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Angels huddled in front of convenience store, the bright, white glow being the closest thing looking like home in the streets after dark.

The very first ‘visual concept’ I’m doing in an attempt to decide which project to do for my diploma 

since this one is much more setting than really story I thought I would illustrate the many situations I have until a story starts coming  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[quick edit with lineless vers. too because I think it looks cool k bye]

fire-emblem-husbandos  asked:

Hi there! Can you recommend me some good Fire Emblem blogs to follow?

Hello there! Well let’s see… tbh I kinda mostly follow art blogs I guess?? Haha so I’m not really sure what fe blogs to recommend but these are what I can give :)
@aroejumping (love the art)
@eighty-percent-takumi (love this artist so much ehehe)

Well, I uummm… hope that helps..!

Hey there mateys! I present to thee, a sale upon glorious discount!

Lauren’s Massive Holiday Commission Sale!!! It’s 33% off!

What does this mean exactly? It means my price of $45 is now down to $15 up until christmas!

this means, from today the 27th of November until December 25th, you can get a commission for $15!

( price is $15 USD, exchange rates will apply! )

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