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xpegasusuniverse asked:

Prompt: Annabeth, in the wake of her horrendous break up with her ex-boyfriend Luke, goes with her friend Piper and her boyfriend Jason to a place called 'Aphrodite's Palace,' a strip club and bar that feature male and female dancers, where she meets the stripper Ocean Blue, real name Percy Jackson, who works there help pay off his student loans. The next day Annabeth sees Ocean Blue at college, pretends not to recognize him. Also Percy colors his hair blue when he dances at Aphrodite's Palace.

  • Annabeth couldn’t be in a worse slump. All she could hear is the yelling from the night before.
  • “Luke, we’re both unhappy and we deserve to be happy.” Annabeth told her boyfriend at the time while they were at dinner.
  • Luke stared at her. “Are you breaking up with me?”
  • “Yes. I want to break up with you. I deserve to be happy.”
  • “So you weren’t happy with me?” Luke asked.
  • “I was at first but the past few months-.”
  • Luke glared at her. “The past few months were great!”
  • “They weren’t Luke. The spark between us, it died.” Annabeth stressed. “I’m not happy in this relationship.”
  • “So you’re breaking up with me instead of trying to fix it?! What kind of bullshit is this?”
  • People were starting to stare at them.
  • “I tried, Luke. I did. But nothing has changed.” Annabeth was trying to stay calm, but it was getting hard.
  • “You’re such a fucking bitch!” He shouted at her.
  • “EXCUSE ME?! I’m a bitch because I want to be happy?” She shouted at him.
  • Annabeth tried to block out the rest of the conversation. It all went down hill from there. They were escorted from the restaurant by the police and Annabeth just went home, listening to Luke shout at her.
  • There was a knock on her door and she looked up to see her roommate and friend, Piper.
  • “How you feeling, sweetie?” She asked, walking over to her.
  • Annabeth shrugged. “I stopped crying at least.”
  • “That’s good! And you know what, you shouldn’t be moping around all day. We should go do something fun!”
  • Annabeth eyed her friend. “Like what?”
  • “Ever heard of  Aphrodite’s Palace?” Piper smirked.
  • “No…”
  • “Then we’re going. I’ll call Jason and he’ll be our DD.” She took out her phone and started to call her boyfriend.
  • “Will he be okay with that?”
  • “Yeah fine.” She replied.


  • Aphrodite’s Palace was not a place Annabeth would go to, ever. But Piper just bounced right in with Jason’s hand in hers.
  • She followed her friends and they got a table close to the stage.
  • The place was dark and music was blasting as some guy was dancing on stage.
  • “You took me to a male strip club?” Annabeth asked over the loud music.
  • “Male and female strip club. I took Jason here for his birthday once.” Piper replied. “Let me buy you a shot!”
  • She left the table to get them both a shot.
  • Annabeth looked up to the stage where the guy just finished his act. Women, and some men, were throwing dollar bills onto the stage.
  • She sighed. Annabeth isn’t the type of person to waist money like that.
  • Piper came back and handed her her drink. Both of them took their shot.
  • “Wow, was that fireball?” Annabeth asked.
  • “Yup.” Piper smiled. “Getting out the strong stuff so you forget last night.”
  • Annabeth nodded.
  • A woman walked out on stage, smiling. “Alright ladies and gentleman, the next act has made some noise up in this city. And some say he’s one of the gods.” There were some screaming. “So we’re very lucky to have a god here tonight that will make you all feel like gods and goddesses. So, please welcome Ocean Blue.”
  • She walked off stage and it went black. There were some women screaming for him to come out and do his act.
  • The lights came back on and there was a guy standing on stage, his back to the audience, with blue hair, no shirt, and long green pants to make it look like mermaid scales.
  • The music started and he started dancing. When he turned around, everyone was screaming.
  • Annabeth would admit that he was really hot. No wonder why everyone went crazy over him. His green eyes really matched his pants and his green booty shorts under them.
  • Her eyes were glued to every move he was doing. She never saw anyone dance like this before and it was mesmerizing.
  • Ocean hopped off the stage and walked over to Annabeth. He started to give her a lap dance.
  • Piper was screaming as she watched her best friend turn red and get an amazing lap dance.
  • Annabeth watched him as he danced on her. They locked eyes as his dance ended.
  • He picked up her right hand and kissed it. He smiled and winked at her before going back on stage where people were throwing their money at him.
  • Annabeth took out her wallet and threw a five on stage. She had to give him something for that amazing lap dance.


  • The next day, Annabeth wished she didn’t end up drinking three shots of fireball. She was already a light weight and she had classes to go to.
  • She had her coffee in one hand and her sunglasses were on as she walked.
  • Her eyes landed on a guy with black hair and facial features that seemed very familiar heading towards her….
  • That’s when she wanted to freeze. The guy looked like Ocean Blue, except his hair was black.
  • She looked down, taking out her phone so he wouldn’t recognize her.
  • But it failed.
  • “Excuse me.” She heard.
  • She looked up and saw Ocean. “Yes?”
  • “I just transferred here and I’m not sure where any of the buildings are. Can you help me?”
  • “Yeah, sure.”
  • “I’m looking for the Science Center.” He told her.
  • She watched as his eyes locked with hers through her glasses.
  • “Do I know you?” He asked.
  • “No. I thought you just transferred here.”
  • “I did. But you look familiar.” He said. “I think I saw you at my job last night.”
  • “No. No. I don’t think so.” She replied, ready to blot.
  • Ocean looked at her some more and his eyes widen. “You’re the blonde I…danced with last night!”
  • Annabeth turned bright red. “Keep it down would you, Ocean?”
  • He chuckled. “It’s Percy. When I’m not working, my name is Percy.”
  • Annabeth smiled a tiny bit at the sound of his chuckle. “I’m Annabeth.”
  • “So that’s the name of the hot blonde, who I’m guessing has a hangover.”
  • “I’m not that hungover.” She replied. “So why do you work there?”
  • “To pay off student loans. It pays really good.”
  • “I can tell why.” She smirked. “Anyways, I’m heading to the Science Center. I’ll show you.”
  • “Thanks.” Percy smiled, following her.
I want a BroTP day

Where you just celebrate the friendships between your otps.

Because that’s what many shippers tend to lose sight off.

The friendship between two people. Us shippers saw that friendship, but blew it up. Blew up into this huge thing. But that’s not what ships are about.

I just feel like people are forgetting that our ships wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for those friendships. And I think we should honor those said friendships.


Percy: Well he is… Gone…

Andrew: *Appears in an iris message* Don’t talk like I’m dead or something seaweed brain!

Nico: Guess you are doing fine… *looks away uncomfortable*

Andrew: I do! I’m working with Rey and Frankie and studying a lot in the university… *looks at Percy* I’ll be back in camp for a few days…

Percy: Really?! I’ll be happy to see y..!! *excited; Nico looks at her* you…

Nico: Bye Andrew *takes off the message*

cliché with a twist

An AU where person 1 bullies person 2

But their school does this thing where they give everyone a wad of paper with 100 random questions printed on them and they have to answer all of them the way they normally would. Then there’s a line at the last page where they have to write their name. After answering they pass the papers back to the teachers and those papers will be swapped with papers from another class.

Person 1 reads the answers of this hilarious, witty, simply amazing person, and finds out that it was Person 2 in the end.


You guys have no idea about how much Nico Di Angelo make me weak.

He’s so smol, so italian, so gay and so fucking haunted, my heart melt everytime I see him.He’s only thirteen years old kill me, he’s not a sexy beast, he’s a tiny children playing pokemon but being punk and death af  Percy is fool. I mean, I love Percabeth, don’t get me wrong, but PERNICO IS LITTLERALY MY OWN TITANIC IT WAS HUGE n ABSOLUTELY AWESOME AND IT FUCKING DIED BECAUSE OF HETEROSEXUALITY