Aries: Rain - Forever fluctuating in its intensity and purpose, sometimes it will weep for months, or cry tears of joy only for a few seconds. One day it’ll pound on your head, the next it’ll be as if tiny droplets are stroking your cheeks

Taurus: Clouds - A bewildering paradox, floating freely in the sky despite weighing millions of pounds. Sometimes they cry, but most of the time it just meanders, indulging in the luxuries which come with desparate carelessness

Gemini: Lakes - Often illustrated by the rumors and legends which both harrass and caress them. Only by seeing it for yourself are you able to understand and appreciate its beauty, its quirks, its depth

Cancer: Tears - Not the kind that flow out like a downpour, the subtle ones. The ones that only escape your eyes because you feel such an immense sense of emptiness that sadness seems to be the only thing that feels real

Leo: Snowfall - Inviting, chilling, and its beauty eternal. Pretty as it may be, the weight it carries is infinitely more than one can comprehend at first glance

Virgo: Ocean Waves - A sense of music can almost be perceived from the rhythm of their pulses. It pulls you in only to push you back out, and offers a new mystery just when you thought you’ve figured it all out

Libra: Coursing Rivers - The same water that both gives life and takes it, the water that’s strong enough to erode rocks yet gentle enough for fish to thrive in

Scorpio: Trenches - Nothing without its secrets, the sense of mystery which it resonates is a quality which frightens but also excites.

Sagittarius: Hurricanes - Intimidating, awesome, and a with a reputation which precedes them wherever they may go. Perhaps they don’t mean to hurt those around them, or perhaps those around them were simply not strong enough

Capricorn: Snowflakes - Though created in the face of cold adversity, their beauty can only be met by their fragility. Perhaps they keep cold, so they won’t break when they crash into their own emotions

Aquarius: Dew Drops - Relaxing upon the tips of blades of grass, like a little child
standing on the roof of a tall, green edifice. The world is theirs to dream about, and perhaps one day theirs to explore

Pisces: Puddles - Bodies that become mirrors of the sky, reflecting the vast blue expanse above it. Their gentleness never allows them to remain for too long, and leave as the sun invites them to the sky again

Spell to Make People Perceive You as the Correct Gender


You will need:
A locket
An index card
A writing utensil

Write all the qualities you want to be perceived as on an index card (ie: “masculine,” “androgynous,” “flat-chested,” etc). You can write your pronouns and name on the card as well. Fold the card up as tightly as possible and hold it up to your heart.
Visualize people talking to you and about you and using the correct pronouns, name, etc. As you visualize, chant:
“I am (your name).
"I am (your gender).
” I will be seen as (your gender).
“I am (qualities you wrote).
” I will be referred to as (your pronouns).
“My gender will be accepted, acknowledged, and respected.
"This is my will, so mote it be.” (Replace ending with whatever your tradition calls for.)
Put the folded up index card in the locket and wear it whenever you feel you need to.

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You know, when I was a teenager it absolutely pissed me off when people over the age of 18 referred to me as a child. My friends & I wanted to be taken seriously in communities so we never pulled the "just a child" excuse whenever shit went down. Now it seems that anyone a month under the age of 18 is like "uwu im just an innocent minor dont call me out or ill accuse you of being a pedo & child abuser." It's just so weird to me cuz my generation was the opposite. I wonder why it changed.

It changed because of the leverage of perceived victimhood, and the ability of social media to bring together the social outcasts of society that view themselves as such.  When brought together, these people become a co-dependent group of enablers.  Rather than going through the natural cycle of emotional maturity, they reinforce each other’s flaws, assuring each other that they don’t need to change.  They don’t take the time to self-reflect, and miss out on valuable psychological growth

Eventually. when you have enough people like this, they feel emboldened to take their resentment out on others, particularly those that resemble the people who have mocked or rejected them in the past (hence the trend of blaming majority groups for their own social ineptitude).  If they didn’t feel as though they had people to support and praise them for this, they wouldn’t do it.  They also wouldn’t do it face-to-face: The internet allows them to take this passive-aggressive stance without real-world consequences.

They then discovered that certain issues in life can be used as an invulnerable shield, because there are taboos that elicit knee-jerk responses that people are afraid to question, lest they appear to support them.  Thus continues the leverage of victimhood, except now it’s dragging serious topics down into the mud with it.  In the process, these people can pretend to be “heroes” and receive praise for doing absolutely nothing.  It’s a game of “Look at how good of a person I want you to think I am!”.  Once they realized they could use this ploy to achieve the kind of popularity online that they never could in real life, all bets were off.

The full-scale attack on adulthood is likely due to being corrected by adults on their behavior, or others trying to hold them accountable for it.  They don’t want that–they want to be childish and petty, because it makes them feel better about themselves to put down others.  Adulthood in general terrifies them, because it means there will no longer be anyone to spoil them, or make excuses for them.

It’s like that one episode of “Chowder” where everyone pretended to be babies to get out of having to work.  Except it backfires in that you will then be treated like a baby in everything else.  It’s an incredibly unhealthy mindset that is, frankly, holding these people back socially, emotionally, and psychologically.

I—and most other radfems I know—used to be libfems. We used to actively support trans women in female spaces and defend against the perceived violence of misgendering.

You can’t blame our views on disgust or fear of trans people. I became a radical feminist when it became obvious to me that the current trans movement came at the expense of women.


@litladiesnetwork’s second event: minor female characters
↳ levana blackburn, the lunar chronicles

Vanity is a factor, but it is more a question of control. It is easier to trick others into perceiving you as beautiful if you can convince yourself you are beautiful. But mirrors have an uncanny way of telling the truth.

To have a stellium is possibly one of the hardest things to deal with. I am only saying that based on my observation of people with a stellium. I do not have a stellium, but from my eyes, this is how I perceive you guys:

Too much personal energy is being focused into one House and that is difficult in itself. When you have so much personal energy going into one area of your life, it is far too easy for you to get tipped over. If I am being brutally honest here, you would expect someone with a stellium to be really good in that area of their life right? Someone with a 7th House stellium to be successful in relationships, attract a lot of people into their life, be focused on marriage and their relationships with other people right? NOPE! Upon my observation of plenty of people with a 7th House stellium, they do center their life around things pertaining to the 7th House, but they are anything but successful and stable in that area of their life. I’ve never seen someone have so many enemies than someone with a 7th House stellium and I have never seen someone be so emotionally invested into a relationship that is absolutely no good for them and they want out than someone with a 7th House stellium. 

A stellium is, in my humble opinion, is extremely difficult to deal with.

Another observation of mine is people with a 3rd House stellium vs me being 3rd House dominant. I know far too many people with a 3rd House stellium, in fact a close family member of mine has a 3rd House stellium. I’ve noticed that communication is something that they value and, like anyone with a stellium, they base their life around this one House. But it is so difficult for them to grasp onto proper communicating techniques. They usually have trouble expressing themselves, they can grow frustrated with this inability to express themselves and they may doubt themselves far too many times regarding their written work. Some, I’ve even noticed, had a speech problem growing up or could even have a speech problem now. I do not have a 3rd House stellium, but I am 3rd House dominant. I have both my Sun and Mercury in the 3rd House and communication comes easily to me. I was and still am a fast learner and I have never really had a problem with the 3rd House. I found myself to be somewhat stable in that area of my life and that is possibly due to the fact that not so much energy is being placed there as opposed to someone with a 3rd House stellium.

I have one last observation that I want to write about and that’s a 1st House stellium. My mother has a 1st House stellium, I’ve dated someone with a 1st House stellium and I, personally, know many people with a 1st House stellium. The 1st House is the House of Self, it is what we identify ourselves with and it is how people see us. From what I’ve observed, a 1st House stellium is an identity crisis. Based on my observation from countless of people with a 1st House stellium, I observed that they are constantly switching up and happen to adapt incredibly quick to their surroundings. Now, adapting is never a negative trait! In fact, it is key to survival if I’m being honest here. What I mean by adapting incredibly quick, I mean that these people with the 1st House stellium often lose their own opinion in others. They may think one thing and then choose to identify with something else to fit the other persons standards and view points. It is almost as if they are trying far too hard to find their own identity, that they can completely lose themselves as a person through this.

i can go on and on about people with a stellium in different Houses because I feel as though I am being plagued by them wherever I go. Never has anyone said that having a stellium is going to be an easy thing, so if you have one you already know that it is not easy. It is not easy having to pour so much into this one area of your life and whenever you fall short of something or feel as though you aren’t successful enough in that one area of your life; you are failing. Everything can seem like it is crashing down on you because of all the energy into one House. I have observed and dealt with far too many people with any stellium imaginable and so I do believe that I can speak on this topic because I am well informed. I may not know for a fact what people with a stellium can deal with, but I have a good idea. 

My inference is that a stellium is never good nor is it bad. Since these are personal planets and luminaries we are talking about in one House, it is ever changing like how you are ever changing. It can be good one second and bad the next. You can feel on top of the world one second and have the Earth crumble down beneath you the other. 

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The last two times split cards have shown up they've had a "gimmick" -- fuse and aftermath. Are you worried that going back to "normal" split cards again would be perceived as boring, or are all split cards from now on all going to have an additional mechanic?

We still make vanilla creatures even though we make new creature keywords. Split cards also have a lot more design space than the restricted versions.

me to jill soloway in a low whisper: jill I just gotta tell you before it’s too late. you have this trans thing all wrong Jill
they: i do?
me, lower whisper: jill it’s not about a neutral spectrum of feminine to masculine people with people like you and me in the middle . gender isn’t fun Jill it’s a matrix of power created to perpetuate patriarchy …we all exist within or outside maleness depending on the context and cultural reading of our bodies in this hell world. either is painful and to try to justify your exit from womanhood rhetorically , or to perceive it as liberating you or a revelation, is to rend and tear your own ability to comprehend and get close to taking down these and other systems of power .
Jill: I thought it was just the new way . isn’t everyone trans ? isn’t being tr
me: (wearily) oh Jill !!! oh jill! I don’t even watch your shows !!

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What do runes mean?

Runes are a series of letters in the ancient Germanic alphabet, used before the Latin alphabet came in as a replacement. There are multiple kinds of runic alphabets, such as the Younger Futhark, Elder Futhark, and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. The word comes from the ancient Germanic root run-, meaning “whisper” or “secret”. As such, the runes stand for multiple meanings besides their letters, such as bravery, and knowledge, similar to characters.

Modern witches and NeoPagans often use runic letters for magic based on those meanings, as well as for divination. There’s contradictory historical evidence that the runes meant what many perceive them to mean nowadays. Nonetheless, the use of runes is popular (I use them all the time!). Especially before sigils became a big thing only a couple years ago.

Have a good one (`ω ´ )

its funny that people perceive lesbians as aggressive because were like statistically proven to be the most loving and nurturing parents and people also make jokes about lesbians like… loving each other too much (uhaul, the lesbian urge to merge, etc) so like lesbians just make you uncomfortable i think

cishet men who are dating bisexual women and cishet men who are dating trans women (who are either straight or bisexual) abuse and sexually assault them for different reasons, but i’d wager that bi women vs trans women are abused by these men for a few similar reasons: fetishization (of bisexuality vs of trans womanhood), display of masculinity (rooted in power and control - abuse a bi woman to show that he possesses her attraction to all people, including her attraction to women, and abuse a trans woman to show that he isn’t “gay” for being attracted to a trans woman and that dating her does not emasculate him), and coercion (straight men believe that bi women will cheat on them because of the belief that bi women are always led astray vs straight men believe that society will call them gay if they’re openly dating and loving a trans woman, thus because of these external stereotypes, cishet men punish the bi woman or trans woman they’re dating and blame them for their perceived emasculation). 

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Do people in Russia ever use 'pardon' as a way of saying sorry? I mean if I were to do it, would it be normal or unusual? My mother tongue is a Slavic language as well and we use it quite often, so I'm just wondering.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand your question. Do you mean the word ‘pardon’ (пардон)? Or its Russian translation “простите”?

Of course, Russians say простите when it is appropriate. Пардон is a bit fancy, and it would be perceived like that - like you are using a fancy language. It is fine and, sometimes, nice, but it is not a stylistically neutral word, it is playful, kidding… Something like that. 

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Except that Kimi never asked for a pit stop but was called in. Ferrari should have made sure that he comes out where there is no traffic but no, they screwed him over like so many times before. It's clear that the team is favoring Seb, already last year whenever Kimi was faster they managed to get Seb on front of him. I do think that often Seb is quicker and Kimi is not as fast as he once was, but he does not deserve to be treated like this.


if Kimi did not request the stop but simply asked if he has to stop, then I perceived the team radio wrong, sorry for that. It doesn’t change the fact that he had to stop to react to Valtteri. I politely disagree with you on that. It is common that the leading driver gets the first pit stop and nobody could have known that this would be a wrong decision. The traffic was unfortunate, but Kimi couldn’t bring the times after he was out of it either (his first 1:15 lap was during Seb’s inlap, so far too late). Today couldn’t have been pre-planned except if they have some kind of wizard who can look into the future on their team. And if you look at Red Bull who did the same, you could hear that Max was angry as well. Kimi and he were both unfortunate today but you can’t blame the team for choosing the better strategies. So from my point of view, definitely no team order today and I have seen lots of TV experts and commentators agree with what I first thought.

I can’t really comment on the other stuff since I’m not a Ferrari Insider and do not know what’s going on there. But I agree that Kimi should be treated with nothing but respect and Seb has said multiple times that he doesn’t want team orders (cue no team orders in China and Seb stuck behind Kimi for quite some laps), so I hope they stick to no teamorders for longer.

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it’s almost as if ppl are incapable of base level empathy and compassion and can’t fathom how painful it must be to have lost ur daughter and then go to work every day in the hospital where ur daughter died on the bathroom floor bc ur colleagues didn’t provided her w the level of care she ought have received. it’s almost as if ppl don’t *care* to empathise w her bc they view her in relation to her partner and their preferred character and thus perceive her as an entity…
there to serve the wants and needs of another person and that their role in life to to make that other person happy, rather than her being a person in her own right w her own needs and wants who is *also* in a partnership w another person with whom *they both* care and support and love the the other one bc they are a *team* w a back ad forward flow of energy and care and not a parasitic relationship in which one sucks the life out of the other and gives nothing back   
i mean, oh wait, yeah, now i remember, all characters exist to serve ppl’s fave bc one person in a relationship is more important than the other all the time bc they’re the fave yeah bc that’s totally legit and cool and healthy and good yeah totes    

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Uliro Week Day 1


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He had always been fascinated with astronomy, in a distant sense. It had never been his expertise, but he would look at the swirling nebulae and distant galaxies with a certain sense of vivid curiosity. If the Blade hadn’t asked that his specialty remain more physical, he would have happily thrown himself into the study of the heavens that they lived in every single day, traversing the universe and finding those little anomalies, the pocket dimensions and wormholes that even now, he didn’t entirely understand.

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do you think in IHQ the part that says "you've got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart" is about her faith with god and how some people see homosexuality is a sin and about her and Lauren could be tearing her faith apart? just a thought x

I mean it’s up to interpretation sweets - I personally think the “faith” here is the faith in their relationship, in the odds, and the fact that Camila believed they could truly be together publicly but by thinking that it was impossible Lauren broke that faith. That’s how I perceived it, but there are many different ways to interpret it 😊

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What are Snape's philosophies on sleeping with previous students?

I think the major consideration here has to be what sort of man Severus is himself - if he’s someone who is quite confident in his sexual behaviour, then I think he would react very differently to a shy, awkward presentation of Severus.  

I cannot think that the latter, for example, would wish to put himself in a position of perceived weakness with a former student - to invite ridicule or critique, nor to permit another to see his vulnerability.  In those readings of Severus, I cannot see him sleeping with a previous student at all.

But in presentations of Severus where he is a confident partner, I think the question is more involved.  If he’s not concerned about embarrassing himself, or being exposed to another, then it really does come down to whether or not he feels there is a conflict of interest and whether the other partner has moved past a problematic power dynamic.

Personally, I’ve always headcanoned (for a sexually motivated Severus) that when he was younger, he’d always sleep with people a few years older.  Once he got to around 28, I think he started to encounter adults who were 23-25 and he didn’t connect them with being ex-students; perhaps they hadn’t made an impression, hadn’t studied Potions at NEWT, too many names to remember etc - and I think the first time he realised, he was horrified.

I think it was a bit of a lament of his that he couldn’t have an encounter with someone who was younger.  I always used to headcanon that he would venture out to Muggle clubs and bars to let off some steam, safe in the knowledge that nobody would know him.

I suppose I see a rather more sexually motivated Severus eventually coming to terms with the fact that his ex-students are fully fledged adults and realising that some people may be attracted to him, and he them, without Hogwarts being an issue.  However, I think he would struggle if he thought someone was fantasising about sleeping with Professor Snape instead of the man Severus.

But I don’t see him as someone who would covet a relationship with someone just out of Hogwarts.  I think that most teachers struggle to see an 18 year old as an adult, because they’ve seen them grow up from the age of 11.  

I think there’s two ways to dispel that - the first is time, and the second is experience.  I suppose I sort of headcanon that Tonks would fall into this - that she would be able to demonstrate that she’s lived a whole new life as an auror, having spent 3 years in the Ministry with Moody, and I think that would give Severus just enough separation to see her as a woman rather than a student.

Interesting question.

“What Does God Mean to You?”

So the other day I was talking with one of my physicist friends who is atheist but nevertheless has always been interested in my faith.

We were talking for awhile about my experience in the church and what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, when she asked me, “So what does God mean to you?”

Now, I had to pause for a second, because I didn’t have a nice soundbite-y answer to the question. (Although maybe in the future this would be good to have.) God means so much to me that it wasn’t easy to distill down to a single, succinct answer on the spot.

But then, before I could answer, my friend realized that her initial question was really broad and asked a second question: “Why do you believe that it was God who created the universe?”

These two questions struck me because together they illuminate so much about how other people perceive our faith. I have always, first and foremost, seen my faith as about my relationship with Jesus, as a savior and a guide and a friend.

But my atheist friend immediately jumped to the conclusion that my faith was primarily about trying to explain the universe. She has always wondered why I would so strongly believe in God, when (in my own admission) “in the beginning there was God” is not really any more compelling than “in the beginning there was Schrodinger’s equation.”

I am the first to admit this. I don’t believe in God just to explain the origin of the universe; I believe in God because of how They have worked directly in my life and the lives of those around me. I believe in God because I know the power of a personal relationship with Jesus.

Almost all Christians I have talked to feel the same way about their faith. Yet so many nonreligious people I have talked to are convinced that Christians (and other people of faith) only believe in God to “explain science.”

If we want to bring more people into the light of Christ, this is a myth we absolutely need to dispel. Ken Ham isn’t helping with this. Instead, we need actual scientist Christians to step forward and talk about what our faith really means to us. The scientific method isn’t what points us to God – it’s the cross of Jesus.