perceu jackson

Ok but Percy Jackson isn’t just cute or even just hot he’s ACTUALLY ATTRACTIVE BECAUSE OF HIS PERSONALITY like he’s relatable to the readers and he’s not disturbing with millions of sex jokes and he respects Annabeth and gives her credit for how badass she is and admits his faults and ACTUALLY TRIES TO IMPROVE THEM and he loves his mom and he’s just so respectful??? Like???

Percy And Annabeth Are Actually Perfect. I Looked Into It.

I firmly believe that Percy’s mixed house is Gryffinpuff. Same as I think Annabeth’s is Slytherclaw. Percy Jackson has NOT A SHREAD OF SLYTHERIN IN HIM. SLYTHERIN’S CARE ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL AND THE ONLY TIME HE’S EVER WANTED CONTROL IS SO THAT HIS LOVED ONES COULD BE SAFE. THOSE ARE HUFFLEPUFF INTENTIONS, EXECUTED WITH A GRYFFINDOR ATTITUDE. I believe that a Slytherin Percy’s story would have turned out much differently. Annabeth however, her fatal flaw is pride. That’s a key trait that indicates she has quite a bit of Slytherin in her. The Ravenclaw parts are very blatant, but if you’re looking for it, the Slytherin parts are too. For instance, the planning. She doesn’t just plan because it’s fun for her, or it’s just an “Athena thing”, she uses it as a coping mechanism, and we get an example of that when her and Piper meet Pain and Panic. She panicked because she didn’t have a plan. Not because she needs a plan to succeed, she’s smart enough to improvise. But because it makes her feel out of control. THAT. IS. SO. SLYTHERIN. (I can even go as far to say that Annabeth’s Slytherin side is more dominant. She’s logical. A Ravenclaw trait is that they’re very dreamy and theoretical. She’s all about facts, and that’s very Slytherin: trying to succeed by blunt truth). BUT!!! THIS ALSO MAKES PERFECT SENSE BECAUSE IT PARTIALLY EXPLAINS WHY PERCY AND ANNABETH ARE LITERALLY PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.

Annabeth: The mind. Cunning, resourceful, intelligent, quick minded.
Percy: The heart. Brave, caring, loyal, spontaneous, protective.
Annabeth: Offense.
Percy: Defense.

They balance each other out literally perfectly because they are almost complete opposites, and that’s also why they butted heads in the first books too. But after time they realize that they both COMPLETE each other, and make up for the other’s weaknesses.
He’s humble, she’s prideful. He’s loyal to the end, she knows when it’s too late.(See: Their families. They were hurting Annabeth and she knew she needed to get away. She loved her dad but left because of her mom. Percy was being hurt, loved his mom, hated Gabe, but stayed because of his his mom. The parallels aren’t exactly symmetrical but hopefully you can see what I mean.)
So in conclusion, Percy is Hufflepuff at heart, Annabeth is Slytherin at heart, but he shows Gryffindor actions, and she shows Ravenclaw ones.