In time to get you in the All Hallow’s Eve spirit- some of the wickedest, weirdest witch paintings & engravings from the centuries and contemporary!

“lascivious acts, brewing, hexing, goat-worshipping, broomstick-flying. For ages, we have been obsessed with the perceived power of Wyrd women to create and to destroy.”

Tell me if I’m wrong here, but if I had to guess, if Wolf 359 was a visual medium? Hera would have been sitting at that table with the rest of the crew in the opening scene in whatever self-concieved manifestation of a body she has in that mind space.

A key part of this episode is emphasising that how we perceive memories is not only part of who we are, it’s what determines how we percieve the world around us and ourselves in real time. Hera in this memory /mispercieves/ herself as being a human, sitting at a table with her human crewmates.

And while it is important to remember that Hera definitely physically and functionally is the station, I’d say it’s even more important to recognise now that she doesn’t perceive /herself/ that way. The fact that others don’t think of her as a person is clearly a point of distress, and while I’m hesitant to say that she thinks of herself as human, I definitely believe that she thinks on some level that if she were human, she might be treated as a person.

Todays Snake Is:

The Western Yellow-bellied Racer (Coluber constrictor mormon) is a nonvenomous snake found in the western United States. These diurnal snakes can be quite defensive, and are known to freely strike at any perceived threat. Despite its scientific name, this snake is not actually a constrictor and instead crushes prey with its jaws before consumption. 


REVIEW: Lady Gaga’s Big Risks Pay Off on ‘Joanne,’ the Album She Was Born to Make - Celebuzz

“Let’s not beat around the bush: Joanne is Lady Gaga’s best album to date and it’s the album that anyone that has paid attention to her career, beyond the club hits and meat dresses, should have been expecting.

It is also an album that takes huge risks by eschewing popular sounds in favor of analog instrumentation, classic songwriting motifs, and an incredibly varied palette of sonic inspirations, including country, folk, pop, electronic, soul, glam and ’70s rock. Creatively, Joanne’s risks pay off spectacularly. Commercially? That may be another story.

After the perceived failure of Gaga’s last pop album, ARTPOP — which, according to Nielsen, is in fact eligible to be certified platinum in the U.S. with 1.4 million sold (SPS) — Gaga could have (should have, according to some) taken the quickest route to a big, friendly radio hit by appropriating trendy sounds and working with the “right” producers. She did, in fact, record almost a full album’s worth of songs with RedOne, the producer with whom she worked on her biggest hits (“Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” “Alejandro,” and others). This news perhaps fueled expectations that she was planning to return to the big dance-pop sounds of her first several albums. As it turns out, only one of the RedOne tracks, “Angel Down,” makes the final cut of Joanne, and he’s only credited as a co-writer, not a producer. What’s more, “Angel Down” is a ballad — an undeniable highlight of the album, arguably her best ballad ever, and a track with the potential to be a career-defining song — so those crossing their fingers for “Poker Face Redux” are shit out of luck. Everyone else is in for something special.

Gaga has been open about wanting to strip away some of the excesses of her persona in order to get people to really hear her music, a feat which will come easily to fans (at least those who weren’t expecting her to remake The Fame Monster), but not to those who are skeptical of her place in the 2016 pop landscape. She’s also been incredibly vocal about her musical influences since Day One of her career. Though most people are quick to point to Madonna— fair enough, but also: let it go —  Gaga has always been more comfortable citing artists likeDavid Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Neil Young, Marc Bolan, and the like as the biggest influences on her artistry. While Gaga previously nodded to those influences in ways both subtle and explicit, Joanne sees her, for the first time on a studio album, outright embracing them while also revisiting the kind of music she made before achieving fame. The result is Gaga’s most timeless and diverse collection yet. This will excite many and disappoint some, but either way, it marks a major turning point in Gaga’s career.

Much is already being made about the “toned-down” nature of the Joanne era, with many fretting over Gaga’s decision to ditch the outlandish costumes (see: crop tops and daisy dukes) and behemoth dance songs (see: “Million Reasons“). The thing is, a few specific songs aside, Joanne is not a stripped-back affair. Thanks to the talents of Mark Ronson andBloodPop, who produced the entire album along with Gaga, Joanne’s sounds are cleaner, more organic, more modern, and less cluttered than they were on any previous Gaga record. But it’s hardly minimalist, or even understated. As a whole body of work, it speaks more thoroughly about Gaga (both the character and the human) than any of her previous releases. The big choruses, the clever hooks, the party anthems, the name-brand whiskey whispers, the political messaging, the theatricality: it’s all still here. Joanne is a Lady Gaga album, through-and-through, but it’s an edited, streamlined, and ultimately more personal creation that amalgamates Gaga’s past, present, and future.”

(read the whole review + track by track here)

i can’t believe the whole thing with that picture from 5x04 being in john’s journal became such a big deal and some ppl are cERTAIN IT IS GOING TO MEAN ANYTHING IN TERMS OF DESTIEL OH MY FUCKIGN GOD

ok:::::::::::::::::::::: cas was literally blurred out of the picture. the other hunters in the picture were also partially out of focus with the exception of bobby. this is not a freaking Huge Secret™ we should be trying to crack. they obviously put that picture there as a way of highlighting bobby’s importance in sam and dean’s lives, a way of saying “look, mary is going to learn about sam and dean’s surrogate father!!”. it was not meant to be perceived as a picture from The End, but just a picture of bobby.

“why couldn’t they have picked another pic, then? why be so careless and use that picture from 5x04?” are you seriously surprised? like are you aware this is spn??? the show that can’t bother to put 4 actors in the same room to take promo pics for posters and instead just photoshops the actors’ heads on their s1 bodies??????? lmao boy byEEEE

“but this director is so careful ://///” he may as well be, so much so that he at least bothered to get cas blurred out of the fucking pic. doesn’t mean he was willing to get off his ass and dig up a picture of bobby and/or jim beaver for the shot.

“but how could dean bring the pic back from an alternative future???” again, the pic was nOT MEANT TO BE PERCEIVED AS A PIC FROM 5x04. so theoretically dean didn’t bring back shit. at this point i’m wondering why yall are even questioning continuity issues in an episode where the line “Lucifer can’t be sent in the cage while in a vessel” was literally uttered, rendering seasons 5/6/7 obsolete.

if anything, this just proves cas means shit in all this. they couldn’t bother to get a pic from bobby, so they just picked one cas is part of and blurred him tf out, bc after all, he’s not family or worthy to have a pic of himself in the Sacred Journal™

so yeah i guess what i’m trying to say is basically,

When mystics use the word love, they use it very carefully~ in the deeply spiritual sense, where to love is to know; to love is to act. If you really love, from the depths of your Consciousness, that love gives you a native wisdom. You perceive the needs of others intuitively and clearly, with detachment from any personal desires; and you know how to act creatively to meet those needs, dexterously surmounting any obstacle that comes in the way. Such is the immense, driving power of love.
—  Eknath Easwara

I’ve reached this beautiful point in my life where I’m studying no longer for the sake of grades alone but also for knowledge. Quite unbelievable coming from a grade-conscious freak also known as me, but lately I’ve been treating studying not as a burden but rather an opportunity to better myself. And honestly I’ve never felt this vibrant. I’ve realized that the first few months of my life this school year has constantly revolved around the pressure of having to be the kind of person i am perceived/expected to be. But that’s just the worst, most disgusting decision I’ve ever made. And I’m so proud I was able to get off those exhausting chains. I am learning to become happier, more contented and just become a better, nicer, softer person in general. I am so proud of myself. And I am so glad that this is no longer just a concept.

so i’m still coming to the realization that people are going to hate me no matter what i do and no matter what i stand for. i can’t control how people perceive me, and i can’t control whether or not they believe false words about me. all i can do is be happy with myself and what i believe in. it’s a tough realization, and hard to accept, but i’m doing my very best!! 

also if you feel so strongly that you want to pay people ten dollars to stop putting me on your dash you might want to think about blacklisting my name with xkit. a link can be found to the extension here

A Theory on Vampire Knight Memories

Firstly, I can’t believe I’m doing another post on this. No matter how small it is. Secondly I want it very clear that I don’t believe we will get a full flesh resurrection of Yuuki and my reasoning for that is endless. But mostly it’s because I have to ask myself: ‘what’s the point?’. How would that, in any way, improve the plot? What purpose would it have?

Having said that, I understand how Kaname and Ai’s reaction to the possibility of resurrecting Yuuki could be perceived as foreshadowing, but Hino herself had Yuuki die to bring Kaname back to life for a reason. Hino had them separated for a reason. Hino had Yuuki narrate a chapter in past tense where she said, ‘a short while after I too came to erase my existence from this world’. She did all those things for a reason.

If Yuuki were to be resurrected in whatever form I doubt it would be so Kaname and Yuuki could be together. If they couldn’t make it work the first time, how could they possibly make it work the second? If the answer is because Zero is no longer alive, and thus Yuuki no longer craves his blood alone, then that kind of makes my point even more valid. Again, what is the point? What purpose does it have?

Moreover, there is no information to show just how Yuuki could be resurrected. All that remains of her is her heart yeah nice retcon that you added in there Hino.

I really love how no one has pointed out just how exactly Kaname would survive tearing out Yuuki’s heart from his chest and somehow magically trying to use pureblood blood that he doesn’t have anymore to recreate a body that she no longer has. Or how exactly he is meant to survive such an experience. Not even Hino could write that in a way that’s believable.

If she were to be resurrected the only plausible way I could see is for her to come back as his child - the child Kaname holds in his hands in the extra chapter ‘Life’. The child Yuuki wished for him to have. Except this time Hino may rectify their ‘mad love’ and recreate it through the familial love it was meant to be. It’s quite possible this dream of Yuuki’s is actually a premonition she had of her future, similarly to a Kaname’s gift and the way he saw Yuuki before her birth the first time. Again, there are many holes in that theory as well.

The most likely theory I can imagine happening is something similar to what happened with the Hooded Woman, in which she appears to Kaname as an ‘imprint’ and he tells her to 'move on’ as she has done enough. In both cases both Yuuki and the Hooded Woman sacrificed themselves for Kaname, but also live on as a fragment and nothing more. This would be another parallel. A parallel that Kaname himself has made when comparing the two.

The way I’d imagine it working out is that Kaname recovers his memories, while somehow remaining human. After realising that their love was flawed, the way Yuuki came to terms with it, he then somehow 'brings out’ Yuuki’s imprint from inside him and tells her that she too has 'done enough’ and that he will find his own happiness, in which she too will smile painfully like the Hooded Woman and leave him after completing her 'purgatory’. Thus Kaname starts a fresh with another woman and a child in his arms, soaking in the sunshine, leaving Yuuki to have the premonition she has in 'Life’ fulfilled. This to me seems like the most logical theory, and I am emphasising the word theory here.

But then again, I just feel like what is the point? It just seems to me that the whole point of Yume was that it wasn’t meant to be even though it was supposed to be. Zero and Yuuki weren’t supposed to beyet they were meant to be. That against all odds they somehow fell in love and couldn’t imagine being with any one else. Zero and Yuuki found love as humans. It’s no coincidence that Yuuki wishes for Kaname to ‘quench his thirst’ which we all know is Vampire for 'fall in love’, but this time as a human.

So again, I don’t really see how Yuuki’s resurrection would help the storyline, when Hino chose to have Yume a part for a reason, unless it was her imprint being removed to help him move on and help her find peace.

But then again, what’s the point?

anonymous asked:

I was just trying to understand. Sorry it bothered you so much.

No need to apologize. I just assumed you were a troll.

The thing is, it’s usually not hard to identify a trans woman. Hormones and surgery will radically change one’s appearance, but things like bone structure and voice tone are really hard to alter. Facial feminization and vocal chord shaving surgeries are dangerous, expensive and painful, so most trans women don’t get them. Also, the kind that likes to pressure lesbians into unwanted sex is also usually the kind that works in IT and calls women “bitches” and “cunts” when they get turned down. Male socialized behavior is the biggest giveaway.

While I believe it’s possible for a male to transition and be socially perceived as a woman, sexual attraction is not about social roles and gendered expectations. Lesbians, by definition, are not interested in males, regardless of their presentation. A lesbian can be forced or guilted or coerced into having sex with a male, but this does not change her attractions. You can’t change someone’s sexuality with violence, threats or emotional manipulation. The pressure lesbians are under to accept trans women as sex partners is not even really about attraction, but about validating an identity (if I fuck a lesbian it means I’m a real woman) and about the very male thrill of breaking women’s boundaries (she said no but I’ll disregard it and get what I want anyway). They’re not looking for connections or love. It’s a power trip.

And honestly, I’m so done with the trans discourse on this website. Everyone can see the bullshit, most people just keep quiet because they don’t want to be threatened and harrassed, or because they are trying so hard to be accepting and unbiased that they ignore their critical thinking. A good part of trans tumblr is simply a bunch of garden-variety misogynistic MRAs and fetishists who are just enjoying their new socially accepted way of treating women like crap. I’ve never seen any gender activist around here do anything concrete to help LGBT people. It’s all about coddling the feelings of nasty men who openly write about their violent fantasies of murdering women and celebrating porn and prostitution. Absolutely despicable.

I’m fucking done, dude.

I have noticed that recently, quite a few of the girls I follow have been stricken with what feels like a demand, for lack of a better term. They feel a pressure to post the same style consistently, in the same colour scheme, to keep their followers happy. Of course, I love making everyone happy, so naturally I feel as if I’d feel a bit of concern too…but above all, I post what makes me happy. It shouldn’t matter if it breaks the flow of colours, a theme, or even how people perceive you to be. If it’s true and honest to yourself, that’s what is most important. If you always colour in the lines, you’ll run out of space to colour. ♡

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Fun Science Fact: red hair and freckles actually come from the same gene. Anyone who freckles carries the red head gene, but may not express it. And any red head without freckles technically is the result of a random genetic mutation, which is why they are so rare.

Ooh, that is helpful, thank you! Freckles really aren’t my thing (they’re not unattractive, of course, they just don’t appeal to me personally) so I’ve always sort of carried around this pie-in-the-sky mental image of an porcelain-complected redhead - which interestingly enough, is exactly how Katniss describes Lavinia in THG, so it was inevitable that I would adore her. :) Is there any kind of a genetic connection between red hair and various eye colors, by chance? Like I said, I rarely see pics of redhaired girls with brown eyes (of course, my HG books are currently across the country but I believe it’s canon that Lavinia’s eyes are hazel? which in WtM is perceived by Katniss as somewhere between “caramel” and “gold”), and only slightly more frequently see redhaired men with blue eyes (they’re usually green/hazel/brown).

And for that matter, do you have any clever insights on the connection/lack thereof between hair color and body hair color? :D I know the blond hair/red beard thing isn’t terribly uncommon, but does it mean you’re a blond with a recessive red hair gene/similar? (I envision Lavinia as being the reverse: red hair but dark brows, etc.)

And someday we’ll talk about how red hair crept into Peeta’s mother’s family, wholly without my intention… ;)

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*sigh* I'm a finnrey shipper but some in my fandom are getting their hopes up with JJ's tfa commentary. He was explaining what was happening in their first scene before Rey knew Finn lied about who he was, Abrams was not talking about what will happen in the future unfortunately. Some of us totally ignored when John Boyega flat out said him & Daisy weren't playing it as romance but only as a friendship. Then said romance in this trilogy won't go the way people think. Sorry but I believe John.

Thanks for getting in touch. I understand where you’re coming from, and think you’re talking about what’s actually a very common phenomenon across fandoms on Tumblr (in my experience). People - whether FinnRey or Reylo - have an annoying tendency to seize on anything that they perceive as proof or support for their ship/theory, loudly proclaiming it proof irrespective of other factors and evidence. This is natural and I do it as well, but I think it’s important not to lose perspective. I wouldn’t see FinnRey is a dead duck, but I would say it seems very unlikely given John’s comments.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is out of your bounds, but I'm currently questioning my gender. A lot of it is, I think, that I'm unlearning what gender *isn't* (physical characteristics and gender roles) but at the same time I don't have a clear idea of what gender *is.* Do you have any thoughts on that subject?

Eden Says:

For the most part, to start off a bit flippantly, gender… isn’t. 

A bit more seriously, however, gender is really perceived and enacted differently for everyone, which is why I say that it “isn’t.” You can’t really pin down one set of rules and boundaries for what gender might be overall, it’s a piece of individual identity. 

Basically speaking, the most any one person can tell you on what gender is is how it is for them specifically. For instance, I kinda perceive my own gender as a piece of my mind, a set of what I have described before as pink sparkles up in the corner of my mind. To someone else, that probably has very little meaning, and is most likely completely nonsensical, but to me, it’s a knowledge of a piece of who I am. 

The first step to determining what gender is for you is… self-introspection. Discover your identity as a person, and from there, if you haven’t already found what your gender is from that alone, it probably won’t be too difficult to use that as a jumping off point to find it.

I apologize for my inability to answer this question solidly, but I hope my ramblings here help you out!


Ok It’s 1 am and I am getting VERY NOSTALGIC about this certain day so I’m just going to share a few pictures I took and note how I could only afford the cheapest seats BUT during the encore we managed to sneak in to the most expensive area and we got like THIS CLOSE to David and I am pretty sure I died there and what I am currently perceiving as “the rest of my life” is not real. Also his car drove right past us after the show.

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Is it just me or did Seth letting Kisa feed from him seem really odd considering that he's been pretty obvious about how much he hates Richie's vampire status? I really hope Seth and Kisa don't become a "thing" because 1) sleeping with your bros ex is kind of gross, 2) everything Kisa did in season 1/2, 3) I think Richie would be very hurt, not because he still has romantic feelings for Kisa but because for him it would just be another instance of Seth being perceived as 'better' then him.

You pretty much hit the nail on the head anon.

Those are basically my feelings on Sethtanico although I have nothing against its shippers. I’m glad 3x08 gave them a little something. But story-wise I’m going to be critical of it based on Santanico’s treatment of Richie in the past seasons of Dusk. Seth should not be with the person who abused his brother let alone feed that person his blood BEFORE his brother! That just does not sit right with me. 

And furthermore I’m a little peeved that the writers have had Seth accept all these other culebras BUT NOT RICHIE. Did you see his face when Seth walked out with that bite mark?! He looked hurt. I mean yes this was great character development for Seth. And I know there was a hint of Richie feeling proud of his brother’s acceptance because it means he’s one step closer to accepting him. HOWEVER being a culebra is one of the reasons Seth rejected Richie in the first place! Seth dropped all of his affections for his brother mainly because of the whole culebra thing and revered to him as a monster.

Its just disheartening that Seth’s relationship with Richie isn’t what’s helping him to warm up to culebras. The brothers already have so many unresolved issues between them and Santanico is yet again adding another layer to those issues. Richie hasn’t forgotten the way she treated him and his resentment towards her is growing steadily. This had to have stung because again she’s messing with the most important relationship in his life. For me this felt like Kisa/Santanico was treading on forbidden territory which is the Geckos sacred bond with each other. 

Richie’s face was literally like “WTF that is my brother! no one but me should be feeding on him to regenerate!” and can you blame him?? Richie’s been suffering all season, desperate for someone to talk to and the one person he’s needed the most has been rejecting him so much. This moment for me was more salt on the wound because Seth should not be all fuzzy towards the woman who not only hurt his brother but tried to take him away from Seth. AND HE STILL HASN’T FORGIVEN RICHIE FOR LEAVING HIM!! So that is why I have major issues with the Sethtanico relationship. I would have a different thought process had she’d been written more remorseful and guilt-ridden of the harm she’s caused Richie emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically.

We were just reminded of this 2 episodes ago when Amaru kidnapped Richie in 3x06 and f**ked with his mind in a similar format that Kisa/Santanico did in S1 and S2. But Dusk fans seem to have a short memory of that and that’s what’s so infuriating. Richie is always held to a higher standard than everyone else on this show. Fans paint him as the monster and the ultimate villain when Seth, Santanico, Sex Machine and others are just as bad if not worse. Santanico has demonstrated more monstrosity than Richie and is yet revered as a goddess, queen or a saint. Just goes to show you double-standards. 

Anyway those are my thoughts on that anon.