pepsi next

Here's what I gathered from Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad.

Apparently people go to protest marches with their hella expensive cello strapped to their back.

The back of your hand will take off a whole gang of photoshoot makeup.

Live bolder and louder by giving a cop a Pepsi at your next protest and the crowd will cheer.

Helpful tip if you’re a POC who wants to do number three:  DON’T.  You will probably be shot.

anonymous asked:

I'm so bitter tbh that Tarjei wasn't credited like, is it going to be like this for the whole season?

lmao i have laughed about it but yeah it is really interesting? like they credited henrik which is the scene tarjei was in too…i love to jump into conclusions so i think the person did it intentionally ahahha but who knows

Next Pepsi ad is gonna be Pepsiman breaking into a small apartment complex in Pennsylvania and beating the shit out of a 14 year old for writing fan fiction about Mei and Junkrat from overwatch being in a relationship


The Veronicas - Untouched [FULL] 24.09.2012 @ Riverside, Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne