mechanism, and we get an example of that when her and Piper meet Pain and Panic. She panicked because she didn’t have a plan. Not because she needs a plan to succeed, she’s smart enough to improvise. But because it makes her feel out of control. THAT. IS. SO. SLYTHERIN. (I can even go as far to say that Annabeth’s Slytherin side is more dominant. She’s logical. A Ravenclaw trait is that they’re very dreamy and theoretical. She’s all about facts, and that’s very Slytherin: trying to succeed by blunt truth). BUT!!! THIS ALSO MAKES PERFECT SENSE BECAUSE IT PARTIALLY EXPLAINS WHY PERCY AND ANNABETH ARE LITERALLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.

Annabeth: The mind. Cunning, resourceful, intelligent, quick minded.
Percy: The heart. Brave, caring, loyal, spontaneous, protective.
Annabeth: Offense.
Percy: Defense.

They balance each other out literally perfectly because they are almost complete opposites, and that’s also why they butted heads in the first books too. But after time they realize that they both COMPLETE each other, and make up for the other’s weaknesses.
He’s humble, she’s prideful. He’s loyal to the end, she knows when it’s too late.(See: Their families. They were hurting Annabeth and she knew she needed to get away. She loved her dad but left because of her mom. Percy was being hurt, loved his mom, hated Gabe, but stayed because of his his mom. The parallels aren’t exactly symmetrical but hopefully you can see what I mean.)
So in conclusion, Percy is Hufflepuff at heart, Annabeth is Slytherin at heart, but he shows Gryffindor actions, and she shows Ravenclaw ones.