Anyways, time for a follow forever!

First Tier Members

The people who deserve all of the love from Joker and myself!

askdrocellcaines- Duckie-mun, you deserve everything for having to put up with my fricking slowness on our one thread like seriously. You are one of the best people ever!

freckles-the-doll- Dolieeeeeee mun! Your art is uber a maazing, and is on the same level as your writing skills, Your Doll is quite a lot of fun to interact with, and I love you you tag me in all your little opens all the time! XD

blacks-flawed-beast- My first Noah’s Ark Circus rper of all time. I seriously thank you for that. I absolutely adore your portrayal of Beast; you make her so tough and amazing yet very sweet and caring at the same time. Keep it going, my friend!

the-queens-puppy- Without your motivation, Joker would not be here today. I must thank you for giving me the inspiration to start up Joker over on this blog all those weeks back. Thank you so much!

Second Tier Members

Those that still are getting my love and attention, but I cannot think of words to describe them enough.


The Audience of the Circus

Those that I stalk amazingly from a distance.


And that should be everyone!

Thank you all so much for your continued support, and don’t forget to smile! Joker’s orders!

Until the next time, we hope to see you here at Noah’s Ark! Adieu!

Wow, I never expected this account to take off as it has. Never expected to surpass 10 followers. ^.^’ But here I am at a little over 300 followers. All thanks to you wonderful followers. <3

I can’t thank you enough. Even if we’ve never roleplayed or even spoken. Especially of we’ve roleplayed and became internet friends. I love and care for you all! And you’ve made this account what it is today. =)

Thus I dedicate this to you!
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Apologises if I missed you, it wasn’t intentional. They’re so many of you. XD Thank you all who have followed means stayed with all this craziness/boredom. You’re all amazing