Magical Properties: Potatoes

A lot of mention has gone to various herbs both common and not but very little attention has been paid to the common potato.

Medical Uses:  Surprisingly, potatoes actually have several medical uses. Potatoes are very alkalizing and their raw juice can be taken internally to soothe peptic ulcers and excessive acidity; However, dosage should be limited to the juice of just one good sized potato per day. Potatoes can also be mashed raw and used as a poultice to soothe burns or they can be applied hot and cooked to soothe joint pain.

The juices from the potatoes also have a natural antiseptic quality and when applied to bruises and infections they draw out the puss and reduce inflammation.

Magical Uses: Found in many witches kitchens it is a great addition to any spell for Protection, Image Magic, Money, Luck, and Healing. It is also an amazing vegetable to use for grounding oneself.

Potatoes are also traditionally used in magic to make poppets.

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon

Element: Earth

God Association: AXOMAMMA

Zodiac Association: Unknown

Magical Recipes including potatoes:

To ground oneself after meditation or casting a spell eat a freshly baked and charged potato; to maximize its effectiveness season the potato with onions, chives, rosemary, parsley, or dill. The potato helps to amplify stored energy within a witch so its a good meal before you plan to cast a spell.

To Ward ones home from witchcraft bury a potato in all four corners of the home with a sigil carved into it or a personal chant. These potatoes will create a barrier to ward off any incoming illness or curse.

Lastly, carve a symbol or the name of a friend or family into a potato to draw out an illness or curse into the potato itself then bury it. The illness or curse will decay with the potato as its new host.

Got Acid Reflux?

Acid Reflux Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 ½ cup fresh pineapple
  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup greek yogurt
  • ½ cup water or coconut water
  • Blend and enjoy the goodness!

Also, I have found Aloe Juice to be very successful in treating acid reflux. Aloe Vera stimulates the immune system and heals inflammation in the body. Aloe is also good for treating Peptic Ulcers, Diabetes, and Irritable Bowl Syndrome. We use George’s Aloe at home. Take 1oz as needed. Aloe is also a mild laxative and good to take when constipated. 

What is John Henryism? by Sue Gardner John Henryism (JH) is a term used to describe a strategy for coping with prolonged exposure to stresses such as social discrimination by expending high levels of effort which results in accumulatingphysiological costs.[1][2] Statue of John Henry outside the town of Talcott in Summers County, West Virginia The term was conceived in the 1970s byAfrican-American epidemiologist and public health researcher Sherman James, while he was investigating racial health disparitiesbetween African-American people and others in North Carolina. One of the people he interviewed was a blackman who, despite being born into an impoverished sharecropper family and having only a second grade education, could read and write. The man had freed himself and his offspring from the sharecropper system, had 75 acres (30 ha) of farmed land by age 40, but by his 50s had hypertension, arthritis, and severe peptic ulcer disease.[2] His name, John Henry Martin, and his circumstances were evocative of folk heroJohn Henry, an African American who worked vigorously enough to compete successfully with a steam powered machine, but died as a result of his effort.[3][4] James developed a scale for measuring JH based on agreement with a series of statements such as “When things don’t go the way I want them to, that just makes me work even harder” and “I’ve always felt that I could make of my life pretty much what I wanted to make of it.” Men who score higher on this scale generally have higher blood pressure than men with lower scores. This effect is strongest in those who are poor.[2] Studies have found that African-Americans with high JH scores are less likely to be current or former smokers than African-Americans with low JH scores, and that African-American college students with high JH scores were less likely to have carried a weapon on campus for self-defence, more likely to have been arrested for driving under the influence, and more likely to have missed a class due to alcohol use.[5] Allostatic loadPsychoneuroimmunologyStress (biology) ReferencesEdit James, S. A.; Keenan, N. L.; Strogatz, D. S.; Browning, S. R.; Garrett, J. M. (1992). “Socioeconomic status, John Henryism, and blood pressure in black adults. The Pitt County Study”. American journal of epidemiology 135 (1): 59–67.PMID 1736661. editSteele, Claude M. (2011). Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do (Issues of Our Time). W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 978-0393341485. Retrieved2014-11-25.Tracy, Steven C.; Bradford, Roark (2011).John Henry: Roark Bradford’s Novel and Play. Oxford University Press, USA. ISBN 0-19-976650-9.“John Henry, Present at the Creation”, Stephen Wade, NPR, September 2, 2002Jackson, Yolanda (2006). Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology. SAGE Publications Inc.

Every little girl is told to wait
for their princes, but
some of us small ones
must cross with the wolves.

We let them devour us,
mouths flapping unhewn fabric,
until the cavernous blood
and bone and peptic acid becomes our only world.

Play constellations with the arteries;
the air is just so thick,
so that when the prince comes to cut us clear
we are drowning in the transparency.

The sky too clear
the stars too cold
the prince stands there with too few teeth.

We long for the howling,
the flowers,
the incisors deep.

In the end,
lips smashing,
jaws too soft,
we consume ourselves.

It’s what the wolf would have wanted.

—  [ amanita muscaria ] aliya
  • [After Draco suppresses his anger too long and ends up in the hospital wing]
  • Narcissa: [incredulous] A peptic ulcer!? How did you manage to get a peptic ulcer!? The doctor said you had the stomach lining of a 60-year old Auror! You are a teenager, for Merlin's sake; what do you have to be stressed about!?
  • Draco: [finally loses his cool] For your information, I just spent the past 3 hours on a gurney next to a student who was still trying to eat his own hand after he TURNED IT INTO A CUPCAKE! And the jackass who put in this IV couldn't find a vein with two hands and a torch! The books in here are all outdated and are of zero use to anyone! These stupid sheets are itchy! There's only one house elf to wait on everyone in here, and what's this about a bedpan...?!

It’s ‪Microbiome Monday‬! In the mid-1980s, internist Barry J. Marshall tested, and proved, his theory that ulcers could be cured with antibiotics by infecting himself with the corkscrew-shaped bacterium Helicobacter pylori. This not only earned him the nickname “guinea pig doctor” but also the Nobel Prize, which he shared in 2005 with pathologist J. Robin Warren for their discovery that H. pylori caused gastritis (irritation or inflammation of the stomach lining) and peptic ulcers, diseases that were long thought to be caused by excess acid resulting from stress. 

Their work led to the near-eradication of stomach ulcers in developed countries through treatment with antibiotics, as well as to a drop in stomach cancers, for which gastritis is a risk factor. But as welcome as these cures are, researchers now think H. pylori isn’t just a pathogen. Studies strongly suggest that it is essential to the prevention of asthma, allergies, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and esophageal cancer.

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