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Ray Palmer in Inside DC’s Legends: Land of the Lost

aka ‘are they finally going to address that Ray has PTSD from his numerous near-death experiences because if they are I’m all for it but also ow my heart

Ten Years (Part 13 - End!)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,380 ( I mean…)

Warnings: language, fluff, excessive sweetness

A/N: I hope you guys love the fluff. Thanks for sticking with me, and for reading, and for all your sweet messages. <3

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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adds own two cents to kagehina as third years

((headcanon as per vice-captain nishinoya’s suggestion during their second year karasuno now also has black training t-shirts and manager yachi was kind enough to design a logo))

also bonus kags still can’t deal

trope subversion & dirkjohn: part 1/?

thesis: dirkjohn subverts trope in a way that is not only true to homestuck’s narrative tendencies, but enriches both characters involved. as such, dismissals of it as “unrealistic” or a “crack ship,” while not unfounded, miss some compelling textual evidence. 

john is perhaps the most straightforward character in Homestuck. he follows the hero’s path: he starts the story, builds the new world, has a critical role in defeating the villain, and wins a ‘happy ever after.’ his relationship with his parent is the least complex of any kid’s, and his dynamics with his friends, while not simple, per se, don’t suggest a lot of depth to any of his relationships.

accordingly, we never receive any suggestion that romance interests john; when karkat suggests he marry rose, john’s reaction is one of amused resignation, which shifts to alarm when jade presses him for his earnest feelings on the subject. (this is a trend; john, although an honest person, is not naturally forthcoming with his emotions, and generally bails whenever a conversation strays into that territory.) when karkat suggests john has black feelings for terezi, john takes the thought more seriously, but is hardly happy about it; his reaction is almost literally “it feels wrong,” which karkat, coming from a culture where that feeling is normalized to an unhealthy degree, affirms as “textbook romance.” although roxy has a few panels eyeing him as “boyfriend material,” these hardly constitute serious interest – when two characters in homestuck are romantically interested in each other, it’s expressed through subtext and then revealed after they’ve already hooked up, not written outright. almost all concupiscent couples follow this trend: dave and karkat, spades slick and BQ, sollux and feferi, dirk and jake, jade and davesprite, alternate john and (vriska), dave and terezi, terezi and gamzee, etc. i could go on. roxy’s floating text suggestions parallel vriska’s reaction upon kanaya killing eridan and punching vriska herself – that is to say, it’s an indicator of awestruck affection, gratitude mixed with impressment. neither vriska nor roxy has a genuine interest in the person speaking to them, nor will that brief affection ever be picked up again. homestuck does emotion in the unspoken, not the explicit, and when it is explicit, the panels are usually not designed as jokes. it would be hard to count either of the panels MSPAwiki cites as evidence for roxy’s flushcrush on john as serious evidence for the ship, when both are heavy with comedic staging, and it would be even harder to argue that john reciprocates.

all of this is to say that john has never expressed interest in girls. now, arguably, he hasn’t expressed interest in boys, either, but his reactions to dave’s speech about internalized homophobia stray out of “surprise and mild discomfort,” as would be the average confident hetero’s reaction to friend’s coming-out, into “bewildered disconcertment,” suggesting that dave’s remarks hit a little close to home. i’m not the first to have written about this; others have drafted essays about how john’s vehement “i am not a homosexual” exemplifies internalized homophobia. suffice it to say that i’m using that reading of john, here.

besides being an enriching character trait and an example of why we never see john outright talk about his emotional conflict (heteronormativity is insidious in that it masquerades as a fundamental assumption of society, never necessitating discussion), john being gay subverts the heroic archetype. the male hero usually exemplifies masculinity. along with that masculinity comes the assumption of heterosexuality. he gets a love interest, a female counterpart, to journey with him on his adventures and reward him once he triumphs. but the two girls in john’s cohort are either gay or related to him; his proper “counterpart,” jane, is his genetic daughter, and roxy already has her epic romance set up – with an alien, no less. terezi never displays traditional “romantic” interest in him, he broke up with vriska, and kanaya is a married lesbian. john, therefore, subverts the trope of male hero: he not only lacks a female love interest, but does not desire one.

the way to complete an arc about internalized homophobia (assuming that the arc is to be ended positively, which, if john is the hero and is making the hero’s journey to satisfaction and contentment, we must) is for the holder to overcome it. john’s issues at the end of the comic come from isolation and a lack of purpose, which his friends have filled by dating and socializing with their gay significant others. john’s loneliness can only be resolved by working through his personal issues, which we glimpsed – despite his notable reluctance to speak about his feelings – during his conversation with dave. ergo: to complete his arc, john must overcome his internalized homophobia. this is “the gay singularity”: the protagonist’s final conflict is not with the alien empress, a woman he’s never met and has never suffered the wrongdoings of, but instead with his internal strife, the quintessential conflict of growing up. john has literally destroyed homophobia by destroying the society he perpetuated – to complete the parallel, he must destroy his own homophobia, too. 

but with whom? on Earth C, of the relevant cast of characters, four other boys remain: jake, john’s quasi-son; karkat, who is already in a relationship with dave, and with whom john has an uncomfortable romantic history already besides; dave, who is already in a relationship with karkat, and dirk. 

dirk is not only openly gay, but comes from a society where homophobia does not exist. on a fundamental level, dirkjohn works on john’s part because his partner does not share his concerns about being a “homosexual” – dirk is unashamedly, exclusively attracted to men, a confidence that neither john nor dave shares. john’s discomfort about what “feels right” in his romantic pursuits parallels dirk’s unequivocal certainty that being gay is right; in fact, dirk expresses conflict over what his inability to not be gay means for his friendship with roxy. they are two opposite examples of character conflict rooted in gayness: one struggling to come to terms with his sexuality, and the other struggling with his sexuality’s effects on his life. dirkjohn ends both arcs positively: finishing john’s arc, and giving dirk a relationship divorced completely from his session’s romantic drama. it subverts the traditional hero’s narrative while finishing both arcs – employing homestuck’s brand of untraditional but satisfactory storytelling. 


Chats don’t always land on their feet.

Guitar Villain / Guitar Vilain


Like a true friend, Ladybug is torn between mild concern and laughter.

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ok so, like, all might doesn’t have a stomach. right?

people who don’t have a stomach have to eat A LOT. Not like huge meals, that’s impossible, but a small meal every 2 or so hours.  Plus every meal has to “count” because that’s your energy for those 2 hours and your chance to actually gain nutrients. Doctors actually really want people who have no stomach to add things like butter or oil to their foods because they fucking need every calorie they can get but don’t want them to waste a 2-hour time slot with just nutrient-low foods.

Basically I think that All Might has super weird eating habits. If you see him there is a 50% chance that he is currently eating something. He keeps food literally everywhere. Like, those cargo pants? All those pockets are exclusively filled with protein bars. The staff fridge has an entire shelf dedicated to him, as per the Principal’s suggestion. His desk? His classroom? Snacks. just. Everywhere. Most of it is healthy, like protein bars, meal replacement shakes, or dried fruit. But, sometimes he just wants a fucking hot pocket, leave him alone it’s the perfect size. If you see an actual meal he makes for himself you’d be shocked at how… simultaneously healthy and awful it is. Like, why the hell would anyone use bacon fat to grease an omelette pan? Or put THAT MANY green toppings on a slice of pizza? Everyone tries not to judge him… most don’t really succeed. 

He has a habit of giving his students snacks if they just had a hard training or seem down (a granola bar a day keeps Dad Might from worrying about you) and no one really turns it down because, hell, it’s All might for god’s sake. Except midoriya, who knows way too much about his mentor’s health needs and will always make sure that all might has more on him before taking one. 

“Good job, my boy. Have a protein bar. :)” - “You have more, right?” - “Yeah, at my desk.” - “Thanks, I’m good.” - “Oh. Okay. :(…” 

He pouts about it but he knows that it’s just because midoriya cares. In fact, midoriya ends up being more help than even all might could have imagined. It was his idea to set reminders in all might’s phone so that he never misses a meal. He has been hurriedly texted to rush his mentor emergency snacks more than once, and always drops whatever he is doing to do so. He almost has more snacks in his backpack than all might, just in case. Plus, midoriya is a growing kid so he can put away a lot of food, snacks are always good to have and anytime all might gets a serving that is too big for him to finish he knows that his student will be happy to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. On the weekends they order pizza, something that works out for the both of them because midoriya could honestly finish the whole thing by himself and all might feels better about only having one slice if the rest gets finished. Though, ordering is a pain because no pizza shop is happy about putting literally every topping on a ¼th of a pizza and then just pepperoni on the other ¾  so they only order online. 

Basically… i just wanna see all might have to work with his physical state more and let it become normalized, not just for him but for everyone around him. 

DGM225 - Translation Notes

It’s (finally) that time again! After six long months, we have a new chapter to chew on, and it’s more than half a dozen pages long. One could weep. :’P

I’d like to thank the StarBuds team for working so hard and so enthusiastically with me on this. You guys are my heroes. (@krorys​, @shinylyni, @togaochi, and our very welcome new friend @1000glaceons)

Read the chapter HERE!

Now: if you’re so inclined, please venture below the cut for some notes on our translation choices and the inevitable untranslatable odds and ends.

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HEAR ME OUT: Abby’s Not Dying, She’s Pregnant


Consider this.


@brittanias and I have been hashing this out and here are some thoughts.  All the symptoms we have seen Abby show so far - sleeplessness, tremors, anxiety, hallucination - could actually be symptoms of something completely different.  Such as, for example, pregnancy. When Abby’s on the radio with Kane, what we see of her does not actually appear to present as a seizure; it presents much more like an anxiety attack.  She’s restless, pacing, her jaw is clenching, her hands are shaking, and then when she hears Marcus she calms down.  What we have NOT seen yet: weakness, collapsing, fainting, sweating, bleeding from the nose or mouth, foaming, rage/mania, or a scan of Abby’s brain.

THEORY: The reminder about Abby also getting fried with the EMP, just like Raven was, and the link of Abby’s symptoms with Raven’s symptoms are a narrative misdirect (perhaps its purpose is to give a reason why Abby’s contraception chip was fried and she didn’t know it); otherwise all the attention paid to the idea that this brain thing could present very differently in different people wouldn’t actually matter, unless it was so they could show us symptoms of something that was not a brain tumor and convince us to believe it was a brain tumor.  So we see Raven hallucinate and then have a seizure, we have Abby explain why, we have Jackson say “but the same thing happened to you, I should check you,” and then we have Abby being stubborn and insisting she’s fine and refusing to let him check her.  So it’s possible that the reason we see Abby’s first symptom - the hallucination (of her child, btw) in the same episode as Raven’s is to make sure we, the audience, are going “oh shit” and immediately assuming they are the exact same kind of hallucination.  Even though hallucinations are a very common symptom of extreme sleeplessness and sleeplessness is a common symptom of a whole huge range of things.

[Edited to add, per Brittany’s suggestion just now: we don’t even know that it was a hallucination. She was alone in the lab; she straight-up could have been dreaming.  (In that fancy bed.)  Just a regular ol’ extremely vivid dream - another common pregnancy symptom.]

Another, slightly more extra, possible indicator that pregnancy is a possibility: the editing of the sex scene.  We didn’t see leadup/cut to black/afterglow like the show usually does; we saw Kane finish.  It’s possible the writers and directors are just plain old Kabby trash like we are, but it’s also possible it’s plot-relevant in some way that we have concrete proof that Kane came inside her.

So this is my prediction.  I don’t think either of them are going to die.  I think for Raven, the narrative purpose of the “oh no you have a brain thing” is not the possibility of death, it’s the seizures.  It’s to put Raven in a situation where we know there is a danger she could completely lose control of her physical body, with all of humanity on the line.  They made a big point of Raven having to switch the rocket to manual, which now means only Raven can fly it.  They made a big point of how they needed all those barrels of hydrazine for the rocket and now they’re down one; what if they can coast on only the remaining fuel as long as the rocket is only carrying the weight of one passenger and they strip out all the unnecessary internal workings to make it lighter?  Then Raven is in space, alone, with all the Nightblood, with brain that could go into seizure at any moment when she’s over-stressed.  We also have Luna’s ability to soothe Raven with her words, and we have Murphy being in the room for every one of Raven’s failed flight simulator drills (playing with a toy car whose controls are very similar to the rocket). I don’t think it’s outside the bounds of possibility that they’re setting us up for Raven to have a seizure as the rocket is landing and even though it’s in manual, Murphy has to figure out how to land it himself while Raven’s incapacitated and Luna is trying over the headset to soothe her out of her seizure.

As far as Abby, I think the narrative purpose of “oh no you also have the brain thing” could very plausibly be to set us up in the only conceivable situation where Abby would have to consent to let Jackson give her a full medical scan. If there wasn’t a chance she was seriously sick, she’d never allow it.  There’d be no point.  But if she got pregnant in Polis, then she’s less than 2 months along, which means she might not be showing and most of her symptoms might easily look like something else, especially if she already thought there was a chance she did have something else.  So my guess is that she’s going to end up pushing herself and pushing herself until she has some kind of a meltdown or collapses from exhaustion or something happens where she finally has to face the thing she’s been trying not to have to face, her fear that she might also have what Raven has.  But she’d never say “sure go ahead give me a full physical” unless she had a very good reason and Jackson had reached a point of no longer being willing to be talked out of it.  Exhaustion, anxiety/tremors, and lack of sleep could all very easily be a combination of stress, overwork and pregnancy; hallucinations or lucid dreams sometimes are as well.  Especially given that the content of the dream was her child, in danger.

In terms of the narrative purpose to be served by Abby possibly being pregnant, there are a couple possibilities.  One important thing to remember, which I had forgotten until an anon just reminded me of it, is that all the Sky People are universal blood donors, while the Grounders are not.  It’s possible that the “disappointing setback” the episode description for 408 mentions with regard to the experiment on the Grounder redshirt is because maybe a Grounder can’t take another Grounder’s blood if they aren’t type-compatible.  So that means they can’t go to space to manufacture Nightblood synthetically, and they can’t use Luna’s bone marrow to save all the Grounders; they could save all the Sky People, and they could save Grounders compatible with Luna’s blood type, but that’s all.  But if they had, oh, let’s say, Nightblood embryonic stem cells from a baby of two Skaikru universal-donor parents, then by the magic of television science (I DON’T THINK ANY OF THIS IS REAL, I JUST MEAN BY THE RULES OF HOW THIS SHOW WORKS), that could crack the code for a vaccine that could save everyone, as Clarke always intended – not just the Sky People.  

Another factor is that a number of people have tossed around the idea of long-term cryosleep and the theories about a five-year time jump in the finale being connected; that is, maybe one of the “lifeboats” they come up with to save some portion of the group is related to putting people in long-term stasis.  @knowlesian has a fantastic theory I’ll be making her elucidate when she guest-hosts Meta Station next week about how it’s possible that Cadogan’s secret “thirteenth level” was not merely a fancier bunker, but pods for long-term space travel in cryosleep similar to the ones we learned about in that story about the asteroid miners for whom Becca invented Nightblood in the first place. It was to protect them from solar radiation while in cryosleep for long space journeys.  (One factor to consider here is the constant reiteration that Raven’s brain could heal itself if she just took it easy, which of course she never fuckin’ does; however, a five-year nap in cryostasis is probably enough time for her to wake up rested and ready for the writers not have to keep writing seizures into her storyline for Season 5.)  Again, using the magic of Television Science, something something handwave handwave the Nightblood in the placenta keeps the fetus safely in stasis while Abby goes under so they don’t have to deal with the fact that she’ll still only be 2 months along when the death wave comes.  This also makes room for the most crackpot of my crackpot Pregnant Abby theories, the idea that the season’s continued thematic parallels of Abby with Bellamy (up to and including very literal moments like Abby napping on the couch and dreaming of the 100 vs. Bellamy napping on the couch while Clarke drafts the list of the new 100) are actually clues as well.  There were 100 spots on the dropship but 101 passengers, because Bellamy stowed away.  If Cadogan left 100 cryosleep pods, there would be 101 passengers if Abby’s pregnant.

On a thematic level, of course, a baby symbolizes hope and possibility and the future; it’s a nice narrative device to tie the theme of hope which has always been primarily centered on Kane and Abby’s relationship over the course of the show and make it literal.  The first Skaikru baby being born to the Chancellors feels right, and it ramps up the emotional stakes for both of them to stratospheric levels because everything is more risky for a pregnant woman. It’s also a nice way to set up a long-term possibility for Season 5 where we get to see Skaikru emerging from the wreckage, trying to rebuild a home, and a radiation-immune Nightblood baby as a sign that the human race will continue is a nice sort of thematic illustration of that sense of possibility.  



h/t again to @brittanias and @knowlesian, as well as to @reblogginhood who occasionally feeds my tin hat conspiracy theories with things like “Vesta was a fertility goddess I’M JUST SAYING”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for critiquing a friend's writing? I don't want to discourage their enthusiasm, I think I may just be in a negative mindset but I can't think of much positive feedback. They have a lot they need to work on, and I want to help, I just don't know how to do it without coming accross shitty. I feel like I'm very lacking in my critiquing ability and I won't be able to help them the way they need to grow, but neither of us know anyone else who could help.

Hey, anon! I have a few suggestions, so bear with me for a slightly longer response than usual!

Originally posted by veryfunstuff

First, I want to say that it’s okay not to give your friend critiques, especially if you don’t feel comfortable doing it! Stick to positive feedback (I have a few ideas for that!) until you come across something you feel comfortable suggesting to them. I have a few friends who I tell, “Look, I’m not going to critique you. I can give you a suggestion and totally be excited for what you write, of course, but I don’t think my way of critiquing is going to help you.”

It’s better to be honest up front rather than try to tell them what they want to hear!

1) What is positive feedback? Positive feedback is anything that you like about someone’s story. It doesn’t have to be the way it was written! Maybe you like the plot, maybe you like the characters, maybe they did description particularly well! Just because someone’s writing skill level isn’t as high as they’d like doesn’t mean there’s nothing good about their work!

“Oh, I like the setting a lot. The tall, red brick buildings are perfect for the apocalyptic thing you’ve got going on.”

“I really like how brave Character A is! It takes a lot to stand up to Character B.”

“I love Sci-fi, so I was really excited to see your story going in that direction!”

“This sentence here, the one about X, I really like this turn of phrase!”

These are all examples of positive feedback! There are so many layers in story-telling, there’s always something good to comment on! 

2) Use AND not BUT.  A lot of times, “but” can feel invalidating. “I really liked X, but y needs work.” That makes the author feel like all the reader will see is Y. They totally miss out on how great X is! Think of it as improv! You can’t keep building the scene (or story!) without “and!” 

“I really like X and I feel like the reader will feel it even more if Y really focuses on…”

“You’ve got the beginnings of a great character here and I think you can continue that by adding a flashback or something similar.”

“I love the direction this is taking and think it’ll really bring it all together if you vary your sentence structure here…”

You’re working with the writer to bring their story to life, you’re not judging their writing. When I started thinking about it like improv, I actually improved my relationships with my writing friends because they knew I was on their side!

3) There’s a lot to fix. The simple truth of the matter is that the only way to get better at writing is to read, write, and edit. There’s no way around that! So don’t try to make a new writer’s work look like Hemingway, it takes forever and it’s super discouraging!

Try to offer two suggestions per piece someone shows you! (The number of suggestions will be up to you, but for new writers, I’d suggest two!) Try to make each suggestion different. Maybe one will be about sentence structure and another will be about pacing. Or one could be about characterization and another could be keeping an eye out for dialogue formatting!

There’s nothing wrong with having a lot to work on and as much as we’d all love to tackle every problem at once, we can’t! So just giving a few suggestions until next time is much better since it lets the author just focus on those in edits!

It also helps to give the author context for your suggestions. 

“I think this needs to be slower, but that’s based on my personal taste.”

 “This sounds awkward to me and I don’t know why. I really liked how this author did it in their book. Maybe take a look when you have time for ideas?”

“I’m having trouble with this too! Recently I’ve tried X, Y, and Z. Maybe you could try?”

4) What are they asking? If you don’t know where to start with suggestions, ask them! Ask them if they want you to pay attention to this character or pacing or description. Writers will, a lot of the time, already know what they’re struggling with or what they want to work on next. Ask for parameters so that you’re both on the same page in the critique!

“Could you keep an eye out for awkward phrasing?”


“And also, Character A is supposed to be angry with Character B. If you have any suggestions on how to show that, please let me know.”

“Of course!”

It’s also the writer’s job to work with you, especially if you’re friends! 

5) Who else can help? That sucks that there aren’t many writers around you! I’d try Scribophile (X) if you’d like some reviews from strangers! It’s a site I use fairly often!

Hope this helps anon! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

I Like Me Better When I'm with You
  • author: @clareae
  • pairing: tony stark x reader
  • genre: angst and fluff
  • trigger: mentions of sex but nothing happened and nothing is described
  • word count: 2951
  • summary: It started out as one of the jobs of being Pepper’s assistant, delivering Tony the documents he needs to read or sign. But you were the first person (aside from Pepper herself) who would actually sit in front of him in the lab and kept on pestering him until he signs or reads it so you can get home. Tony liked having you around, so every time you stopped by he’d stall on signing the papers just so that you could keep him company longer. You didn’t allow yourself to feel things you’re not supposed to, but it turns out you weren’t the only one having a hard time being without the other person.
  • a/n: Inspired by my new favourite song I Like Me Better by Lauv and prompt number 204 and 205 on this list!

You arrived in New York City as a fresh-graduate looking to challenge the Big Apple; it was always one of your dreams to make it to Manhattan and make a huge change for yourself and your family. Although you started out as an intern living in a studio apartment with no hot shower, and your parents always thought that it would be better if you stay in the family business, you had faith.

Two months later you were immediately promoted to become a permanent employee within the Stark Industries and Pepper Potts apparently saw that you were good enough to be her assistant. After almost a yearlong training with her former one, you were deemed ready to handle everything on your own.That’s when you met Tony in person. In one of the board meetings while you were jotting down the meeting points since it was your job to provide a meeting minutes for the next follow up. You thought that having handed everything off to Pepper meant that you wouldn’t see his face around the building anymore, and apparently he thought the same. He looked extremely bored during the board meeting and kept on toying with his gadget.

“Alright, you’re gonna have to excuse me. I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave. I have…errands,” Tony shrugged, not even bothering with a good excuse.

Pepper looks irritated and you knew that she didn’t like it when Tony acts like this–like everything else other than himself didn’t matter. Just before he left, however, he looked at you and pointed his finger at you, “Make sure you let me know what happened.”

“Yeah, and don’t just email it, make sure you drop it off after this and stand watch as he reads everything, because as soon as he walks out of that door he won’t even remember we had a meeting,” Pepper commented with a visible frown on her face.

“You know me so well,” Tony replied, not even bothered to look at her and kept on walking.

That day, you jotted down everything in more detail and immediately typed it up so that you can email it to every individual who attended the meeting. And as per Miss Potts suggestion, instead of going home after work is over, you headed over to the Avengers Tower. You had no idea what you were supposed to do so you walked inside when the doors opened and you were led into an elevator by JARVIS who introduced himself as you walked in.

The elevator led you to an open space; it was a living room with glossy floors and incredible interior. But you are mostly captivated by the view of New York from the smoothly polished glass windows. You knew Manhattan was beautiful, but seeing it from the Avengers Tower surely gave you a new perspective and it made you fall in love with the city all over again.

“You can find Mr. Stark in his lab, just head down the stairs to your left,” the AI said, breaking you from the trance and so you followed the directions and it led you into his spacious yet cluttered lab.

“Didn’t actually think you’d bring it to me,” Tony chuckled, knowing you were coming since JARVIS informed him.“When I said you should let me know, I just said it for the sake of formality.”

“Well, I didn’t think you’d want to miss out on what’s going on with the company that earns you most of your net worth,” you shrugged and handed him the documents.

He looked at you with amusement from your sassy reply and took the folder from your hand. He took one look at it and set it aside. You furrowed your brows, “You’re not going to read it?” You asked.

“I’ll get to it,” he shrugged as he continued to tinker with whatever it was in front of him.

“Huh,” you nodded slowly. You spotted the stool in front of you and pulled it from under the bench and sat down, placing your bag on the floor.

Tony looked up, “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Didn’t you hear her? I was asked to stay here until you finish reading the minutes,” you shrugged. Of course, you knew Pepper wasn’t really serious, but somehow you didn’t like the attitude Tony was displaying. He didn’t care how his company is doing. But then if something goes wrong, somehow you see him as someone who might flip out and get angry over how his net worth is dropping but he didn’t even bother to supervise in the first place.

“Well, kid, you’re going to have a very long night.”

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A New Chapter (Ch. 3): Saying Goodbye Pt. 2

Characters: Dean Winchester x Platonic!Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader, Dean Winchester x Mia Walker (OC)

Length: 1631+ words

TW: Unrequited love.

A/N: Chapter 1 of my new Series/Sequel! I hope you guys enjoy. Feedback is encouraged, but not necessary. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or removed from the Tag List!

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

“Don’t bother,” he said coldly, making Y/N’s eyes widen. “If you walk out of those doors, don’t bother coming back. You’re not welcomed here anymore.”

“De-Dean, you don’t mean that.”

“Dean, that’s unfair,” Sam added.

“Shut up, Sam. This doesn’t concern you,” Dean bit back.

“Doesn’t concern me? She’s my friend too!”

“You’re not the one that raised her these past two years just for her to leave!”

Y/N’s heart dropped, tears pricked her eyes. Dean had always told her that everything he did for her was because he wanted to- he gave without expecting anything back. There was alway an insecure part of her that thought Sam and Dean only took care of her because they felt guilty, that they didn’t really enjoy being with her, but had to because of her deal. They had always proved her wrong, and made an attempt to make her see that they really do care for her, but this just proved otherwise. Her biggest nightmare was coming true. “I’m sorry, Dean,” she whispered.

“Yea, well, sorry doesn’t cut it. I’ve wasted enough time on you.”

“What the hell, Dean?” Sam shouted. “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

Y/N went to her room to start packing. There wasn’t much that she owned, two boxes of stuff with a duffel bag, and a backpack. As she was packing, she heard someone knock on the door.

“Oh, hey, Mia,” she greeted, wiping away the tears.

“Hey, Y/N,” she greeted with a soft smile, sitting on her bed.

“I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“No, no. It’s okay. How are you doing?”

“I’m okay,” Y/N replied, giving her a small smile. “How are things with you?”

“Great, actually. Dean and I have been really hitting it off.”

“I’m so happy for you.”

Mia sighed. “You’re a terrible liar, Y/N. You’re not happy that we’re together.”

“I’m sorry,” she squeaked out, staring at her shoes.

“Look, Dean told me some things while we were talking, and I think it’s best if you leave as well. I heard of the things he’s done for you, and you seriously don’t expect him to baby you for the rest of your life, do you?” Mia didn’t say these things out of malicious intent. She really did care about Dean, and having heard bits and pieces of the stories he told her about Y/N, she thought that Dean was giving too much of himself to Y/N.

“N-No! Of course, not.”

“You’ve taken a lot out of him, and you know what, I’m kinda glad you’re leaving. He’s told me what a burden you’ve been since you came here, and he doesn’t deserve that.” She may have exaggerated the last bit, but she wanted Y/N to know that she couldn’t just selfishly keep taking from the brothers without giving anything back.

“No, he doesn’t.”

“I hope you don’t ever come back. You don’t deserve Sam and Dean.”

Y/N nodded, agreeing with the huntress in front of her.

“Bye, Y/N.”

“Goodbye, Mia.” She didn’t watch the huntress leave; she just finished packing the last of her stuff.

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