It’s Monday again…and this week’s CLR podcast comes from Donor / Truss!

The duo is widely known for their memorable live performances, as well as their releases on Perc Trax and other renowned Techno imprints. The set exclusively consists of original Donor / Truss productions, some of their solo productions and some of their latest remixes. Please find the track-list below.


1) Truss - Rockfield - Unreleased 
2) Sian - Moorish Idol (Donor / Truss Remix) - Octopus 
3) Donor / Truss - Modal - Unreleased 
4) Donor / Truss - Sude 5 - Thema 
5) Donor - EM1 - Unreleased - Prosthetic Pressings
6) Donor / Truss - Endo 3 - Unreleased - Perc Trax
7) Chevel - Trevisun (Donor Distress Remix) - Stroboscopic Artefacts 
8) Donor - Remainder - Stroboscopic Artefacts 
9) Donor - Lapse - Stroboscopic Artefacts 
10) Donor - Portal - Stroboscopic Artefacts 
11) Donor / Truss - Sude 3 - Thema 
12) Heiko Laux - Re-Televised (Donor / Truss Remix) -Forthcoming on Thema
13) Truss - Wonastow - Unreleased 
14) Samuli Kemppi - Spirit of Elibop (Donor / Truss Remix) - Perc Trax 
15) Donor / Truss - Endo 2 - Unreleased - Perc Trax
16) Truss - Osbasten (Donor Remix) - Perc Trax 
17) Donor - Fade - Stroboscopic Artefacts

You can catch Truss this September at VOID at Public Life - the finest 12 hour techno party around London! Details here

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Samuli Kemppi - Arabia EP [Perc Trax 046]

Click Here to listen to the full EP

Out on Beatport last Friday and on vinyl very soon, is the new Perc Trax release by our favourite Finlander, Samuli Kemppi. 2 Tracks from the man himself and a remixes by Donor & Truss and Dead Sound & Videohead make for an all round extremely solid release. Which is definitely what we’ve come to expect from both Samuli Kemppi and Perc Trax.

You can keep tabs on all the latest info from both artist and label through Facebook and Twitter

Samuli Kemppi: Facebook Twitter

Perc Trax: Facebook Twitter


Dead Sound & Videohead - Murder Top (Perc Trax) (by PercTrax)

[CLIP] Sawf - Zelo / Ninio

Sawf - Zelo / Ninio by Perc Sawf - Ninio (Subjected Remix) clip by Perc

New music from Perc Trax out tomorrow.

Perc Trax returns with the 2nd EP to be taken from Sawf’s strongly received debut album ‘Flaws’. This release concludes the Flaws project and does so with remixes that expand upon Sawf’s industrialised take on techno without ever losing the magic that made Flaws such a personal and unique album.

First up is Dutch artist Radial, a producer who whilst always favouring quality over quantity has released a fusion of 4/4 and broken beat techno on a range of high-profile labels including Planet Rhythm, Token, Zwart, Dynamic Reflection as well as his own Audio Assault and Arms labels. Radial is also a favourite producers of many Perc Trax artists including Perc, Truss and Sawf himself. Radial’s love of broken beats locks perfectly with Sawf’s original visions for Zelo, with Radial’s harder kicks driving his remix forward in typical style.

Next up are the Vault Series team of Moerbeck and Subjected, who are also part of the Grounded Theory camp that includes both Milton Bradley and now Sawf himself. Both mixes provide a dirgy take on techno fits perfectly with the current techno/industrial fusion that has been propelling Perc Trax forward recently. Moerbeck’s mix of Ninio adds an additional dancefloor edge to Sawf’s original mix without losing any of the grit or menace from it whilst Subjected turns in an even grimier dub mix for those early morning after party sets.


Perc // My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods Rmx)


Perc - London, We Have You Surrounded (Wicker & Steel, Perc Trax, 2011)

Final post of what has been a fantastic year of robust techno / non-techno. The Guardian’s Tony Naylor summed up the common feel of my favourite releases of 2011 quite aptly in his review of Perc’s debut album:

“In a year of riots, phone hacking and looming economic meltdown, Ali "Perc” Wells, has created the perfect mood music for the time. Unrelentingly serious, at times tender and vulnerable, Wicker and Steel is a bleak audio montage of modern Britain, created from hard techno, ambient drones and reconditioned industrial noise.“

If you avoid the more popular end of year lists as I do, Wax Works and affiliates have some fine highlights of the year on their blog for your perusal.

Thanks for listening, and the reblogs, which we appreciate very much. Here’s to deeper, darker and more disturbing music in 2012. Salute!

"Music foretells the evolution of society because changes in musical paradigms happen more quickly than in social organisations. The scope of possibilities is explored much more rapidly in music than in the social infrastructure. Therefore, the mutation in the organisation of noise, in the nature of sounds, in its technology, helps one to understand and predict the evolution of the society as a whole.” – Jacques Attali in an interview with nthposition (2002)

Forward Strategy Group: Labour Division (Perc Trax)

Perc Trax is on a roll! The full-length debut album from UK duo Al Matthews and Patrick Walker is leaps and bounds cooler than the EPs I’ve heard from them over the last year or two. This is an album that really travels a distance over the course of its ten tracks. Opener “Ident” is an uplifting prologue, with its beatless arrangement of synths. From there it’s a headier mix of beats, bass and texture, without so much melody. But what’s refreshing is that as an album it really takes its time, never even really hitting what I’d call a proper techno stride until the halfway point. Perhaps that’s why this album is so compelling to me: it should be a techno album, but it’s not really techno at all. “Elegant Mistakes” is a nice crunchy broken beat groove, while “Industry & Empire” is a mid-tempo chugger that has some sweet detailing amidst the factory reverberation. “Metal Image” continues this thread of spacious, deep sound with an industrial slant — that is, industrial in the factory-like sense, not “rargh rargh rargh” vocal stylings or whatever. “TTH” is a really handsome gloomy groove, reminding me a bit of Monolake at his most melancholy, a big counterpoint to the rather streamlined mid-tempo electro of “Mandate” that starts things off. It’s an album that I’d say lends itself way more to home listening than club play; FSG have paid their dues to the dancefloor numerous times over by now anyway. They show off their chops at more atmospheric, less predictable sounds here with flying colors — superb all around.

Buy it: Perc Trax | Boomkat | Bleep | Amazon (only $6.99!) | iTunes


Perc - My Head Is Slowly Exploding (Ancient Methods remix)

Label: Perc Trax

Released: June 2011

Buy it here

[the music that the techno lords dance to]


‘My Head is Slowly Exploding’….oh if only I had a pound for everytime I felt that way, I would be a very rich man :D

Perc has a unique way of expressing things, shown clearly in this track, almost demonic in nature at times, the way sounds are morphed and melded, the raw eeriness, its quite disturbing but beautiful at the same time, a delicate balance not often displayed to this level.

'My Head is Slowly Exploding’ is a real dark and twisted journey, so brace yourself before you listen, and visually the video accompanies the sound so perfectly, its a psychologists wet dream. 

Make sure not to miss the breakdown starting at 3:15 through to 4:13, things get real dark in a wickedly sexy way…

You can grab the EP, along with remixes by Ancient Methods and Chris Carter, over at Beatport.

Watch on

Desolation - BCR Boys

Label: Affin

Release Date: 16th May 2011


Go Hiyama // Postmodern


Perc feat. Dan Chandler // Take Your Body Off