come on boy, hold on tight! cuz dang, you got it bad.

so i realized that even tho i do like this ship a lot, i never draw it and i feel like i’ve cheated dear sweet stelacestine​ out of something nice. and yet in a way i still am. did you think it would be this easy?

anyway, enjoy john smelling dave’s hoodie that he left behind for one reason or another and having weird conflicting oh no it’s nice thoughts.

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Ooooхх' прoшу' нарисуй еще чтo-тo пo даве/жжoну *-* Oни у тебя пуррoстo душки :з

с превеликим удовольствием! и да анатомия голимое говнище сорь рисовала очень по фасту