• <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *reads a story in English class*<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay, Mr. Teacher Guy, you're just over analyzing this. There's no way there's any meaning behind something so minor.<p/><b>Me:</b> *watches my favorite show/movie/etc.*<p/><b>Me:</b> OH HOLY SHIT. DID YOU SEE THAT? THEY JUST BLINKED TWO TIMES WHILE LOOKING AT THE OTHER CHARACTER. YOU KNOW WHAT TWO REPRESENTS? TWO REPRESENTS PARTNERSHIP. THEY WERE FLIRTIn G. HOOOOLYYY SHIT.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Learn your alphabet with sapphic ships.

Aberfield / Adams Foster / Amberprice / Andromione / Allica / Allydia / Alphyne / Amedot / Arafef

Baillie / Bananun / Bechloe / Belivaird / Bellamione / Bellice / Berena / Bering & Wells / Beronica / Bettina / Bianking / Bioquake / Black Hill / Bonora / Brittana / Bubbline / Bumblebee

Cabenson / Calzona / Camteen / Camren / Canaryhawk / Cartinelli / Castella / Chansaw /  Chasefield / Cissamione / Clexa / Clizzy / Copdoc / Cophine / Cordia / Crosshares

Daensa / Dalice / Dianakko / Doccubus / Dragon Queen / Dukesaw

Elderburn / Emaya / Emison / Eposette

Faberry / Fayana / Fizetta / Flaritza / Fleurmione / Foxxay / Freelin / Freezerburn / Fridget / Frozen Swan / Fuffy

Gelphie / Grenna / Golly / Gun ‘n Roses

Harlivy / Harpercass / Harumichi / Herminny / Hollstein / Holtzbert / Hotgomery


Jackanda / Janstar / Jathea / Jemily / Joniss / Jori

Karmy / Kigo / Kiriel / Korrasami / Kumirei

Ladybug / Ladyhill / Lapidot / Lemon tea (Lenily) / Lintz / Lottiana / Luaggie / Lunny

Mabcan / Mabifica / Madohomu / Malira / Malora / Marliza / Maxanne / McAndrews / McBond / Mercymaker / Meripunzel / Michandrea / Mirandy / Misffle / Mitchsen / Moariel / Monochrome / Monnlilyshipping

Naomily / Nichorello / Ninessa / Nomanita / Noralise / Nuts & Dolts / Nyssara


Paily / Palex  / Pearlmethyst (Mystery pearl) / Pepsi / Peptasha / Pezberry / Pharmercy / Pinkberry / Pousoso / Pricefield / Princess Mechanic / Princess Rover / Pupcake / Pyrruby

Quaelory / Quinncedes / Quinntana

Red Beauty / Red Snow / Reinako / Reysma / Reyva / Rilaya / Rizzles / Roisa / Rollivia / Rosecassie / Rosella / Rosemary / Rositara / Ruby Slippers / Rupphire / Rybee

Salara / Sansaery / Sanvers / Schneekos / Sharmen / Shaudrey / Shawson / Shaynor / Shaysima / Shiara / Shoot / Siophie / Skimmons (Bioquake) / Sleeping Warrior /Snow Queen / / Spashley / Starbel (Butterpines) / Staubrey / Stephcass / Supercanary / Supercat / Supercorp / Superlane / Swan Queen / Sweet Flips / Symbra

Tibette / Tillow / Tolbert / Toltzmann / Trimberly / Trishica / Tyzula

Underdavis / Utenanthy

Valcubus / Vauseman / Varcie / Velphne / Virskan / Vrisrezi

Wayhaught / Westenray / White Rose / Widowtracer / Wiffy (Billow)

Xabrielle (Warrior Bard)

Yatesbert / Yatesmann / Yumikuri

Zarmei / Zelimpa / Ziabby

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I can only add ship names… and also I WILL NOT add sisters! (Supergirl, Frozen, Orphan Black)

This list is getting hella long! So, how many do you know?

This link is to a folder that I keep all the fanfics I reread on.  Most are AO3 and they are (for the most part) categorized by type.  Please do not spam my email.  This is simply because the list of fics would be hella long, but I felt them worthy to be shared.

So, I have recently discovered Natasha/Pepper.

And by recently I mean about 24 hours ago.

I’m happy because it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to truly enjoy a good, femslash pairing.  Oh god I’m so happy.

And so I wonder, fellow shippers, if you might be able to help a gal out!  Any fic recommendations?  Does BlackPepper have one of those ‘THAT FANFIC’ fics that is required to be read by all?  Any artists to check out?  Any specific blog to follow?


asdfghjkl i can’t

Pepper turned at the voice behind her… She knew that voice - it had been years since she had heard it- but god, did she know it. Nearly three years to this day, Fury had come over with a mission, there had been no trace since… But they found themselves in this spot again.

“…N- Natasha?” Pepper breathed, she almost didn’t want to believe it… She was going mad wasn’t she? But before she had any knowledge of her actions, she had her arms around the woman, pulling her close.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” Natasha chuckled quietly, she never thought she’d make it home, but now she was finally back, and she planned to stay there. 

“I-I thought.” Pepper started, pulling away.

“I know, I tried to get a message to SHIELD but I didn’t have any luck, I had to make my own way back.” Natasha dropped her gaze to the floor, she should have kept trying, she should have found a way to tell them.

“But you’re here- Oh my god, you’re alive.” Pepper couldn’t hold back the grin that spread across her lips. She pulled Natasha in, their lips meeting.

The kiss seemed to last forever. When they finally broke apart, Pepper muttered one last thing.

“Don’t leave me again, please.”

“I promise” Natasha whispered back.
And she intended to keep that promise.

Fuck My Life (the avengers teen years) - part 2

Bruce opened the front door when the bell rang at 8. “Hope ya don’t mind watching a chick flick boys.” Natasha said waving her guilty girly pleasure.

“Nobody wants to watch Mean Girls again.” Clint said from upstairs.

“Did you just climb my window?” Bruce asked.

“Maybe. I was out climbing in the trees and your window was open so…” Natasha was shaking her head. “I don’t normally do that it’s just you were expecting me anyway. I won’t anymore. Sorry.”

“Okay. Luke got sick after school and Troy’s going to take care of him, Pepper’s out of town at her cousin’s funeral, and Tony injured himself so it just u-” BEEPBEEP.

“Fuck. My mom just found my knife collection and I’m grounded till I’m 18. Sorry guys I got to go home.” She said turning back through the door.

“It’s okay.” The boys said as it closed.

“Want to watch Knight and Day. I have a TV up in my room.” Bruce said turning to Clint.

“Sure, I mean yeah, okay.” The blonde said rubbing his neck.

“I may not be willing to have sex but I wouldn’t say no to some kissing.” At that Clint smirked and dragged him up to his room.


Luke sat on his bed reading The Last Olympian. Ah peace and quiet. I should probably feel bad for lying to Troy but I just want to be left alone. There was a knock on the door. “Luke are you still sick? Do you want something?”

“Go away, Troy. I’m trying to sleep.” He said with his nose buried in the book.

“Really because it looks like your reading. Were you even sick?”

“No. Now go away, I want to read in peace.” Troy sighed and walked to the opposite side of the bed before flopping down. “Get out of my room, idiot!”

“I’m not talking you can read in peace.” He said and hugged his brother’s waist.

“Get off of me you gargantuan buffoon!”

“PLAY NICE BOYS!” They heard their mother yell down the hall.