peq 15


New video on our YouTube! Running a course of fire with @drewhopkins under NVGs in the black of night. Using PVS 15s, Sentinels, and PEQ-15s.
Search for channel T.REX ARMS, or hit the link in our profile.
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Knights Armament SR-15E3 14.5" “SBR" 

  • on it I have a blue force gear vickers sling
  • PEQ-15 IR laser/Illuminator
  • Battlecomp 2.0
  • Surefire mini scout
  • Aimpoint T1 on a larue 45 degree offset
  • Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm with the CMR-W with 5.56x45mm Ballistic reticle on a Larue SPR mount

Country of the operator - ITALY
Unit - 185 RAO from SF COMMAND (COMFOSE)
Specialization of this unit - RECON and TARGET ACQUISITION
Weapon and devices - COLT M4A1, S&B 1,1-4x20 PM ShortDot, AN/PEQ-15, Magpul AFG & PMAG 
Camo pattern name - S.O.D. VEGECAM (release of the “Vegetato” pattern for Italian SF units)