pepsi week

episode 8, clip 2 ☽ FEAR

monday, 13:01

Sana checks her phone, for the fifth time in the last minute. She presses her back against the brick of the school building, around the corner from where she saw Sara, Ingrid, and some of the other girls perched on a bench from the library window. She hadn’t heard from any of the girls besides Noora since Friday, and their radio silence fed into an awful, consuming anxiety that whispered lies into her ears until they sounded true.

She takes a breath and walks out into the courtyard.

“Can I talk to you?”

Sara looks up from her phone and regards Sana blankly. “Huh? Sure? What’s up?”

Sana catches sight of herself in the window behind the bench that Sara, Ingrid, and the other blondes are perched on, all black everything. Her face is all stark purple lipstick and black scarf in the distortion of the reflection.

“Alone,” Sana amends, and steps a bit away from the girls on the bench.

Sana faces off with Sara, arms loose at her sides. Sara crosses her arms, shifts her weight.

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My best friend passed away this week. Pepsi was 12 years old. He loved belly rubs and and napping in sunny spots on the floor and hunting in the fields and forests. He would meow when I came home and purr so loud you could hear it from rooms away. He’s been my constant companion and he always came to me when I was down. I will always miss him.

So someone reblogged my girl group post but right under that had a post about how if Trump were a kpop fan he’d stan Mamamoo because they did blackface. Mamamoo shouldn’t have done it, it’s fucked up, they apologized and now know why that’s unacceptable, and no we shouldn’t excuse it, but you can’t reblog a post that literally says how “one 'scandal” is more likely to ruin a female idol’s career than a male’s”  and is about not letting girl groups be held to this impossible standard of perfection and then be reblog a ruthless post about how Mamamoo - who admits they’re wrong and apologizes and has actually wanted to learn from their mistake - is as bad as President Cheetoh - who has never once apologized for anything or been willing to talk about why anything he does is problematic. 

My entire fucking point with that post was to point out how female idols are ridiculed so much more harshly than male idols when they fuck up. Women aren’t inherently more perfect than men. Everyone should be held to the same level of accountability when they make mistakes. 

I’m not defending Mamamoo in any way. Ignorance never excuses problematic behavior. But they did apologize and learned from their mistake and did so quickly after the incident, and people are still dragging them about it nearly 4 months after it happened. I haven’t seen anything about Jackson’s hair controversy for his Pepsi commercial in weeks and it seemed like people weren’t talking about it for long. He also half assed his apology and basically used the “but everyone does it” excuse.

So this is what Euskadi is talking about this week!

Pepsi just launched a series of commercials for their 1893 Pepsi in which we learn to create cocktails with this drink. And the latest one is *drum roll*… THE KALIMOTXO!!! [notice the Basque spelling! Pepsi, well done <3].

Legend goes that this 50% red wine - 50% coke (or pepsi) cocktail was born and named in Bizkaia in the 70s, but some sources say the cocktail was already invented in the 60s under the name “Rioja Libre”. Be it as it may, we could say kalimotxo is the officially unofficial drink of the Basque Country because it’s VERY VERY VERY popular around here.

People are discussing, though, that the traditional kalimotxo has been always mixed with Coca Cola.. but hey! It’s been Pepsi who’s made a commercial about it, right???

Aaaand they’re also saying kalimotxo has NEVER been glamourous enough to be served in a tall glass with a lemon slice and a straw. Kalimotxo is always drunk like this:

This type of plastic cup is called “katxi” in the Basque Country, which is the short form of the Basque word “kattilu” or small container.

Is Pepsi trying to take our dear kalimotxo away from our humble hands to transform it into something fancy?? We don’t know, but we’re sure it won’t work in Euskadi lol.

You know, there was a moment where before I knew what trailer I was going to sub tonight that I feared somehow it was going to be another round of Kanami because, you know, once you’ve crossed that line, you can’t take it back.

Instead we got Yosuke and all he basically does for a minute and a half is talk nasally the way that he does in Japanese.

I’m okay with this.

YouTube version here in case that’s how you roll~

Let’s all give thanks for no more heifer lines this week,


It’s still Saturday night for another hour and change here, so you know what that means: this week’s Nanako trailer for Persona 4: Dancing All Night subtitled!

I have other stuff to do tonight, so I’m not even going to attempt to be witty this time! Go Tumblr the shit out of this video like you guys always do! Or YouTube the shit out of it over here, I dunno! 好きにしろ!

Let’s do this again next week,



Not Your Average Polo

Because Your Dad’s Not Cool Enough To Wear This One

A few weeks ago Pepsi unveiled their fist “Live For Now” Capsule Collection to bring together the worlds of art and fashion. They teamed up with six of the biggest street artists from around the world to design and curate a special collection of limited edition piecess for various brands including Original Penguin. I’ve always been a fan of Penguin’s retro-inspired “Earl” polo so when I received this special artist-designed piece from the capsule collection I was excited to work it into my summer wardrobe. I really love the graphic print on this polo shirt, shocker, I know and what’s more is that it’s in my favorite color - blue! I paired it with my trusty dropcrotch sweats and some chukka sneakers to showcase a fresh take on styling the classic polo. If you get the chance, read more about this special collaboration here and be sure to check out some of the other pieces in the collection!


John Ruvin Sunglasses  //  Original Penguin x Pepsi “Live For Now” Capsule Collection Polo  //  Zara Dropcrotch Sweatpants  //  Tsubo Sneakers


Hi, friends.

Were you looking for subtitles for Kanji’s Persona 4 Dancing All Night trailer?

I got them right here, friends.

I’d say more, but you know how these videos go. I’m setting in for a long weekend of emergency translation work I got called in to do, so my brain is, you know, pretty mush after this.

YouTube version here if crazy comment sections are your thing.

(Probably) Catch you all next week!


Well, my post-Ultimax subtitling break is over! Atlus released a character trailer tonight for Rise in Persona 4: Dancing All Night, which means it’s back to work (on top of the work that I… actually do for money)!

Because Atlus Japan sent a random copyright strike to my YouTube account for one (and only one!) of my videos a while back, I’ve decided I’ll handle Tumblr postings a little differently from now on. So long as videos aren’t excessively long (read: go past Tumblr’s 5 minute limit), I’ll upload a copy here in addition to my YouTube account for posterity.

In this case, for now, you can find my YouTube version of these subs here, should you wish to commune there instead.

Not a whole lot of revelatory stuff to be divined from this trailer otherwise, but that’s okay! It’s just good to be back!

See you next week probably!



If my magical powers to use Tumblr’s queue function are working correctly, you should be seeing a 1080p version of the Persona Q subtitles I put out earlier today. As if to spite me with one more hurdle to deal with in what’s already been a series of entertaining ordeals, Atlus’ original source video magically fixed itself right after I posted the 360p version to let people actually see it in HD finally. I’m on a terrible DSL connection, so I’m setting this post up ahead of time while the video is still uploading in the hopes that it’ll just work by the time this post is set go live since I have things to do other than baby a YouTube upload for an hour.

If this does work, great! If it doesn’t, I’ll know first thing when I get back and post a corrected version posthaste! Either way, apologies for all of this hassle to get a 1080p video to you, but by god, I think our long national nightmare is over at long last.

Thanks for being cool, Tumblr, and see you probably later this week!


Another week brings with it a newly subtitled Persona 4: Dancing All Night character trailer, this time for Chie. Perhaps it’s because Kanami’s trailer covered the usual amount of ground and then some when it came to meat talk, but this one is surprisingly meat, steak, and potatoes free for a Chie video. It might even be a record?

Hard to say; can’t be bothered to actually check despite being the one to subtitle all of the character trailers since early last year.

As usual, catch the YouTube version here in case you wanna talk shop about… the things modern Persona fans do there. I don’t judge.

See you next week!