pepsi pop up


Lights in Toronto at the #PepsiPopUp


hey there, mel here. firstly, my thoughts go out to bestie victoria. love you always, girl. keep your chin up.

as you can see above, i was on queen st. today. i went to go see one of my all-time fav bands, the summer set, at a free concert. it was a cute little place and i was literally 4 feet away from the band, which pretty crazy. it was a short setlist, but that was fine by me because i was pretty tired haha. the guitarist made some ruuuuuude asian jokes. but the drummer was part asian, so i wasn’t that offended LOL (much). he said asians didn’t play guitar (…. refer to jasmine and i on youtube. just saying.) there was a meet and greet after, and i was gonna go up to them, all sassy, and be like, “i play the guitar”. but i wasn’t down for the wait. even though i <3 them. i was just too hungry and tired.

after, me and my friends were walking across queen, and we reached BRANDY MELVILLE. i made everyone stop to take a picture. :$ it’s practically our birthplace. i just had to.

anyway, lots of love, dearies. see you tomorrow!