pepto bismal pink

(via Instagram) ― ninadobrev:  I threatened Matt Davis 4 years ago, saying I had a big prank coming. I played the long game, and hit him when he least expected it. Left him with a sweet surprise for his final week of shooting by painting his dressing room Pepto Bismal Pink. And left my signature mark. 🦄 #YOUREWELCOME
Love you buddy. #PrankWarsContinue#TVDForever

anonymous asked:

Basorexia with Gajevy please

Basorexia - An overwhelming desire to kiss.

The song ended and they both came to a dead halt, drenched in sweat and gasping for air. They were barely inches away from each other, and Gajeel had never wanted to kiss anyone so much in all his life.

(I’ve been wanting to write a street dance au for aaaaaaages. The songs Levy and Gajeel dance to are this and this. And Levy’s dance during the first dance looks like this if you ignore like the last 30 seconds.)

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so about a million years ago @aliceofalonso reblogged this post and said she wanted someone to write a jon/sansa based on it and after stumbling upon that post in my drafts, a fic was born:

They were laughing. And then all of a sudden they were not.

Sansa was very aware of the fact that everything she had just said sounded wonderful. She wanted a white picket fence. And Thai take away. And to watch Netflix with Jon on their own sofa. Even the kids part didn’t sound so bad. Her face flushed red as her hair and though she tried to hide it she was sure Jon could see. But he said nothing, too overcome with his own thoughts of Netflix and chilling with his best friend that as a blush crawled over his face

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