perception vs reality

Zodiacs: What they seem like (perception) vs what they really are (reality)


Perception: aggressive

Reality: afraid of rejection


Perception: lazy

reality: had enough of people’s bullshit


perception:  two faced

reality: two faced 


perception: cry baby, emotional 

reality: smart ass 


perception: attention seeker

reality: knows how to have fun


perception:  cannot stand unclean surroundings 

Reality: the only thing they are good at is cleanliness 


Perception: people’s person 

Reality: Lonely as Fuck


Perception: Hyper-sexual 

 Reality: Just needs someone to cuddle after the sex 


Perception: Adventurous and high spirited 

Reality: Clingy and afraid of living alone 


Perception: workaholic 



Perception: Honest, Good friends 

Reality: Heart breakers, liars 


Perception: Always heartbroken or sad

Reality:  Always on Tumblr 

I find truest reflection in actions’ effects
As opposed in inconsequential, yet substantial
But too often ineffectual abstract intent

Reality actualised precipitates realisations:

Concrete disillusionment dispels diaphanous delusion of romantic idealism’s misguided impression


The path to paradise
-not a chance in hell-
Wends its weigh of ways’ merit
solely upon our attitude or perception of errant choices,
No matter how fell consequences of attempts well-meant …

—  Image was marred from fallen birth,
and error compounded from there
Death only has jurisdiction over the end,
Not where we go from thence

can you guess which “movie” lucas was more himself in? go ahead guess.

(ps “jumpin’ jehosophat” is an expression that originates from the Bible. and pps in riley’s movie he’s wearing almost exactly the same thing he was wearing when he rode the bull. back to “the fantasy hero” status i guess.)

  • Me, for months: Riley and Lucas aren't really a romance, even if they think they're supposed to be one. Despite their sporadic lipservice to the idea in S2, their general behavior and what they're getting narrative-wise isn't what needs to be happening if they're a legit romance. I do think they'll need to actually try legitimately dating to figure that out for themselves though, and the relationship they'll have probably isn't gonna be significantly different from the non-relationship, not-hitting-the-romance-beats behavior we've already seen.
  • My inbox, for months: shut up u you crazy b*tch u r so stupid y r u so stupid go die
  • Riley and Lucas: *slap the BF/GF label on their relationship without actually discussing how they FEEL aside from talking about how think about talking and how they're glad Riley "fell" on him, proceed to not act like a couple 99.9999% of the time*
  • Me: And that's to say nothing of IDF/Goodbye. So, like I was saying...
Perception vs. Reality

I’m starting to realize that a lot of the disparity and disagreement in the fandom is due to the multi-layered writing of the show. I mean, MJ and company wrote episodes in such a way that you can either take everything you see play out on screen at face value OR you can take into account BMW history, the easter eggs he promised were sprinkled throughout the show and the meta/👀 words they have characters say. Neither is wrong, per say, it’s just a matter of what you’re actually seeing and/or if you’re looking beyond what’s supposedly right in front of you (at this point we know even most of the characters themselves haven’t been doing so). MJ is a genius given that the characters are missing the point at times and I think that can also be the case with us, as viewers.

Having said all that, don’t forget what our common goal is: having more episodes to talk about, argue about and find common ground in in the future.

The enemy is Disney, NOT each other! 😉Get back to signing those petitions, streaming the show, making those airplanes and making those calls! 💛✈️🌎😘


If MJ wanted Riley to like Lucas since day one and live happily ever after and that’s that, then these two up there wouldn’t have existed.

And hey, even if Riley’s the lead, and Lucas is who she’s dating at the moment, there’s no way they need to learn anything about perception vs. reality. Nothing at all—I’d say the movie sequence in Ski Lodge of hers was very realistic!


Perception vs Reality: Hero Edition
  • Perception: Lucas is a "hero."
  • Reality: Lucas is actually a normal eighth grade boy.
  • Perception: A good romantic "hero" is someone who looks the part, pulls off fancy grand gestures, and risks his life for stupid reasons.
  • Reality: A good romantic "hero" is someone who loves you, supports you emotionally, and works hard to ensure your happiness.
  • Farkle (singing): Like meeee?
  • Riley (singing): Not youuuu.
  • Me: Damnit Wiwey, wift your head girl!

Its kind of obvious whats going to ultimately happen in that whole love/romance bullshit on GMW:

- Maya is going to push Lucas away and towards Riley, even when she still has feelings for him, because she believes that is whats best. Plus, her #1 priority is Riley’s happiness, so she would never want to break Riley’s heart, even if that means losing on the chance of her own happiness.

- Riley/Lucas and Maya are all going to learn about perception vs reality and how not everything is fairytale/corpanga romance. The feelings will dissolved and possibly end up at riarkle and/or lucaya, or possibly every finds love with someone completely new or not at all.

perception vs reality with Jaime at Riverrun

Okay, am I the only one who thinks Jaime never actually intended to trebuchet that Tully baby? I see so much commentary on here framing his threat as a reversion to moral bleakness or a sign of the deep mercenary streak still imbuing his character. He’s trying to be Goldenhand the Just, but oh my god, then he goes and threatens to throw a newborn with a catapult, total backslide, progress null. We might as well be back to the pushing-from-tower-window Jaime of old. It’s at least a warning sign, right?

I never read it like that at all, and here’s why.

This entire segment centered, in my opinion, on the division between who Jaime is and who Jaime is perceived to be. At this point we know he is trying to re-embrace justice and honor (or at least figure out what those ideals mean and approximate them as best he can in fucked up circumstances). To the Tullys, he is the amoral and contemptible Kingslayer that we met and disliked in book one, and they treat him as such, refusing to submit to terms (I would argue equally from disgust for him as from other motives). The fascinating part of their negotiations is that, after being received in this way and realizing exactly what they think of him, Jaime learns to use his own reputation and his enemies’ skewed perceptions of his character to his advantage. 

After losing his sword hand, Jaime is forced to abandon action/violence as his only recourse and turn inward: he is learning introspection, and he is learning people, better observing and understanding them than he did before. With this understanding come the issues of politics, maneuvering, and manipulation: taking leverage (even perceived leverage, which at times is just as powerful as a practical display) and betting on how people will react to it. 

I believe that Jaime calculated the situation thus: the Tullys hate him and think he is a dishonorable piece of shit with no moral compass to speak of. His real goal is to end this conflict without bloodshed, but they will never believe that of him. He decides to use the public perception of his former self as a weaponized piece of conceptual leverage. Yes, he tells the Tullys that if they don’t submit he will flagrantly murder Edmure’s newborn child. He says this; he threatens this. But it is my firm belief that Jaime is gambling on the likelihood of this horrible prospect cowing them; I do not think that at this point he is realistically planning to do anything to that kid. 

From their opinions of him, he knows they will believe he would and could and can do such a thing: exhibit A of the use of reputation as an offensive tactic. Whether he actually would or not is, in his mind, almost a non-issue: this negotiation is about appearances more than substance, perception more than reality. 

Would he have gone through with it if the Tullys had continued to refuse? That I can’t say. But he did not actually have to make that decision, and that’s what I believe he was banking on. Jaime has always used demeanor and speech as a shield to uphold a certain presentation of self that, once his POV is revealed, we learn is not particularly true to his inner life. He is sarcastic; he trolls people; he makes outrageous comments for the hell of it; he brags about deeds for which he genuinely feels shame. What Jaime says is sometimes completely removed from who Jaime is and that is why his POV turned us as readers upside down. This is, I think, another instance of him verbally presenting a thing that is not necessarily real; it exists in theory as a prospect, but it was never intended to have to be an action.

And it worked, because Jaime has acquired enough power of human observation to be able to bank on an enemy reaction. Through presenting himself as a bloody, vicious, amoral asshole who will kill your children damnit, he accomplished his real goal of closing this argument without any loss of life.

Was it risky? Certainly. Is he still an asshole? Yes, Jaime will always be kind of an asshole and that’s part of why I love him. Was he really planning with full will and readiness to trebuchet a baby? I honestly don’t think so. 

“Analysts can never ignore ‘the man behind the curtain.’ How are you misinterpreting reality? How is perception leading you astray? Perhaps like Dorothy, your silver-turned-ruby slippers have always given you the answer.” –

Not especially scholarly, but a simple and easy-to-understand little article about themes of perception vs reality in The Wizard of Oz. Riley has been related to Dorothy TWICE via explicit dialogue (GM MSGTW & GMTM), and there have been other allusions to the concept of “the curtain” (which was a “screen” in the novel) throughout GMW—as far back as season one. WoT1, Yearbook, and Ski Lodge 1 all have notable allusions to the concept of “the curtain.”

The showrunner himself has publicly discussed how perception vs reality is a major theme on GMW. (And it’s not as if GMW is the first bit of children’s fiction to feature this theme; hello Dorothy & Alice!) Riley gets related to Dorothy right before Ski Lodge 1-2—a pair of episodes wherein your perception of “the world” affects your interpretation of the story, big time.

Ultimately, we’ve been given two primary choices in terms of perspective as far as “solving” Rucaya goes:

(1) Riley and Lucas are more siblinglike than romantic and the only reason Maya turned out to be “wrong” is because she discovered a secret Riley doesn’t know about herself yet. Maya liked Lucas for a very long time, but because she loves Riley she kept it to herself and used the teasing as a means of dealing with it. Riley was correct in Texas 1 when she had an epiphany about Maya’s feelings.

(2) Maya never actually liked each Lucas. Maya simply “absorbed Riley’s feelings” at some point in S2 because she subconsciously “turned into Riley” in order to “protect” her from Lucas, so Riley was wrong in Texas 1. Riley is absolutely in love with Lucas and Maya was wrong about the brother thing because she’s “too close to Riley to see straight.”

So the question becomes: which of these two perspectives is real and which one is a ‘humbug?’ And was our “Dorothy” misperceiving things in Texas (when her growth was more intact) or in the non-triangle arc (when she’d clearly regressed a good amount)?

And of course, we have our “Alice” (Maya) right there next to Dorothy and the same questions apply. Was she correct in S2? Or was she correct in the non-triangle arc after she went back “through the looking glass” in GM Upstate?

Obviously it is my opinion that option 1 is the reality while option 2 is the humbug, but your mileage may vary.

(And you best believe I’ve got a much much bigger post on this I’m trying to pull together and finish up. 😂)

In terms of actual emotional substance, GM the Truth is Riarkle af.

Lucas and Riley don’t even interact outside of the stage scenes. Lucas knows even less about Riley than she knows about him, so is he trying to recreate the kiss scene because she had a hamster? Or because she knew what foaling was? Or could it MAYBE be that Lucas is competitive as hell and he didn’t want to be upstaged by “that little guy” because he’s SUPPOSED to kiss the girl? I mean, he didn’t think that was his big moment…so what exactly was driving him? I’m guessing a combo of competitiveness and nascent-but-undefined feelings for Riley.

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying Lucas didn’t have ANY Riley feels in Truth because he did, I’m just saying they weren’t substantive or based on anything particularly deep.)

Meanwhile, Riley has this whole plotline about being unable to hurt Farkle to the point where her behavior is damned hypocritical. She’s all over Maya for lying, but she excuses herself. Riley cares so much about Farkle’s feelings that she breaks her own moral code in GM the Truth. And even though it causes him to fail big time, Farkle is GRATEFUL for the way Riley made him feel. Like he was special. That’s a pretty big deal for a “nothing.”

But then Lucas comes out spouting 500 year-old lines from a double suicide scene, talks dismissively about Farkle, and says something vague about moments without even calling Riley by her name—and I’m supposed to believe THAT is budding True Love™ whereas caring for someone so much that you’re willing to lie for days to protect their feelings is just…like a joke or something?

Perception of love vs Reality of love.

What’s more real to Jacobs, do you think? Spouting lines, being dismissive of Riley’s male bff, and vague lines about moments…OR…an actual emotional connection involving protection, care, and gratitude?

Not gonna lie, they totally got me the first time. I was so taken in by the big loud obvious flowery flashiness of the two Rilucas scenes that I didn’t even notice the REAL emotional substance with Riarkle. And that’s to say nothing of Maya visibly picking up on and looking curious (while wearing a cat t-shirt no less) about Lucas’s pointed questions in class whereas Riley just…didn’t pick up on it.

Tricksy, tricksy show.


She had it all
Handed to her on golden pedestals.
She stood shining to all that
would, and always did, see her.
Diamond encrusted perfection.
was her persona, giving
the people that admired her
something to aim for.
Something to think they could
grasp if they worked hard and
dared to dream beyond their means

A beautiful woman they see
when sublime light shine
on perfect skin

“How does she get her skin like that?”
“If I met her, I’d totally ask her out!”


                                                                     Her life was far from perfect.
                                                   In fact, her self-inflicted scars on hidden
                                               places sob the story she cannot tell aloud.
                                                      All the lonely nights, the abusive fights
                                                  and crying herself to sleep, striving to be
                                                  everything her parents worked her to be.
                                                 Few saw her pain, hidden behind a mask
                                                                              of mascara and denial.
                                                          Nobody knew her suicidal thoughts.
                                                      Were those accidents really just that?
                                                Yet still, she smiled, like an obedient child

                                                    A scarred, broken adolescent adult she
                                                               sees every time she looks in the
                                                           massive mirror vanity provided her.

“How do I make the pain go away?”
                                                     "If this works, nobody will ever know…“

                             Bold, black headlines and sorrow
                        spill over silent streets splashed in the
                     morning light, mocking that which few know.

                               HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS DIES

                                           Some will be sad.
                                       Some will be surprised.
                               Everyone will realize that nothing
                                  is EVER what it seems from
                                       the outside looking in.