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fffinally- this would’ve been done sooner but goddamn procrastination and my laptop is just not dealing me anymore c: (same buddy same) 

alright so the moment that @eddcolaboy upload this beauty, I instantly fell in love with it, it’s just so- aaaAAA A it’s per fect and honestly if I wasn’t so damn lazy I would do a doodle for every one of their videos

and also when this video I barely found out about this awesome blog @ask-tomandedd and I found it p funny that these both came into my life at almost the same time but yo if you like sweet angst with a side of gay, this blog is for you~

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Bite Me

In honor of a few new people following this old tumblr I’ve decided to quickly post a few stories I have from other places on the internet. Enjoy.

“Help save Terra? Help save Terra? Sir, sign a petition to save Terra? You, you there! Human! Sign a petition to save Terra?”

Hank Miller looked up, bleary eyed, from his drink. A young, idealistic looking quextal male shoved a dataslate under his eyes.

“Terran, won’t you sign a petition to save your planet?”

The human grunted noncommittally and shoved the slate away, waving over the hotel bartender to fill his glass again, and attempted to shove the thoughts of the quextal to the back of his head. An impressive feat really, quextals look like a remarkably ambitious blue furred bipedal dog had the brilliant idea of mating with an anteater.

Rather, it was an impressive feat until the data-slate was shoved under his nose again, jarring Hank’s wrist and nearly causing him to spill his cheap xeno-brand knockoff whiskey wannabe. Which, while it wouldn’t have been used to clean toilets in a human bar, was the closest Hank could get to something remotely familiar tasting in this ass-backwards corner of the universe.

“Fuck off.” He grunted, and tried to turn his attention back to his drink for a third time.

“C'mon man just sign the damn petition. We have to protect Terra!” Hank sighed, placed his xeno-whiskey down on the table, turned, and half turned towards the seven foot tall quextal.

“Look pal, I ain’t in favor of your stupid fucking petition, for reasons I think I just made clear, namely, that it is a stupid fucking petition. Now please let me drink my stupid knock-off whiskey in peace.” His short speech given, he turned for what he thought was the last time back to his drink.

“Why don’t you wanna help man? It’s your fucking planet isn’t it?” The quextal demanded in its both low pitched yet somehow irritatingly whiny voice.

Hank took a deep breath, slammed the faux-whiskey down on the table, turned, and stared the xeno in the eyes. Despite being seated and nearly a foot shorter while standing, Hank still managed to give the quextal pause.

“Listen to me you little shit and listen good. That’s not your fucking planet to save. It’s ours. We were born there, not you. When your species was communing with nature and figuring out your precious fucking place in the fucking ecosystem, we were barely scratching out a living. When your arrogant species had developed a per-fucking-fect system of getting into orbit, and were busy singing your way into spacecraft we were busy not dying.

"Mother Terra is a stone cold bitch. A lot of scholars like to call it ‘resistant to developed life’ which is code for 'it’ll chew you up and spit you out’. When we were shat out onto the cold, uncaring surface of our bitch mother we were scared hairless primates barely able to understand who we were. We were born without teeth or claws, without armor or fur. You were breast fed your worlds gifts, not a poisonous fruit in sight. We tore open the breast of our mother and took what we needed, because she wasn’t going to give it to us.

"Did we fuck her up? You bet your ass we did. We plundered the bitch for all she was worth and then some. She birthed a race of vicious primates and we turned on her in our fury. We pockmarked her with explosions and tore her with mines, we burned her forests and plundered her oceans. We razed her surface all the while desperately outrunning her wrath. Storms that could wipe this bar and half of this godforsaken planet off the map. Waves that could drown cities, human cities mind you not these pathetic bend-in-the-wind deathtraps you xenos call cities. We fought earthquakes that could swallow coastlines, and you haven’t the faintest fucking clue what an earthquake is do you?”

Here the quextal tried to butt in.

“Of course I know what an earthquake is you arrogant-”

“No you don’t you pup, now shut up and listen. You think you know what an earthquake is because you read about it in a book. I grew up on that bitch earth, in a place known for earthquakes. I know what a real goddamn earthquake feels like, it feels like judgement day has come and the world is ending.

"We fought storms and waves and earthquakes, we fought fires that set half a continent ablaze. We fought and fought and fought and finally we said 'fuck it’ and gave dear old mom one last kick in the teeth, nuked the hell out of eachother, and fucked off that godforsaken rock forever.

"Not five years later your expeditionary fleet comes in, tells us we’ve 'lost our planetary mandate’ and that they’re placing our home, our planet, under quarantine from us. We can’t do a damn thing about it because we’re still reeling from leaving home, still reeling from the knowledge we’re not alone in this universe, still reeling from the deaths of millions in atomic fires and the throes of Terra both. Billions of us, adrift in space. We just barely manage to colonize Mars and Europa in time to save our species, because we 'lost our planetary mandate’.”

Hank leaned over and spat onto the floor.

“That’s what I and every goddamn human thinks of your precious planetary mandate. Fifty years later, half a century of the most hard-core terraforming known to the most esteemed scientific minds in the galaxy, and the Galactic Council is considering letting us back onto our home planet. Considering it, as though they weren’t the most imperialistic bastards we’ve ever known and trust me you fuzzball we’ve known some fucking imperialists.Considering letting a few of us live on our bitch mother again, and an entire goddamn movement arrives to try and say we can’t go back yet, it’s not safe, we’ll destroy our planet again.”

Miller stood up, swiped his wrist-pad against the counter to pay for his drinks, and placed his coat back on.

“How dare you tell us what we can and cannot do to the bitch. We’ll heal her up, but because we want to not because you and a dozen species like you told us to. We’ll take care of the hag in her old age, but don’t you think for a goddamn second its because of your precious 'Galactic Council’. It’s because despite the fact that she’s a hag, and a bitch, and the worst mother in the goddamn galaxy, she’s our mother. And I swear by all that I hold dear, Whiskey, John Moses Browning, Sergei Ivanovitch Mosin, Mikhail Kalashnikov, and the United Terran Republics, if you space-communists keep us from taking care of our mother how we see fit, I will make it my life’s mission to eradicate your government and your way of life.”

Brigadier General Hank Miller, UTR Marines, stood up, and a half dozen of his staff stood and followed him.

“And if one day she dies, when she comes to hell, she can bite me.”

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How (whatever characher you feel inspired to do) react to: they are eating icecream with their s/o and then mc drops the ball of ice cream.So now mc is left with just the cone. Thank you in advance!

hey there, and you’re welcome! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m just gonna make this for everyone lol ^^; side note this almost happened to me once but i managed to catch the thing b les s

thank you for requesting!♥


  • they went to get ice cream bc it was hot af outside 
  • and they’re sharing with each other every once in awhile because they’re disgusting adorable
  • mc is about to give zen another bite before it just kinda…falls to the floor
  • they both look down for a second
  • zen starts laughing a little and tbh so does mc 
  • but they’re disappointed and zen can tell
  • so he gives them his ice cream cone yall best believe one of them still eats the other cone
  • “we can eat it together, babe. or i can get another one if you really want one”
  • they eat it together, which zen actually enjoys more?? 
  • he kinda stops and stares at them every so often that his side of the cone keeps dripping
  • “zen, it’s dripping down your fingers” *fake gasp* “mc, kids are here” gfdi zen
  • he gets slapped on the shoulder, but it was totally worth it 


  • they got some to end a date 
  • and the two of them got so caught up in talking to each other, mc didn’t notice they were tilting their cone until it fell
  • this boy gets sad for them because it’s happened to him before
  • though mc isn’t too disappointed, but they were looking forward to it
  • “i’ll get you another one, mc!” and they let him their superman
  • he gets it in a cup this time 
  • but since mc still has the cone…
  • they put it on top of the ice cream in the cup
  • yoosung literally becomes his star-eyed emoji 
  • “that’s actually..a really good idea”
  • and so he does the same 
  • it’s their new way to eat ice cream now 


  • a new ice cream shop opened nearby
  • and jaehee thought it would be nice to take her (new!) date mate there for a first date
  • mc was ecstatic same, mc, same
  • but like when they got there, mc started getting nervous
  • jaehee was just…so pretty 
  • and she was laughing to something they said, looking per fect 
  • mc could barely contain themselves 
  • when they dropped the ice cream, they lost their nerves and started stuttering
  • jaehee came in like the superwoman she is and helps them clean the ice cream before just offering to share
  • and to calm them down, she kisses their nose are you sure that’s calming them, jaehee?
  • asks for two spoons and holds the cone while they share jaehee’s ice cream 
  • turns out, jaehee was nervous too but that actually helped her 
  • they’re so cute


  • these two were out on the town and mc decided they should have ice cream
  • jumin agreed and found them a nice seat outside
  • they sat next to each other, hands holding and just talking about everything
  • a breeze blew by, though and mc couldn’t save their ice cream 
  • he already finished his, it was a small cup
  • jumin immediately tells them he’d get them a new one 
  • which he does, you know 
  • and right before he gives it to them, he leans down and pecks their lips
  • “the wind blew away your sweet treat, but it didn’t blow away mine”
  • yeah, jumin, because you finished yours
  • “oh really?” mc says, thinking he’s teasing her 
  • “yes. because my sweet treat is you”
  • wow how g ross 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • they got an ice cream maker oh b oy 
  • and it actually managed to work out!
  • they were eating ice cream in the kitchen, marvelling at their work
  • and then mc’s ice cream dropped
  • seven busted out laughing. mc glared at him
  • had the robot cat clean it up while he went to get a bowl and some spoons
  • put his ice cream into the bowl 
  • “give me your cone” he said while giving them a spoon
  • and they did so, but they had no idea why…
  • until he put the cones on his head
  • “look, mc! I’m an alien!” 
  • now mc started laughing 
  • he kept the cones on while sharing the ice cream

v / jihyun

  • ice cream! v’s treat!
  • mc got mint chocolate chip half because they loved it, half because it reminded them of him
  • and then it fell to the floor as soon as she sat down 
  • literally nothing went wrong, it just fell
  • they got all pouty for a minute
  • “mc? are you okay?” 
  • “oh, yes! thank you for asking!” *smile for v* bc its what he deserves
  • “mc…what happened?” he can’t see;;; “nothing.”
  • eventually gets mc to tell him
  • “aw, you should’ve just told me. here, have mine.” 
  • this is why they didn’t tell you, jihyun
  • now they get even more pouty
  • “can’t we share, v?” they ask, in a bit of a mumble
  • *blushy v noises* “o-oh, of course!”
  • mc grins and scoots over, sharing his ice cream cone 
  • he never stops blushing 


  • i have a feeling saeran’s not sharing 
  • but! he doesn’t laugh when it falls
  • he actually gets so upset
  • “no, your ice cream!” 
  • this bean gets mc another one, no hesitation 
  • smiles when he gets back, “here you go!”
  • he’s like a little kid with ice cream, mc is living
  • he even gets a spoon and puts some of his in the extra cone
  • mc does the same
  • now it’s a swirl! which they share!!
  • said swirl is now lowkey saeran’s favorite because it reminds him of that day
  • so now he always asks for a double scoop
Thoughts on Supernatural 12x10

OKAY, I usually don’t do this but I NEED to say how I feel about the last episode of Supernatural (12x10) cause it was just so PER-FECT. 

  • Castiel’s female vessel : so important for the show 
  • They have the SAME BLUE EYES omg i’m dead x_x 
  • Great flashbacks about Castiel’s past where we get to see how he went to Earth when he was still on mission for Heaven.
  • GOD, I’d missed Badass!Cas so much xD
  • I love how Dean was in the beginning of the episode, like “Damn it, bae, you can’t save my life everytime you know, sometimes there might have consequences. No really you need to stop saving my asses, love.” 
  • “We’ll come with you” “Both of you?” IS DEAN COMING CAUSE OTHERWISE I’M NOT EVEN INTERESTED SAM #lmao
  • Dean being the grumpy husband and Cas the unsatisfized wife is the best thing that the writers could have done #they’re married
  • The Impala is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ♥ I’ve missed baby. 
  • That scene in the Impala: they’re really fighting and snarking at each other like an old married couple and that’s so touching because it’s exactly what they are. Now everybody can see it ^^
  • Oh, he speaks” the sarcasm level has just exploded. 
  • Dean is jeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalous! It’s happening, guys!
  • Dean being touchy and easily offended when it’s about Cas like “What’s that supposed to mean?” WELL, It means he wants you to be gentle and kind and caring with him too, dummy! Come on, Dean! 
  • Can we agree Sam was Dean and Cass’ therapist in that episode? 
  • Sasstiel is back! “If I plan to do anything else stupid, I’ll let you know”
  • “And you’re gonna storm in riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now” LMAO 
  • No one knows Dean more than Sam, alright? And Sam knew Dean couldn’t handle letting Cas alone, even for like five minutes. If that’s not someone who ships destiel, then I don’t fucking know what it is.
  • Dean being overprotecting with Cas is so cute :3 When he charged into that restaurant and just sat down next to Cas like “He’s mine, don’t even try to lay a finger on him, you asshole”, I was in Heaven! 
  • But where is the personal space? Like remember the time Dean was uncomfortable with Cas being too close to him? Remember that time he said “Cas, we talked about it. Personal space.” HE LITERALLY JUST SAT DOWN TWO INCHES AWAY FROM HIM. 
  • Sam almost falling off the bench seat, I was laughing out loud (like the guy is a freaking giant, give him so space, Dean xD)
  • Who wants some pie?” Dean Winchester, everyone 
  • Sam and Dean protecting Castiel, THANKS GOD! It was so necessary. Castiel has a serious self esteem matter and it’s always good to see Dean and Sam trying to fix him, trying to fix this crappy image he has.
  • Have some pie”, Dean actually considering it x) Pie is Dean’s true love!
  • Touching story about a mom and her child, loved it! #the feels
  • Dean and Sam whispering, thinking she can’t hear them, lmao
  • And she can hear you” LOL #sassy queen 
  • Dean fighting for Cas again, I’m not even surprised. 
  • I can’t believe Dean chose to not activate the angel mark to save his life because it was dangerous for Cas like “yeah you know I’m at the ground, wounded and powerless, and this is the only way to save my ass but it might hurt Cas so nope, not gonna happen” OKAY.  
  • Cas saved the day (agaaaaain) and that was perfect : he didn’t need anyone’s help, he did it alone, because that’s right, he’s still a badass warrior even if he has more emotions now. You can be humanly emotive and be badass as hell. And it’s exactly what Cas is. 
  • Cas seeking for forgiveness, I was like “my baby needs a hug!” 
  • You’re not weak, Cas” : Dean and Sam recognizing how strong and powerful Cas is, even if he hasn’t his wings anymore was awesome!
  • What do we do now?” “Let’s drink” kinda made me think about Castiel’s line “ I suggest we imbibe copious quantities of alcohol” lmao
  • I hope they’ll manage to find a solution about the nephilim! 


So I said to her Angelina I want to, I really really want to- but what about brad? Brad’s like a son to me. You’re a good man. I know, I know. *buzz* come in! One direction are here to see you. Who? One direction, they’re making their new movie, shall I send them in? Sure, I love new movies! They’re here, the real movie stars! The biggest band on the planet! You’re right they are, I love the direction. Come on guys, take a seat! Can I just say what HUGE fans we are of you guys! HUGE! Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, zack. ..It’s Zayn. Sure, whatever you say big guy. We cannot wait for this movie, it’s gonna be the greatest movie of all time. I’m talking ACADEMY AWARDS! Emmys! Baftas! Have you ever seen Forrest Gump? Sure. Better than that! Have you seen the hangover? Yeah. Funnier than that!!! Have you seen titanic? ‘Course. Sadder than that. Sounds ok. It’s better than ok, zack, it’s award winning. We want to introduce you to our marketing guy. marcel! MARCEL! oops, hi! HERE HE IS! he’s gonna run you through some thoughts for the movie. Really nice to meet you guys, I’m a huuge fan. Cute as a button every single one of you! First scene, I’m talking massive dance number. I’m thinking 100 dancers, fireworks, the lot. Dance is just so hot right now! Hey, you know I used to be a dancer? Really? What kind? Ehh mainly tap. You got the shape for that. I want you to meet Leeroy, he’s going to be your choreographer. Leeroy hmMm! Hi boys!! Hiii!! Ok so here’s what I’m thinking, first opening number is going to be really big, staywithmecusimquitquick, 5678! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and Niall for the shimmy, for the shimmy, for the shimmy, and Zayn pirouette, and Louis do the splits, and Liam stay exactly where you are cause you are per-fect. …we’d never do that. So that’s something for us to work on, thanks Leeroy. Now let’s look at some of the styling options for the film. Now personally, I think this one is the one. Absolutely not, we’d never wear that. Riiight, how about this one!! No. It tested really well. Never in a million years. ………. Ta daaaaaa! MAYBE ITS THE WAY SHE WALKED

Dating Byun Baekhyun Includes:

I’m gonna be honest… this boy is my bias here! (Lay is rapidly coming in to take the spot though!)

Originally posted by r-velvets

  • Pranks.
  • You try to stay mad at him for torturing you but in the end those puppy eyes always find a way into your soul!
  • You better be a video game hoe for this boy because he’s OBSESSED with playing games until midnight
  • Cute fluffy dates to the movies or the arcade
  • Not a HUGE pro at the claw machine but will stop at nothing to get you a stuffed animal
  • But NO amusement park dates!
  • This poor boy can have a heart attack just by looking at the height of a roller coaster
  • If you’re sick, he’ll sing for you and take care of you to the best of his ability
  • Until he gets sick…
  • … when Byun Baekhyun gets sick….
  • Prepare some Red Bull (for yourself) because this boy will keep you on your feet all day long
  • When he gets jealous, just get him out of the area as fast as possible before he uses his hapkido skills on that poor guy who just casually asked you an innocent question
  • When you get home with a jealous Baekhyun…. prepare for a LONG night
  • He ain’t gonna give you any mercy under those sheets
  • He’ll also take forever in the bathroom since he wants his eyeliner to be PER-FECT! and also tends to be singing in the shower to TWICE AND Red Velvet
  • You MUST get along with his other boyfriend BFF Park Chanyeol or else he’ll leave you for good (but he would never do that to you!)
  • Unless he had to choose… then OBVIOUSLY he’ll stay with his “Yoda”
  • Otherwise… your relationship with this “puppy” will be the best thing to happen in your life


rewitalizacja  asked:

🙂 💔👯🚶✌💪 cause your music taste is per fect


song that makes me smile: honey - swim deep
song for a heartbreak: all i want - kodaline
song that reminds me of someone: one of one - duendita
song for when i feel alone: devil like me - rainbow kitten surprise
song for when i feel fabulous: electric love - borns
song that helps me be strong: love - lana del rey

Episode 28 Thoughts.

Ah, this meta is from a manga reader so if you are an anime only fan, scroll down, thank you. Almost forgot to write this!

After all these years, WIT seems to mastered at many topics, specially coloring. I love the new bright color pattern they are using this season. I love manga so much but seeing it with those bright colors are really refreshing.

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E se ti piace guidare a mezzanotte con i finestrini abbassati,
E se ti piace andare in posti di cui non sappiamo nemmeno pronunciare il nome,
E se ti piace fare tutto quello che hai sempre sognato,
Baby, sei perfetta
—  One Direction - Perfect

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how would the guys react if their female idol crush (assuming she's in a group) did a over of one of monsta x's song for a broadcast? (wonho, minhyuk, and changkyun please ^^)

The boys reaction to their Idol Crush doing a cover of their song

Wonho; Watching the live broadcast would keep Wonho’s butt on the couch and his mouth shut…most of the time. Of course, he would play it cool with the members around. You were told to rap so you picked one of MX’s songs and rapped to it looking sillier than ever. All Wonho did was blush and be so embarrassed for you, in the best way of course. Soon enough you showed off your dancing skills and that’s when Wonho lost it. He just couldn’t take how cute you were and how graceful you looked singing and dancing. He would clap his hands and cheer for you.

WOOO! Yeah Y/N!
Ahh…why do I like you so much!!

Minhyuk; this little puppy would definable her all over the screen trying to talk through it. While hearing you sing, he sang along with you so he could make believe it was a duet. There would be nothing but smiles put on his face! There would be a lot of comments on every single part of the broadcast, most of them towards your soothing voice that he loved so much.
Heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes!

Wah…that was per-fect!

Changkyun; You were singing ‘White Love.’ He had his eyes glued to his phone watching you sing with a stupid smile on his face. When you got to his part in the song, Changkyun’s smile got even bigger and he just couldn’t retain himself. He would have felt so touched a d hit with all the feels about the fact that you sang one of his songs~

Ahhh!! Hyung, her voice is so nice and she’s so cute when she sings! I wish I could just give her a big hug!! She sang my part better than I did…

All in all, they would all be so blown away with your performance that they would fall for you even harder than before ;)