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sabah!!!! i hope you didn’t order this yet because its way too expensive for a jersey with no name!! worldsoccershop has them much cheaper!!

i haven’t, but the only size wss has is 2XL! and there is no way i could even attempt to get that to fit me :’( plus i’ve been saving up for an authentic after selling some other jerseys :))) thank you though boo!

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don’t stress too much! i’m sure they’ll get back to you soon! everyone i know that applied to cunys (including myself) is bitching about how long they’re taking. everythings going to be fine! :)

Where are you going/which colleges did you apply to?

I’m hoping to hear back from either Brooklyn or Queens College.

And yeah, but considering my family has like, negative money (I’m the only person in my immediate family with a bank account - yeah, it ain’t pretty) and I don’t have family in NYC, I need to get all this stuff sorted for room/board and what not.

Heavy sigh.