Peraltiago Week

[Day 6: Favourite Quotes]

Hey, I don’t get it. Why did you decide to let me win?

I don’t know. When we were back there racing through the Miranda rights, I just looked over at you and thought, “You’re awesome and you’re good at doing things.” I mean, sure, I’ll miss towel but your happiness is worth way more than winning some stupid bet.

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I'm starting to get a really strong feeling that the series will end not with a proposal, but with Amy finding out she's pregnant? It seems like the sorta twist they'd do, there's been a /lot/ of baby jokes this season and could be one of the reasons Amy runs away?

okay so i’ve actually gotten a few asks pitching this and the reason i didn’t publish those is bc i wanted to take some time to really mull it over as a possibility. and honestly the more i thought about it, the more it started to seem likely

here’s the thing tho: if this season is headed in the direction it appears to be headed, i’m gonna absolutely flip my lid if jake goes to jail, too. not just because it’s kind of repeating last season’s cliff-hanger, but because abandonment - specifically, abandoning a child - is such a hot-button issue with jake. like that’s canon. jake’s father left him at a very young age and jake can very clearly see the negative impact it had on his development into adulthood. jake is not a generally anxious person but he is very self-critical and struggles a lot with self-doubt (not so much now as he did in the earlier seasons, but still, old habits die hard). if he finds out amy is pregnant - amy, the love of his life who does struggle with anxiety and is very likely going to be a newly-promoted sergeant by the end of this season - and is immediately sent to jail for an undefined amount of time, there will be no recovering from that psychological fall-out. it won’t be a question of whether it was his choice or not - he won’t be there for amy, again, and he won’t be there for his child just like his father wasn’t there for him. he absolutely will not be able to come back from that, no matter how many times amy (and later, their child) forgives him.

this is another big reason why i’m really really hoping that rosa is the one who takes the fall for jake. i’m really hoping he buys a ring before the end of this season and that rosa is aware of it and that she’s also aware of the fact that amy is pregnant. i’m hoping that rosa will look at that situation - that situation being that for the first (and perhaps only) time in either one of their lives, jake and amy absolutely need each other desperately in order to survive - and won’t hesitate to take the fall.

i mean obviously there’s a chance all of this will turn out to be a moot point but you’re right, i’ve noticed the layering on with the baby jokes. and yeah like i said if amy’s pregnant and jake’s in jail at the end of this season i’m gonna absolutely LOSE MY MIND LIKE THERE WON’T BE ANY SOFT FIC WRITING TO CUSHION THE WAIT THERE IT WILL JUST BE AN ENTIRE HIATUS OF INCOHERENT SCREAMING FROM THIS BLOG

Why Him? Pt. 7 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU, Soulmate AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Word Count: 1,008

Warnings: Language

A/N: I am so overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I have gotten about this series. I am so happy that you are all enjoying it and thank you, thank you, thank you to every one of you who took the time to send me a message. The amount of you that asked to be tagged in future installments is CRAZY! And not to mention, I had a few people ask to be tagged in ALL my future fics and imagines. Like, WHAT? That’s insane!

Also, thank you so much for your patience with me as I have am finishing out this semester of college. It is quite the work load and I have definitely broken down in tears due to stress on more than one occasion. However, knowing you are all waiting for me patiently really meant a lot.

I am blessed beyond words to have followers as wonderful as all of you and I sincerely hope you enjoy this next part. You deserve it. ❤

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Your heart pounded wildly in your chest. At no other point in your entire life did you feel as vulnerable as you did when your Soulmate walked around the corner. Not only had you just confessed your worst fear to his best friend, but he had heard the whole thing. Several thoughts raced through your head at once: Should you just run? No. You’d have to make it passed James and Thomas in order to get to the stairs. You could stand your ground. But you had no idea what that would look like; Do you defend yourself? How? Was Thomas even angry?

You tried to read his expression, but unfortunately it seemed to hold no emotion. Dammit. You thought back briefly to when you first discovered that he was your Soulmate. Not you, you’d said. It felt like a lifetime ago.

Thomas’ eyes, very briefly, flickered to his best friend, before they jumped onto you. You fought the urge to look away, but in an attempt to appear more confident that you felt, you held his gaze. “Right.” James cleared his throat and sniffled lightly. “I’ll let you guys talk.” He left.

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this is important: how would u sort the b99 characters into hogwarts houses? i feel like jake's a gryffindor and amy's a ravenclaw. but am i alone in this?🤔

ah okay i’m going to be very……mmm idk the word to use here but i’ve actually made a post about this before and it actually got me a bit of hate in response so i’m gonna throw it all under the cut but!! before i do that i want to make a VERy strong disclaimer that these are my opinions and only my opinions and no one is in any way obliged to agree with me!!

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