So even though my paintings were stolen last week , along with some skate decks and paint I was able to muster up some pieces for this show that I’m honored to be a part of Thank to @pepwilliams and the @rainwatergallery I never paint for galleries , so this is a pretty big deal , It’ll be rare when it happens again !! #rainwatergallery #darksaint #worldfamousvintagetattoo #vintagetattoo #vintagetattooartparlor #pepwilliams

Image shot with @beastgrip_pro. A big thanks to everyone who came out to the video shoot directed by @pepwilliams @thekottonmouthkings all made possible by @caviar_bishop. thanks to JP, @foreverlalababy and @shotbyluke And to @thedirtball @dlockmk @xinthecity @laurelanne420la @bulltproofsoul0 @sarahgiampapa @bigferns_thechef @miss_b_dubb @misswifey215 @summerxrain @420nurses @phillipreardon @angela_mazzanti @yngbrokeandtalented @darlingdarlaxoxo @miss_lexi_bonkers @leopold_stoch @all.about.christine.marie @themrgarcia and to everyone else. Thank you!! #caviargold #Pepwilliams #repost #kottonmouthkings #videoshoot #thisislosangeles #buddahheads #videodirector #caviargoldgirls #420Nurses #iLove420Nurses 💚❤️💛

Honored to have Pep Williams curate the gallery’s next show, opening on February 6th. He’s bringing his crew of talented artists to #huntingtonbeach with never before seen art. #Portrait of @pepwilliams by artist and tattooist Chase Tafoya @chasetafoya.

#huntingtonbeach #tattooart #tattooartist #chasetafoya #pepwilliams #artshow @sullenclothing #sullenartcollective (at Rainwater Gallery)

Me and my brother @charliecoffin. Thank you @pepwilliams for putting on a great show. Thanks @rainwatergallery for making ish happen. Thank you to all the artist and sponsors who contributed to an amazing evening. (at Rainwater Gallery)

Tomorrow night @rainwatergallery This amazing art show , that is the project of mastermind @pepwilliams !! Honored to be a part of this (at Rainwater Gallery)

One of 10 submissions for this Saturday’s “More Than Skin Deep” art show at @rainwatergallery. Photo by Me. Words by @oakviewcomunidad_ ’s only Victor Valladares. I’m totally honored and humbled to share space with the likes of @charliecoffin @chueyquintanar @estevanoriol @pepwilliams @babaxx11 @gregmayorga_ @ryanmullinsart JackieMora @chasetafoya @taadow69k JohnLuce and others.
(at Rainwater Gallery)