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Can you do a little guide of 1st gen, 2nd gen, and 3rd gen Kpop girl groups if you know the difference? I thought wonder girls was 1st gen. Thank you!!!!

1st gen are the earliest kpop idols. Most aren’t known by current kpop stans but they are very respected as they are the pioneers. They set the foundation and paved the path for future idols. Back then, there weren’t NEARLY as many debuts as now.

1st gen (90’s - 2000): fin.kl, god, hot, ses, shinwha, koyote, 4men, turbo, seo taiji and the boys, baby vox, etc

2nd gen is given credit for making kpop more international and are considered the leaders of Hallyu. Because the 2nd gen was very impactful in its 10 years, it’s easier to categorize it by the early and late debuts, since it feels strange to most people to see names together such as miss a and boa as if they debuted near each other.

Early 2nd gen (2001 - 2008): rain, boa, txvq, epik high, super junior, big bang, snsd, shinee, kara, 2pm, wonder girls, brown eyed girls, iu, etc

Late 2nd gen (2009 - 2011): 2ne1, block b, infinite, beast, f(x), apink, sistar, miss a, after school, mblaq, teen top, nine muses, girls day, etc

3rd gen is the current crop of idols. This is the generation with the most debuts per year of all time. The market is now over saturated which makes it harder for the current idols to have the same achievements as the previous generation. They look up to 2nd gen idols for their major accomplishments and 1st gen idols for their longevity. These are the groups that most new kpop fans know/stan. Some of these may seem like they belong to the 2nd gen bc of their age and lack of connections to the newer debuts, but they are actually just early debuts of the 3rd gen.

3rd gen (2012 - now): exo, bts, red velvet, twice, gfriend, seventeen, got7, Lee hi, mamamoo, vixx, bap, nu'est, ailee, ladies’ code, crayon pop, lovelyz, exid, monsta x, astro, nct, ikon, day 6, clc, pentagon, etc


Guys so, in six days, EXP comes out with their “debut”. So- Let’s make it our goal that when “EXP” per say debuts.. Do NOT watch the video that comes out. That’ll only just make them gain views and stuff. Also Do NOT give any attention to hate or say anything that could make them gain attention as well. Don’t go onto the video just to comment. I hate to be mean like this but they are blatantly stealing ideas from EXO! I’d rather not give my support to “artists” who steal things from other artists. I hope people feel the same way. -Kit

Boomerang streaming is up & running; head for your device’s app shop! The service ($4.99 per month) has debuted with hundreds of classic Looney Tunes & Tom & Jerry shorts (and Barney Bear!) as well as some 60′s HB shows and some ehhhhh newer stuff.

As long as the classic WB and MGM shorts keep coming, I’ll keep subscribing.

One more reason to never regret cutting cable and sattelite dishes out of my life. :)

@The Get Down fandom - I know there’s been a lot of discussion in the tag about the popularity of the show. Well, we finally hit the top 20 TV shows on Tumblr this past week, per Fandometrics.

We debuted at #15 - let’s keep up the momentum and get higher in those rankings!