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[Update] Gruvia comics translation donations

It is what the title says. I’ve been making comic translations to contribute or help the FT fandom to understand the doujinshi (fanmade) comics that were drawn by Japanese fans especially the Gruvia ones. I’m already working on the Gruvia doujinshis that I got with the help of my Nihonjin no Tomodachi (Japanese friend’s) help, some of them are already in the drafts.

While some are in the middle of recleaning/redrawing and more importantly translating.

I even got to talk to Bellrin-san if I could open up donations since the comics that I’ve been translating are mostly from her works, and she said yes, because I’ve been updating her about all her comics being translated and she was really surprised & happy to know that the foreign Gruvia fans appreciate her work a lot (You guys rock!!). I also asked the other Japanese Gruvia artists (like natto, kurikan, trivial/mizu, takamiya makoto, fuyu, astasso and so on) that I got permission from and they’re totally fine with it since I’m the one that can break the language barrier for their comics to share it with you guys.

Since I don’t have a decent job yet (been applying for like 30 companies already OTL), I’ve been devoted in translating lately, but I’m just one person doing all the scanning, recleaning/redrawing and most importantly the English translations. That’s why I decided to open up a donation for doing this. I know some of you might be wondering why would I even have to open up donations when I willingly translate them? It’s because it’s not really easy to translate them. Why?

  • Cause first of all, I need to ask permission from the Japanese artists if I could translate their works.
  • Just like I said earlier, I’m the one doing all the scanning, recleaning, redrawing and translating the doujinshi comics.
  • Even though I’m getting better with my Japanese skills but I’m only a JLPT N5 passer for now, so there are some Japanese words or Kanji that I still don’t know and I need to search them up on my thick dictionary or from an app on my phone and sometimes I even have the trouble to ask some of my Japanese friends about it.

So I hope you guys understand why I open up this donation stuff but once I got a decent job, I’m going to close the donations and will keep continue on translating the Gruvia comics (if I have time from work maybe?!) m(_ _)m

Anyway, if you guys really appreciate all the work that I’ve been doing for the comic translations especially the Gruvia ones, then I hope you guys can donate. You can donate willingly on paypal and it can be in any amount, just click the donate button at my sidebar description. If some of you guys don’t have paypal but still want to donate, there’s Western Union, you can message me and talk more about it.

For some of you living here in the Philippines and want to donate as well but don’t have paypal, there’s LBC Pera Padala or Western Union or we can just meet up at some mall and maybe you get to see some of my translation progress and flail about Gruvia of course. Just message me about it ^^ 

That’s all~ More doujinshi and comic translations coming soon >w<