I slightly changed the design of John’s costume
And a little bit about John’s abilities: he can completely turn into a stream of air or arrange hurricanes and other wind things. He also can find out where someone has trouble, because he literally, listens to the wind. When he uses his powers, his skin turns white.
About Dave, from a young age his brother taught him self-defense and art of the sword, but over time he just abandoned this case, until the moment when his life did not appear Windman. He promised himself that he must protect him. Despite everything…
this one

Imagine Your OTP

Imagine person A of your otp meeting person B over the Internet and they become best friends and eventually Skype and heCK THEY LIVE KINDA CLOSE TO EACH OTHER??? So A just shows up at B’s house one day.
Did I mention they kinda also fell in love somewhere along the way so when B opens the door they just tackle A in a hug and smooch them before realizing they’re now lying on the floor