“Red Bull”(Acanthonotozoma inflatum)

Is a species of iphimediid amphipod that is found throughout the Arctic, North Atlantic, and Pacific oceans. Noted for its unique red coloration that earned it its name this amphipod is usually found in red algae, using its coloration as camouflage. However, the “red bull’s” diet consists mostly of bryozoans, instead of the algae it rests on.



Image(s): Alexander Semenov

“White Knight” (Acanthotozoma cristatum)

…a species of imphimediid amphipod that is distributed throughout arctic and European waters. Like the closely related “Red Bull” (A.inflatum) the white knight probably feeds mostly on bryozoans and spends its time resting on algae/coral. 



Image: Alexander Semenov

Tanaissus lilljeborgi

…a species of tanaid crustacean that has been recorded from the coasts of Northern Europe. Like other tanaids this species inhabits the top layers of intertidal and sublittoral sands and likely is a filter feeder.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Crustacea-Malacostraca-Peracarida-Tanaidacea-Tanaidomorpha-Nototanaidae-Tanaissus-T. lilljeborgi

Image: Hans Hillewaert