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me: this whole concept of ~soulmates~ is so damaging, you can be happy with so many people throughout your life and sometimes the best you can do in a failed relationship is to let it go, that person isn’t THE ONE, no one is, everything in the media about romance is so fucked up on so many levels–

fic: *soulmate au*



So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

So I’m sat here watching Ellie’s video for Sweet Creature and I’d never heard the audio of that interview before. I agree with what a lot of people said, it was a wildly inappropriate question to ask H. However. His answer is. Wow. Just wow. And then you hear him sing the song and juxtapose it with footage of the two of them, and you just know. You just know


Who is it that Bbong Ssuni is saving?
A prince that lives alone in a castle.

L finally showed up.

He’s actually cool, I approve of L.

He’s the only one who actually watched death note, I can tell.

- he’s quirky and plays it well.

-he talks like L. He actually does. He’s got the mannerisms and the clipped, pragmatic tone the original L had. He also covers his face and moves in the odd jerky way L always did, I dig it.

-that being said, he actually speaks really good Japanese? Like god bless this man.

in Philippine Mythology, Bulalakaw was the name of a messenger spirit.

They come in many forms. sometimes, as a slender young man wearing a feathered headdress, or a genderless fairy-deity with the head of a bird, or, simply, as a comet.

their name means falling star.

  • Naruto: Sasuke, you're so hard to read.
  • Sasuke: actually if you'd just liste-
  • Naruto: so complicated.
  • Sasuke: all I want is-
  • Naruto: so mysterious.